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"Women visit the magistrate’s adult" When Lin Yue arrived at the gate, Cheng Lu had arrived, but he waited for the master of Zhao to meet him at the door in person with the magistrate’s adult frame, and he didn’t come in.

Cheng Lu didn’t let Lin Yue get up when he saw Lin Yue bow down to meet him. Although he couldn’t take Zhao Guru in Beijing, it was difficult for a peasant woman to be evil in her heart. In Xin ‘an City these days, anyone who didn’t treat him well or Zhao Jiagen didn’t take him seriously. Actually, he never came to visit his parents and those slanderers who were in front of Cheng Lu didn’t let Cheng Lu start work on Zhao, but they still played some roles.
"The officer heard that Li Gonggong came and arranged for you to come and visit Li Gonggong specially. You can take me to meet Li Gonggong now. Chapter 667.
Cheng Lu finished his command tone without asking the owner of the house, nor did he ask Li Gonggong whether he would like to meet him or not. It was so high that Ren Huang sent him to be the magistrate of Xin’ an City, Lin Yue, and it was said that the White Emperor would do so during the Jiang period, which had a deeper meaning. Even so, Lin Yue still had a lot of resentment against the emperor for doing so.
Even if Cheng Lu can get the punishment he deserves in the end, if what he shouldn’t have done has already been done, the people have been deeply investigated for drugs, and their lives have been ruined, and Cheng Lu will end up in a miserable situation, which can’t make up for the emperor’s consolidation and benefit more people. Maybe you think this sacrifice is worth it? It’s them who are ruling the people in Chengdu and it’s unfair!
However, if I want to return to Lin Yue, I also know that this is not something she can ask and worry about. It is best for her to take care of her small family and live a good life. Others can say that people are selfish, and she is no exception. At most, she can give sympathy or extend a hand when appropriate.
"Don’t lead the way if you haven’t heard what Mr. Zhao Lin said!" Favourite was just about to speak. Ann had already grabbed the lead. She used the power of the magistrate’s adult to scold Lin Yue, so she couldn’t wait. She wanted to suppress Lin Yue and let her know that his position in front of the magistrate’s adult was not only showing off, but also suppressing the evil spirit in her heart and letting Lin Yue know who to please. Don’t be wrong and send the benefits to the touts.
Lin Yue knelt in the ground and was very depressed. She just didn’t like this set of rituals. She didn’t like the number of nobles in the capital. She was a civilian peasant woman who had to bow down and salute when she met a slightly ranking official or an official with rank. It was really boring and made her uncomfortable.
Now it’s good to stay at home and muddle along. The dog officer usually fights with the potential in front of the people. Weifu also forgets that he came with a group of dog minions. It’s really full and nothing to do. Lin Yue scolded Cheng Lu and others half to death in his heart. These bastard scum bother to find * * * and forget it. It’s really hateful to deliberately toss her!
"Adult’s words are heard by the people’s wife. Li Gonggong is the imperial envoy. Although she lives in the people’s wife’s house, the people’s wife has no interest in making decisions for Li Gonggong. If an adult wants to see Li Gonggong, the people’s wife will let him in first. If Li Gonggong wants to, the people’s wife will arrange it for the adults." Lin Yue said that she was supercilious and regarded it as Lu’s attitude. She now knows Li Gonggong and even may not meet him.
Li Gonggong is not an ordinary person with status and background in the palace. He is also a child prodigy who serves the emperor in front of him. Although you can’t guess, you can always guess that it is 50-50. I don’t know if it will give Cheng Lu face if an emperor like Cheng Fei sets up a’ target pet princess’.
"Why? You’re a naughty and bold adult. Just order you to do it. You dare to question how you can’t see the magistrate’s adult when Li Gonggong and the princess in the palace are fine. Otherwise, don’t blame the adult for being unkind to you, an offensive official! " Ann saw that Lin Yue had the slightest fear of him and was somewhat contemptuous. She suddenly felt angry and her anger increased, pointing to Lin Yue’s biting tone.
In fact, Lin Yue has been keeping his head down and Ann can’t see clearly the expression on Chu Lin Yue’s face. Somehow I decided that Lin Yue had this attitude towards him. Although this is also the case, Lin Yue hates Ann, a little guy, more than Cheng Lu, a faint officer.
"Adult orders please forgive people’s wives for not obeying people’s wives’ laws and regulations. Things that violate the laws and regulations of Zhou Dynasty have always been law-abiding, that is, adults are the magistrates of Xin ‘an City, and our fathers and mothers of Xin ‘an City have not forced their way into people’s homes. There are also laws and regulations, and the magistrates must know better."
