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"Nonsense, am I not asking you again?"

Wu Da immediately nodded with joy and then touched Ba in meditation.
"Master Zhuang, I’ve also heard from the master that the Liao people’s military forces are fierce. One category is the Hanbu Army, but they are the least threatening to rule the Han people and capture such people. The second category is that the tribes are composed of military forces, which are brave and good at fighting horses. Compared with the most elite imperial army in the Song Dynasty, I am a ten-time elite. My master suffered a big loss at the bottom of this royal account and pro-rider, so he is also very fearful!"
"Nonsense? If it’s not bad, what can I do for you? "
Jane is getting impatient
"Yes, yes!"
Wu hurriedly reckon with.
"Since the owner of the villa was equipped with this sharp firearm, if my 300 musket guards met this royal account, the number of winners and losers would be determined!"
"Can you win?"
"Can certainly can! I guess it will take only three rounds to kill the 600 royal relatives after three rounds of shooting. If you can’t beat this account, you will be ashamed to mix in the village! "
"Well, during this period, you will be very skilled in practicing these musket guards, and prepare more. Although Kyle set up a refusal array in front of the battle, he can shoot one more round when he delays!"
"It will be saved at the end!"
"There’s nothing to say about this!"
"Yes!" Wu Da promised to go excitedly!
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five Just do it
The widow came to Jianjiazhuang when she heard the news, and she also heard that the widow went to Hangzhou this time to adopt a boy. It is said that the parents of the child, the princess, looked at the pity and adopted and adopted again. Naturally, she became the baby girl in Zhaojiamen!
Tiger stretched out his hand and asked Su Yuting to hug Su Yuting and ignored him. This baby is too tired and lazy to come here. It’s a bit like Jane’s personality!
"Three-ring tiger to play! I’m talking to an official! "
Sanhuan Cuishengsheng agreed to fly and seemed to lead the tiger out.
"You said many wonders and strange things. Widows also want to scoff-they are not afraid of people gossiping! What’s in a stepchild? Maybe raise a baiwenhang later! "
Su Yuting’s tone was still slightly sour, and Jane looked at it. He had no reaction and had a mouth.
"Do you want us to send a wedding present? Guess the widow is not good at running around in our neighborhood. Guess it might as well be something! At least it is also a happy event! "
"If you want to go, you go!"
Jane is eager to go in her heart, but she is afraid not to do it too obviously, which makes people feel guilty.
"Otherwise … officer person go to? Widows and my family have always been free to go whenever they want, and now the tiger head is not inseparable from the mother. "
Su Yuting blinked at Jane.
"Don’t provoke me, if I really want to go, I will go. What’s not to say congratulations? Look at your eyes, snake, scorpion or something. It’s settled! It just so happens that I still have things to discuss with her in the shop. I don’t know how the development there is this time in Hangzhou! "
Jane hurried out to get a present as she talked.
"Madam just let the officer go?"
Two ya and Jane had a face-to-face look at his hurried appearance and stepped into the door, wondering at Su Yuting.
"What else can I do? You don’t want to think about when the widow left the seal, and now why suddenly there is a boy? It’s only been a few months, alas-"
"Madam won’t doubt-"
"Don’t talk nonsense about what you suspect. There is a tiger’s head now. If you live up to expectations, ask the officer to accept it after the new year. It’s better to have a baby and leave it alone than a tiger’s head!"
Su Yuting took Er Ya’s hand and earnest.
Two ya some shame bowed their heads and secretly pleased!
"It’s hard to say that it can’t be stopped!"
Su Yuting shook her head and looked at the ambiguous thing about Er Ya’s officer and widow. It’s really hard to say that the origin of this baby is also very suspicious. However, it is an indisputable fact that the tiger is long anyway. Su Yuting is relieved to think of it here!
"Well, I know!"
Two ya nodded and smiled!
In fact, it doesn’t matter whether the widow is adopted or not. The most important thing is that the official can be scattered and the interests of the official have always been the first!
Jane saw Zhao Yi smiling fondly when she entered Zhao Jia Zhuang’s door, and looked at the baby in her arms. A white milk was exposed and the baby was quietly sucking.
This is your own baby?
Does Jane feel that her heart is beating as fast as when the tiger was born? This is her second child in this world, which shows that she is here in a clear trace.
Zhao Yi had already discovered that he didn’t cover his skirt and continue to feed the children.
"You don’t hire a wet nurse either!"
Jane hasn’t seen the first two people for so long, and it’s really strange to discuss eating grandma as soon as they meet, but it’s a little weird and warm!
"Don’t worry about feeding yourself!"
Zhao Yi said that the kids just danced the chubby hands and calves, indicating that they had eaten and drunk well and highlighted the nai head in their mouths.
Zhao Yi handed the kids to Jane after finishing her skirt.
"When you are a father, you have come to have a pity. You have only seen your father since you were born!"
Jane took it quickly and never thought that the baby was a little recognizable. When she saw that she was holding herself as a stranger, she immediately quit. "Wow-"burst into tears.