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Facing the media, Zhang Tiehan is experienced.

The media asked him about the competition and the Champions League in Chelsea. Zhang Tiehan directly talked about the championship. "One of my goals when I came to Chelsea was to win the Champions League. We won the first group match, which is a good start. I can’t wait to welcome the next Champions League competition."
After that, he talked about the opponent Werder Bremen. "They did very well, but we were better. We won, but they lost one of the six group matches. Maybe they should expect Barcelona to do badly …"
Zhang Tiehan said with a little schadenfreude
When talking about the prospect of Chelsea’s Champions League, Zhang Tiehan continued, "If I don’t think Chelsea are strong enough to win the Champions League, then I won’t move here. Of course, it is difficult to achieve this goal, but now we have a good start."
"We are determined to win the Champions League. I will try my best to help the team in the past few seasons. Chelsea reached the semi-finals and reached the top 16, but they were all eliminated. This time I came to Sheva, and others are in good shape. I think we have the strength to do it. I won the championship in Liverpool last year, and I hope to do it in Chelsea this year. Of course, the league title is also our goal," Zhang Tiehan said and thought about it, adding that "we are also looking forward to the FA Cup and the Carling Cup."
This statement covers almost all the English teams that can win heavyweight titles.
Even if the media reporters were prepared, they were still stunned by Zhang Tiehan for a long time. Is Chelsea’s eyes three crowns but not four? If you add small trophies such as the Community Shield Cup, the English team can win a total of seven championships. They have locked in four of them. If they can do it, it will definitely be more than four championships. It is also normal to win the Community Shield Cup World Club Cup and other honors (the former Toyota Cup South America and Europe champions played against each other). Zhang Tiehan talked about these words in a dull way, but the media reporters turned their eyes.
"Just give all the champions to Chelsea!" Some media reporters who support other teams are angry and thinking
But they dare not say it.
In the past, Zhang Tiehan was always questioned in interviews, but now the situation is different. Zhang Tiehan is the top star in the world. Although there is no "king", no reporter will be ignorant to question him. The consequence of doing so is that the media he represents will receive many complaints from fans.
This is the influence of big stars!
However, what Zhang Tiehan said made the media supporting Chelsea very happy. Those neutral media naturally called it. They recorded it and then reported it intact, depending on what the fans thought of Zhang Tiehan’s statement, it had nothing to do with them.
At the end of the interview, Zhang Tiehan pointed out Chelsea’s opponents "Barcelona, Real Madrid and A Milan. I think these three teams pose the greatest threat to us."
"Manchester United? What about Arsenal? " An English reporter asked
Zhang Tiehan shook his head. "Although they are also strong, I don’t think they have the ability to threaten Chelsea."
Zhang Tiehan’s provocative remarks about Manchester United, Arsenal and other Chelsea League competitors caused a lot of indignation in the latter two. Some Arsenal and Manchester United players publicly refuted Zhang Tiehan’s remarks, but Zhang man of iron did not respond. He said that he was thinking in his heart and felt that there was nothing to respond.
To him, it’s like saying’ I think this thing is expensive’ and’ I believe there is an emperor’. This is a matter of personal opinion. Is Dongxi and Emperor willing or not? He said that they have nothing to do with it and hurt the self-esteem of Manchester United and Arsenal … You can also say Chelsea? Everyone is a competitor. If I say you, you can also say that Zhang Tiehan is very open-minded in this respect.
"If they come out to refute me, they can also say that they are not confident in facing us."
Seeing that the speech is becoming more and more fierce, Zhang Tiehan reluctantly responded. He really doesn’t want to have a war of words with these people, and he feels compelled.
Of course, this is his personal opinion.
Other people are a little behind his train of thought, and Zhang man of iron’s response made Manchester United and Arsenal almost burst into flames, arrogance and other colorful words. However, Zhang Tiehan is really not interested in having a war of words with them, because he is training and accompanying Lola more often. In his recent life, he generally does not give interviews except before and after normal games.
Chelsea’s schedule is also very tight around October.
The next two rounds of leagues are separated by three days. Chelsea’s opponents are Charlton and Aston Villa, which are two home games. The pressure on Chelsea is not great. These two teams are not strong teams. Charlton has always been a team hovering on the edge of the relegation circle. Although their performance has improved in the past two years, it is still a small club. It is still too difficult for them to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.
Aston Villa is a strong team in the Premier League. They have been a middle-class team in the League for more than ten years. It is self-evident that such a team is often strong when it encounters strength and weak when it encounters weakness.
Chelsea easily beat Charlton and Aston Villa twice in a row to achieve six consecutive victories in the league.
