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She hopes to be with Zhao and serve him like before, so that she can feel very happy.

She hopes to serve Zhao and do everything that a servant girl should do.
This is good.
Chapter 3 If I kill Yu Tianheng, will you?
Duguyan leaned against the windowsill alone, and her figure seemed a little lonely in this dim light.
How much she wants Zhao to be with her now, but how is that possible?
this moment
Zhao had quietly come to Duguyan 534 dormitory. Although the girls’ dormitory was heavily guarded, how could it be difficult for Zhao Zhao to sneak into the girls’ dormitory without blowing off dust?
The girls’ dormitory is full of faint perfume, and there are many clothes of various styles hanging in the corridor, but Zhao is else. At this time, he has a lonely goose in his heart.
Zhao quietly came to Duguyan’s dormitory and looked at the gaunt girl around him, still chanting his name gently, and his heart was a little distressed.
Zhao hugged Duguyan directly from behind. He didn’t want to see Duguyan so sad again.
"who?" Zhao let Duguyan face a change to get rid of Zhao’s arms.
"It’s me, Goose." Zhao put her head on Dugu Goose’s sweet shoulder and said softly, how can a girl be so miserable because her waist is slender and beautiful?
In this way, the girl has never had a good result in her life in the original work.
But fortunately, with him, she will see a vast landscape in the future.
"Master, is that you?" Hearing Zhao’s familiar voice, Duguyan’s charming body trembled slightly, which was unbelievable. She stood by and did not dare to look back. She was afraid that everything would be an illusion when she looked back.
"Silly girl, what do you say?" Zhao couldn’t help but gently pinch Duguyan’s cheek and looked at her. She was a little swayed by considerations of gain and loss and a little distressed.
"Zhao is really you and I didn’t dream." Feeling the touch of Zhao’s palm, Duguyan suddenly turned her head and stared at Zhao’s eyes tightly, unable to contain the tears.
Zhao Zhen is Zhao.
He came to find her.
"Master, you’re here, and you won’t want me." Duguyanmei looked at Zhao Mei with tears in her eyes. She held Zhao tightly with her backhand and felt the warmth of Zhao’s body. Her heart was full of happiness.
"My geese are so beautiful, how can I not want you?" Zhao Yixiao rubbed Duguyan’s hair.
"Come on, don’t cry. I won’t let you cry when I’m around."
"I didn’t cry." Duguyan turned her back and wiped her tears. It felt unreal to look at Zhao again at this time.
Only after Zhao left did she remember that she forgot where Zhao would go, and she was afraid that it would be difficult to come back when Zhao Yi left.
Some big families don’t come and go whenever they want. Zhao has a big background. Behind him is a secluded family. Maybe Zhao won’t be allowed to come out for experience when he goes back to his family.
She was so worried when she thought about it, and she missed seeing Ye Zhao for so long.
She had never felt this way before, and it was not until she met Zhao that she knew that she really liked Zhao after he left every day.
But this kind of like she will bury it in her heart.
There is a big gap between her and Zhao.
She is a servant girl. How can she be worthy of Zhao? However, she didn’t ask so much. She hoped that it would be good to be with Zhao and serve him all the time.
"Master, why are you here this time?" Duguyan looked at Zhao light asked
"I came to see you. I’m afraid I’ll lose weight if I don’t come to my house again." Zhao Yixiao took Duguyan’s slim waist and walked to the sofa next to him.
"Master, this is in my heart? But I am a young master, and I should be a young master of my heart. "Duguyan smiled and looked at Zhao Man with a happy smile.
"In my heart, you are not a simple servant girl." Zhao couldn’t help but cut her nose.
"Really?" Duguyan blinked her beautiful eyes and looked at Zhao cheerfully. She was secretly pleased. She knew what Zhao meant. Although she was a servant girl, she was not an ordinary servant girl.
"By the way, have Yu Tianheng come to see you these days? And did Lili Jin bully you? If they were ungrateful, I would have done them. "Zhao’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. Now Du Guyan is his woman, and Yu Tianheng has no value. He really wants to kill him now.
Even if he didn’t pester Duguyan, he didn’t want him to live. The blue overlord clan has a jade yuan Zhen, and this title of Douro seems to be a ninety-five level of carelessness.
Thinking about this, his killing heart became more intense. Although Yu Tianheng didn’t do anything to Duguyan, he also pulled his goose’s hand, and he betrayed someone like Duguyan with ulterior motives. Even if he killed him, it was nothing.
"Lily Jin didn’t say anything these days. You scared her. She was very jade. Tianheng didn’t come to see me, but someone from Blue Overlord came to see you. They were still aggressive." Duguyanmei looked at Zhao and said gently.
"Blue overlord cases looking for me? Is it to get back at me? " Zhao’s eyes have a cold meaning. Yu Tianheng is, after all, the most talented brother of the Blue Overlord Sect. It is natural for some people in the clan to have the opportunity to inherit the patriarch’s position. Such people will be angry if they are bullied by Zhao like that.
"They didn’t give you any trouble, did they?"
"Without my grandfather, after all, it’s a title fight. They don’t have the guts to shoot me. They don’t know the identity of the young master, otherwise they wouldn’t dare to offend the young master." Du Guyan said that her beautiful eyes looked at Zhao with a little pride
Zhao’s identity is not that ordinary people can know that even people like Sharla Cheung are willing to follow Zhao Lan’s overlord, but it’s just bring disgrace to oneself.
"Hum, what if they come?" Zhao Leng snorted. Even if Jade Yuan Zhen came, he didn’t panic at all. Jade Yuan Zhen’s strength is almost the same as that of bone fighting. Little Dragon Girl can get it. Jade Yuan Zhen Blue Tyrannosaurus Rex has pure dragon blood. How can it be beaten if it is suppressed by blood?
"Maybe all this is that Yu Tianheng is behind it."
"If I meet him, see what I can do with him."