"It’s even more wrong to offend the official. The people’s wives are well-behaved from beginning to end, and they don’t despise the adult’s meaning. If the adult really thinks so much, there is no way for the people’s wives to grow their brains in other people’s heads. If the people’s wives can’t control Li Gonggong, they will also let people tell Li Gonggong whether they want to meet the magistrate’s great people’s wives, so they can’t have a say."
Lin Yue took her time and made it clear word by word. Don’t say that Ann is a slave or Cheng Lu. She doesn’t believe that he really dares to put her on a pedestal as much as possible. It’s so anodyne to teach her some lessons. She has been pampered for two years. At first, she kneels on this bluestone floor, but it’s a little sore, but she can’t stand it. Looking at Cheng Lu’s expression of wanting to be angry and trying to bear it, she finally feels a little carefree.
"It’s really a naughty woman who dares to go back to an adult’s mouth to treat such a naughty woman. She must not be lightly spared and give her some severe look. It’s better to put this naughty woman in prison and let her reflect on what is called honor and inferiority." Ann encouraged her to be on the side.
Favourite is watching coldly. Whether it’s following Cheng Lu from Beijing is something of a brain. It’s not only knowledge and knowledge, but also much more than Ann’s. Even if he is afraid to move at home, he won’t look for this bad luck and look at Ann’s job-hopping and scampering around for the time being. It’s just strange that he has commanded anyone to dare to move! Besides, Zhao Linshi doesn’t look so good.
Lin Yue listened to Ann’s words, and there was a flash of cold and hatred in her eyes, and she didn’t continue to kneel on the ground. She got up directly and looked up at Cheng Lu’s face with a somewhat cold and imposing manner.
"What a big idea you dog slave want to put me in jail! You can try it. I’d like to know what will happen if the emperor knows it in Beijing. My daughter-in-law, my husband, is working hard and risking his life for the holy work, but you have come to bully me again and again. When I calculate, my daughter-in-law, my husband, my husband, should have arrived in Beijing by this time. Just send him a letter and let him ask for justice in front of the emperor! "
As soon as Cheng Lu heard Lin Yue move out the emperor, he thought that the main family in Beijing had told him that he had secretly regretted that he shouldn’t have done this to Zhao Lin. If Zhao Lin really did this, what should he do? In the mind with a lift eye see Lin Yue 668. 668.
Previously, Lin Yue had been holding his head down, and he didn’t see Chu Lin Yue. At first, he stood up and questioned him. Only then did he see clearly that Zhao Lin was a beautiful woman, and there would be such a delicate figure in the ravine. A lush beauty’s appearance, not to mention her temperament, was a lot better than those beauties in the mansion. She was a desperate embryo, and when she saw the beauty, she didn’t move. Where did the Lord hide it now? She braved the wolf light in her eyes and stared at Lin Yue to see everything else.
"Don’t be angry with Lin Niang. I just don’t know the rules and look bad. My words collided with Lin Niang. Don’t be offended. I’ll teach him a lesson later. I don’t know if you cut in when I talk to Lin Niang." Whether it’s the rhetoric before Lin Yue or Cheng Lu’s heart, it’s shameless to say it and put the blame on the safe place.
Favourite watching his heart happy, he will know that Ann is eager for quick success and quick success, so rashly aiming at Zhao Linshi, he will definitely not get a good situation. Zhao Linshi’s color is good and his appearance is good. He doesn’t know that he will even regret the verbal collision in front of the beauty. Lin Niang has moved out the emperor, but he must not crush Ann, who knows how to hack all day.
Ann came to act as Lu’s expression of eyes. Where did Ann know that Cheng Lu’s attitude changed so quickly? Ann didn’t know that Cheng Lu was so shameless that even married people could not see it. But this Zhao Lin’s look was really beautiful. Zhao Erhu, a rough man, was so old that he could marry such a good daughter-in-law with a few drag bottles. It’s really flowers in cow dung. He heard that Zhao Erhu was very poor at the beginning, but he was not so rich now. Why was he so lucky? He somehow had a fame. Now he is even more valued by the magistrate, but he doesn’t even have a
Ann is a person with a distorted personality. The more I think about it, the more I feel that my heart is unbalanced. I don’t want to think that he doesn’t have a daughter-in-law now. After all, he is a scholar or a lot of matchmakers. * * * Trying to match up for him is that his vision is too high and his requirements are too outrageous. Such a birth condition actually wants to marry a good family, and a small family, Jasper, can’t look high or low, so it’s dragged on until now.
Lin Yue sees Lu as this, and those two colored eyes on her feel goose bumps, disgusting and disgusting. It’s even more disgusting than just being so high in nature. It’s this virtue that makes people complain that people are in trouble.
At this moment, people have gone to ask Li Gonggong for instructions. Lin Yue tried to resist discomfort and looked at Cheng Lu with a smile. "This dog around the magistrate’s adult really owes me a lesson. Although the Zhao family is nothing, it can somehow work for the emperor, but it is not his dog’s leg to bully me!"
