23 Jun, 2024
At this time, Xie Cunguan’s left hand has been pressed, and his two arms and hind legs have been pushed to abdomen, and a right fist has been punched out…
Hey hey! Lost to uncle! Don’t you dare to swim! ? An Yunze made a face at Gong Zexi and then took An Yuner to dive! Hey hey! Lost to…
He wants to laugh … That his imaginary rival in love is neither Xiao Linchu nor Xiao Jinyu, but he is an unknown brother? Xiao Liancheng smiled and drooped his…

Master Chen came to hear the shopkeeper Liu’s retention and hesitated to stop thinking about whether to give the shopkeeper Liu another face. When he heard Lin Yue’s words, he turned completely black and left without looking back.

"I said Lin Niang, this is a must for you. Master Chen’s business is really good, and some pride is normal. Just don’t share his common sense with him. Now Master Chen is so angry and gone. Where can I go to ask a craftsman for you?" Liu shopkeeper was also very busy at this […]

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At this time, two milu deer and three small milu deer appeared in the public eye. The hound had experience and didn’t bark, which would scare away the prey. This is also the result of training.

And Zhang Tao and others are very excited. Elk is not an ordinary hare, but it is a big piece of food, enough for several families to eat. At this time, Zhang Wanli, Lin Hua, and Li Dongcheng are like three people in the center of everyone directing the hunters to carefully find their own […]

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Brother er Niu?

He wants to laugh … That his imaginary rival in love is neither Xiao Linchu nor Xiao Jinyu, but he is an unknown brother? Xiao Liancheng smiled and drooped his head. His hand held her hand tightly. Her hand trembled in his hand, wet with bright red blood. His slender palm was wet with deep […]

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Sun Zhiping was in a trance for a while before he saw Zhuo Qiang, a foreign beauty. When he saw Zhuo Qiang, a beautiful woman who seemed to be very close, he felt as if he had eaten a fly.

Isn’t this Zhuo Qiang who once had a problem with himself? He has heard a little about Zhuo Qiang’s recent events and knows that his family seems to have made a small fortune a few months ago and even the company has risen. But even so, Sun Zhiping is still far from being able to […]

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"Qi ‘er, you, your face …" Looking at the ground that has not yet come to clean up the mess, Geng Shi frowned. "This box of rouge is the treasure of Luohua Town. How did you spill it?"

Xie Qi’s face is twisted and his eyes are ugly. "I’m not here anyway. What do you want to do with it?" "Even if you don’t give it to your mother, it’s all right." Geng Shi looked at the box of rouge and felt great pain in his heart. "This box is hundreds of taels […]

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Even the strongest team will have some minor problems. Even the weakest team will score goals in the football field. The match between Wolfsburg and Real Madrid once again proved the truth that football is round. Gao Shunyao’s long-range shot made Wolfsburg pull back a goal and made Real Madrid encounter some setbacks in this game.

The attack of Wolfsburg filled the public stadium with cheers. Although the score was still behind, the fans were satisfied with a goal. Many times, the fans expected to see that it was not necessarily victory, but that their team did not lose its temperament and tenacious fighting spirit. This goal fully proved this point […]

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"Are you going to continue to be loyal to the seventh instructor Zun Wang after doing this to you?" Ghosts looked at Lengqin deeply.

"What do you mean?" Lengqin raises his eyebrows and stares at ghosts. Ghosts came over and whispered, "wouldn’t it be better to take this opportunity to take the lead and call ourselves king?" "Oh, big instructor, I’m not that stupid. There’s a king in the dark night. Even if you win, it’s you, not me. […]

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