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Cold took a glance at Ouyang Lin and fixed his eyes on the gangster physically. The man’s feet gradually fell off the ground, and the man fell heavily on the roadside lamppost, and blood overflowed from his mouth.
When others saw this scene, they panicked and ran away in a panic …
Ouyang Lin was shocked to see the cold. He was sending out murder all over. He seemed to think of something. He stepped back a few steps …
Leng walked up to the man and grabbed him by the neck, lifted his hanging feet, and kept kicking his hands and grasping the cold hands to try to break free, but it was all in vain, breathing became more and more difficult, his face gradually lost color, and his hands were pinched and he died.
"Ah-"OuYangLin wu wear the head surprised shout all the memories are back, ice hypnosis has been cracked OuYangLin panic ran without stopping.
Cold felt an uneasy to throw the body in his hand and immediately chased it.
Cold chased to the center of the mall street, where a sea of people crowded, and suddenly Ouyang Lin disappeared into the sea of people …
Cold anxiously shuttle through the crowd constantly looking for Ouyang Lin figure.
"Look at the face" I don’t know who sounded in the crowd.
Leng hurriedly looked up and saw a figure at the top of the building "Ouyang Lin?" Dial the crowd and run to the building immediately …
Quickly came to the top floor and saw Ouyang Lin turning his back on himself.
"Ouyang Lin"
Ouyang Lin didn’t seem to hear it, but still kept whispering with her back to her cold mouth, "I killed someone and I should be punished." Finally, she couldn’t escape the conscience and wanted to die and apologize.
After listening to Ouyang Lin’s words, Leng was very afraid. He was afraid that Ouyang Lin would really jump and slowly approach Ouyang Lin …
"if you don’t come here again, I’ll jump at once."
"Ouyang Lin"
"Cold" Ouyang Linli shouted "Don’t worry about me. I killed someone. I should pay for my life." Her eyes were full of guilt and she wanted to die.
"Idiot" shouted at Ouyang Lin coldly. Ouyang Lin looked at him in surprise. "Well, jump. If you are willing to let your brother love your parents all the time, then jump. If you want to watch your parents wash their faces in tears every day, then jump now."
Ouyang Lin’s heart trembled. Yeah, what if my brother dies? What will mom and dad do? They will be very sad, but I will go to jail even if I don’t die! What should we do? What should I do … OuYangLin covering her head painfully thinking about a careless foot slipped "ah-"
"Lin" pounced on Ouyang Lin’s hand as quickly as an arrow shot in the back, clutching her hand tightly.
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Brothers and sisters love each other deeply
"Wow," the crowd in the building was in a panic. Someone immediately spoke to the police, but there was still love!
Holding Ouyang Lin’s hand coldly, without any slack, the veins stood out are clearly visible.
"Cold you don’t tube I you let go! If you go like this again, you will also fall off. "Ouyang Lin shouted tears and flowed.
Cold didn’t make eyes staring at this tearful girl.
"Cold" Ouyang Lin gently shouted and her hand gradually slipped.
"Lin, grab me!" Cold shock
His hand has been clutching her hand, but it’s a pity that Ouyang Lin didn’t grab his palm and still wanted to die.
"Let me go cold" seems to beg.
"Lin, listen to me. I won’t let go anyway. If you really don’t want me to have something to do, listen to me. Hold my hand and you must live." I said with a frown, and the pain in my hand was spreading in my heart
Ouyang Lin seems to feel cold and uncomfortable, and her heart is urgent and painful. "Cold" hesitated and consciously seized the cold.
Laughed at the pain in his hand and brought Ouyang Lin …
The building owner gasped and cheered happily after seeing Ouyang Lin’s figure gradually reaching the top floor safely.
At this time, the police car rang and the police arrived (the efficiency is really "high"! )
The cold brought Ouyang Lin to see that Ouyang Lin was calm, but his hand was tightly holding Ouyang Lin’s arm and he looked a little pale.
"How are you?" Ouyang Lin saw the cold sample as if very uncomfortable and asked anxiously.
"It’s okay, it’s just a dislocated hand. I’m okay," but the painful expression on my face has already betrayed him
"I also said that nothing hurts like this. I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I hurt you." Ouyang Lin began to cry again, and her eyes as big as walnuts were swollen again.
"Well, don’t cry. I’m really fine. I wish you were safe."
"Cold" Ouyang Lin feels that her heart seems to be much more. What is it? hear nothing of