Li Gonggong is tasting Wang Dachuan’s cooking at this time. Although Lin Yue will send a farewell gift to the capital every New Year’s Festival, he can always get some food in his hand, which can be transported from Zhaojiacun to the capital. It will take a long time to send some real food that is resistant to hiding and not easy to spoil. I have to make it and eat it immediately. That’s the best food. Li Gonggong is sure to eat a lot these days.
Hearing people say that the magistrate Cheng Lu wants to see him, Li Gonggong first frowned and showed some impatience. He didn’t like people to bother him when he was tasting delicious food, but he decided to meet Cheng Lu and the princess empress in the family palace. Although he knew that the princess empress in the palace was just an imperial target, he was always pampered by the holy one. If one day he became a princess and became a family, it would be another story.
"Well, since the magistrate’s adult has personally come to the sage, how do you say you have to meet the official of Xin ‘an City?" Li Gonggong’s meeting has no expression, and he can’t see what’s going on in his mind. He ordered people to invite the magistrate’s adult to come here, so that Cheng Lu can meet him instead of meeting him in person. It’s enough to meet such a creature and don’t care too much.
The man was clever enough to know that Lin Yue was impatient to deal with the magistrate’s adult’s move, and he also quickly went out to report that Li Gonggong wanted to see the magistrate’s adult.
It’s no surprise that Lin Yue heard that Li Gonggong wanted to see Cheng Lu. After all, there are many twists and turns in the palace’s mind. Who knows what’s on his mind? Since Li Gonggong wants to see Lin Yue, he has to personally lead people over.
Cheng Lu saw that Li Gonggong was not an official. You came and I went to each other with different thoughts. "Li Gonggong’s hometown is not so comfortable, or I will go to the government. I will let people clean it up and wait for Li Gonggong to live in it."
Cheng Lu said that Zhao Jiayuan was written by Lin Yue and Lu Lao. Although it doesn’t look too luxurious, the whole Xin’ an City is also the only one. So it is just an opportunity to woo Li Gonggong. Li Gonggong will naturally pick up this crop if he wants to.
When Li Gonggong came, he didn’t have a deep relationship with Cheng Lu. It just means that he is willing to move out of Zhao’s house without saying that it is comfortable to live here. The food cooked by Chef Wang is enough to attract him. If he doesn’t want to go back to the palace as an official, he wants to stay here all the time, eating food every day and living a quiet and comfortable life is simply a fairy day.
"Magistrate’s adult kindness is sage living in the palace for so long, so I thought about it for a few days. When Master Zhao’s home is very comfortable and comfortable, I won’t move." Li Gonggong didn’t want to say it but it was nice to listen without hurting Cheng Lu’s face.
Cheng Lu to put Li Gonggong an eunuch’s eyes too much, but it’s only after thinking about the false color. Now it’s a bit ugly to listen to Li Gonggong’s refusal to look at his face. It’s really an unappreciative thing, but I saw Lin Yue immediately think of what face and smiled again. 669. 669
"The officer also wants your father-in-law to live comfortably, but since you don’t want me to, it’s not good to force this hospital to look at it. No wonder Li Gonggong doesn’t want to move when he lives, but he also wants to stay here for a few days. Lin Niang will arrange it for me." Cheng Lu looked at Lin Yue with ambiguous eyes and said.
Lin Yue is disgusted with Cheng Lu. It is natural for Cheng Lu to live in her house. It is impossible to just promise "Adult, our small local courtyard in this township has few places to live and Li Gonggong and his party are already full, even if it is not an adult, this statue of Buddha will still be your big house. Don’t be a refugee woman."
Being rejected again and again is to look at the beauty’s face. Cheng Lu’s face is also very unpredictable, but it is still resistant to sexual stings. Beauty always makes people itch and endure. "Lin Niang will be so busy refusing the Zhao family to build such a big house in the past two days. How many people also live in an official position? It’s just a matter of observing the people’s feelings. Lin Niang or it would produce an official position that won’t lose you."
Anlai was still depressed when he heard Cheng Lu say this, and the abacus in his head rang. He was not willing to come here for nothing. If he could live in Zhao’s house, he would always get a chance to get some benefits or find out what secrets Zhao had. It would be better if he could get hold of Zhao’s house. After that, he would not worry that no one would send him a silver bar.
Yue-yi Lin sneers at not giving Cheng Lu a face at all, and is not afraid of Cheng Lu becoming angry from embarrassment. "Adults are joking, and women dare not take advantage of adults. Besides, women and men are still out of the house. It is really inappropriate to take in foreign men and live at home. Magistrates and parents should know how to be compassionate to the people. Should they not be refugee women?"
Cheng Lu face completely overcast "lam you don’t want to the hard way officer is willing to live in your respect if you are willing to give you face …"