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"Don’t move again and cheat you to go back to the palace for a while." Duguying is still hugging her pale lips with a wry smile.

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Xiaozha fidgeted and walked back and forth several times, and followed closely. Why did the Lord go further and further with the lonely shadow? No matter how he called, he didn’t look back.
"Mr. Zha, can you take a rest for a while? Lord Dugu is the bodyguard and head of the empress. You are not at ease with him?" Mammy Liu glanced at him, and her eyes were full of irritability. What the hell was the shadow thinking? Now she is too lazy to worry about it with him.
Xiao Za stopped to look at Mammy Liu and looked agitated. Looking back, I couldn’t help frowning. "Why don’t you go back to your room, Qingnu? Just put it on the table and don’t get cold."
Qingnu looked up and saw a faint smile in his eyes and asked, "Aren’t you going to eat?"
Small Zagreb one leng immediately turned away some nervously took the case that pot of sake.
"You should rest and go, too. It’s so late. Dali Temple has long been deserted, and it’s not too late to go," said Mammy Liu.
"I … I’ll go to the hospital first." Zagreb left the pie mouth and hurried toward the outside.
This just calmed down a little to tell myself to be careful and not be nice to her again!
Looking at the wine in his hand, Nai shook his head. Let’s go to the hospital first, and then take a few more steps to the imperial room to ask if the emperor has come back.
Mammy Liu rubbed her temples. She didn’t sleep all night last night. Today, she was tired for a long time. After looking at Qingnu, she got up and went to the bedroom. I don’t know when she will come back!
Xiaozha has already left the palace gate, covered with a celadon hip flask towel, and carefully carried it to the hospital with his head down all the way.
Several eunuchs stopped when they came face to face, and they all knew Xiao Zagreb’s experience in the prison. They were even more familiar with him and asked noisily.
"Mr. Zha, where are you going so late?"
"What is this? Can you have a look? "
"Hey hey! I’m busy. Excuse me first! " Xiaozha smiled and answered that she was about to let go but was stopped.
"I went out of the palace with the empress today. No, I can see it."
"Mr. Li Gonggong has missed you for a long time and hasn’t come to drink!"
"I will definitely go when I am free. I am busy now, sending supper to the emperor!" Xiaozha patiently said
"Why did the Empress personally stew soup for the emperor again?" This is obviously ironic.
Xiao Za’s heart sank. "What do you mean?"
"Oh what are you nervous about? It’s not the same for the empress to be in favor and out of favor with you! " The eunuch sneered at the two empresses in the harem. They all came from Yueguo, who was in favor and who was out of favor, but more people paid attention to things than before. The emperor had already left the Phoenix Palace last night and lost the Empress and the soft princess out of the palace early this morning. It is obvious who spoiled the crown harem.
"My master is in favor and out of favor, but it’s not your turn to be such a slave!" Xiao Zagreb got angry.
"What are you arrogant is not a slave! Don’t just take care of you on weekdays! " Another eunuch cold hum has long been dissatisfied with German father-in-law inexplicably longitudinal him.
"Yes, yes, I’m a slave, too. I’m now ordered by the Empress to send something to the emperor. Can you excuse me?" Zagreb asked with calm eyes.
"Oh, don’t stop somebody else’s soft princess empress, but she also hurts him. If he complains, we can suffer." My older father-in-law sneered.
"Is is …" The sound did not fall, but all of them were stuck to see Xiao Zagreb’s figure pass by and disappeared instantly.
"What about people? !”
"Why is it gone?"
"I heard that he can look at things lightly, not brag!"
Another discussion is more noisy than the ladies-in-waiting, and Xiaozha is long gone. If we had to fight to the death in the past, it would be up to them now.
The Lord said that there are some things that some people will never understand, and even the cold king will not understand them?
Soon I arrived at Tai Hospital, and the wine in the plate was still good.
Even if it is a grand festival, there are still people in various ministries in the palace, especially the Tai Hospital. Why is there no one today?
"Hello?" Zagreb walked in with wine and asked lightly
Hanging around in a room, no one answered, and I don’t know which doctor is on duty. Is it difficult to be in the pharmacy?
Xiaozha put the wine lamp on file and frowned and went to the pharmacy. I didn’t dare to get too close to it, but people in the forbidden area are not allowed to enter without permission.
I was just about to cover my mouth and stop. It was ruby!
"Cure too much Chen, you’d better come with me and tell the empress yourself." Redjade raised her eyebrows and threatened.
"I can’t leave the duty tonight." Doctor Chen declined carefully.
"How dare you disobey the orders of Empress Roufei?" Redjade and complete asked
"It’s really impossible for the empress to tell the old minister!" Doctor Chen repeatedly waved his hand and his heart was filled with regret, but he got some benefits from doctor Li, who had been missing for so long and would be fine. I didn’t expect the Lord to find the door behind him.
"can’t?" Redjade laughed coldly and added, "Didn’t you already do it once? What are you afraid of this second time? "
"Girl, you advised the empress to stop. Last night, everyone talked privately about the soft princess empress who was more popular than the empress. There is no need for the empress to …"
"Don’t you go? Empress’s patience is limited. It’s annoying to wait for people." Redjade said, and then she headed for the door.
"Girl …" Chen Cure too much shook his head naively, only after the door was closed.
As soon as they left the whole corridor, it was silent again, and it was very cold and cheerless with a faint herbal taste.
Xiaozha slowly came out from the side, with a handsome frown like a little old man.
Sun Rou, what did she do? !
My heart suddenly became frightened, and I didn’t care that sake was still put in the hall. I carefully followed Redjade and Doctor Chen at a distance and went all the way to Guangning Palace!
Xiao Taihou usually likes to lie down with her head propped up and her delicate face lazily, and her calm expression is authentic.
Outside, Redjade and Doctor Chen came from afar.
"Why did the girl come to Guangning Palace?" Doctor Chen is full of doubts and faint uneasiness in his heart.
Redjade didn’t answer. Since she was caught by Xiaozha in the sunset palace, the Lord has been very cautious. Now Guangning Palace is like a cold palace, and no one will come again.
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Guangning Palace
As soon as I entered the door, I saw Shan Rou Chen, a doctor who treated me too much, and saluted in a panic. "Old minister, see Ruan Fei Empress."
Good soft eyebrow saw his one eye, "ruby give sit"