With a six-game winning streak, Yuwei Chelsea ushered in the first West London Derby of the new season. There are three teams in West London, namely Chelsea and Queen Fulham Rangers. The Queen Rangers have been playing against Chelsea and Fulham in the junior league, so the game between Chelsea and Fulham represents the conflict between the two teams in the Premier League all the year round. Although their derby is fierce compared with that of Liverpool and Everton, there are still many things to watch in the Derby County battle between the two teams.
The most worthwhile thing is that the two teams played against each other once.
The game was played at Fulham’s home court. Although it was played at home, Fulham had never won a London derby against Chelsea at home in nine years since 1977. Historically, the home court was against them, but they unexpectedly defeated Chelsea.
After the start of the game, Fulham took the initiative and took the lead in the 18th minute.
This is also the only goal in the game.
Now the game is still at Fulham’s home stadium, Craven Farm.
Before the match between the two teams, many Fulham fans were looking forward to the team beating Chelsea again to prevent them from winning seven consecutive victories at the start of the league, which would be a great victory in Derbyshire … Of course, for Fulham, the Chelsea people’s idea is to continue winning and realize the revenge of losing the season by the way.
Chapter four hundred and sixteen Winners and losers
This summer, Fulham’s signing continued their low-cost purchase of Berbatov’s Wigan attacker Rodallega and Hamburg striker Petric, which well supplemented the loss of staff after Andy Johnson’s departure. Dembele and Dempsey joined hands to join Tottenham Hotspur and suffered great losses. The winter rented striker PoGreb Nyak also joined the newly promoted Maredin.
Fulham’s personnel have changed a lot, especially the attack line has changed almost once, so the team’s prospects are unpredictable. When the media reported Fulham, it was’ hard to guess’ to form their match with Chelsea. The media naturally favored Chelsea, but Fulham’s performance is also worth looking forward to.
It remains to be seen what Fulham can achieve under the leadership of coach Berbatov in the new season, but they have done well in the previous rounds of the league, and now they beat Arsenal to ninth place in the league.
There are still many people looking forward to Fulham’s performance after the media reported on the West London Derby before the game.
In particular, they talked about Fulham’s home victory against Chelsea last season. Fulham performed quite well at the beginning, and they took advantage of Chelsea by surprise. Later, they relied on steady defense to hold the goal. This tactic against strong teams was talked about by many people.
What will they do now?
Many people expect
In such media reports, the match between the two teams was held at the farm stadium. For coach Berbatov, it is not necessary to win the game. After all, the opponent is Chelsea. Although the idea of a derby is definitely not shown, the fact is that Fulham lost the game. No one will criticize them because Chelsea has been too strong in recent years. Berbatov is not under great pressure to face the derby, so the pressure on their players is not great.
After the game started, they also played very freely.
Fulham did well after the game, and they and Chelsea attacked and defended each other, and even had some advantages in the scene.
Grant looked at the game and had an idea in his heart. He looked in the direction of Fulham coach’s seat and saw that the opposing coach Berbatov was watching the game carefully. It could be seen that Berbatov was a little nervous and expecting something.
Yes, he’s still playing against Chelsea this season.
Take advantage of home court advantage to launch a large-scale attack and let go of the opponent to play. If they can score goals, they will immediately shrink their defense and then take advantage of defense to stop the opponent from scoring goals. If the game is to be successful, Fulham can rarely keep a draw.
Berbatov thinks so.
Because he knows that it is normal to play against Chelsea, even at Fulham, they have little chance. In fact, Fulham has not won at home for seven consecutive years, but home is against them.
Grant also studied Fulham carefully before the match between the two teams.
Although Fulham is not a strong team that needs to be taken seriously, this game is different from other leagues after all. Fulham and Chelsea are sworn enemies in West London. The hatred between the two teams is not so serious and absolutely not weak, so this game must be won.
I have carefully studied my opponents and naturally I have carefully studied the losing games in the season.
Grant knew what his opponent was thinking when he saw his opponent playing against Chelsea so freely, but the Israelites did nothing. He just sat quietly in the coach’s seat and watched the game as if he didn’t know anything, but actually Grant had a lot on his mind.
Playing against Chelsea?
Chelsea, which is not in good condition in the half-season schedule, may be attacked by Fulham, but now his team, which is in excellent condition at present, has such an excellent player as Zhang Tiehan, and the advanced goal may not be Fulham this time.
Grant’s idea is simple. Fulham will let the game go like this if he wants to score against the attack. We’ll see who scored first!
He has some expectations.
On the coach’s bench, the two coaches turned their minds to the execution of the game or the players. Fulham players knew the coach’s tactics and tactics, so they launched a big attack at the beginning, and the defense seemed a little weak, but they didn’t care that what they wanted was an advanced goal. It was not too late to defend after achieving this goal.
Chelsea players, on the other hand, don’t think so much. They just keep playing normally.
In this game, Zhang Tiehan was paired with Kalou in the frontcourt. This is the first time for the team that Drogba and Sepcenko are sitting on the bench.