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"What about Chenying?" Cai Sicheng said unhappily, "Little sister left and she couldn’t wake up. We are all big men who can’t take care of her."

In fact, Cai Yiming also wants Yuner to help take care of Cai Chenying. This little sister has been spoiled by her family since she was a child, let alone let her take care of others. It is difficult to take care of herself.
"Let’s talk about things after sending the cloud back first." Cai Yiming was upset by the cloud these days and specially arranged more than 50 guards for Cai Sicheng to escort his little sister home all the way.
Blue ink yan there soon got the news.
"Cai Yuner is going back and leaving in three days." Shi Tiandao "What should I do?"
Blue ink Yan saw her eyes RuXiaoNan these days, and he forced her to stay in the house without even giving her clothes, so she had to shrink in the quilt.
Green ink Yan slowly got up and went to talk to Shi Datian outside the curtain.
"When you go to the town and let out the wind, say that Yue Princess can’t stand going back to the capital here."
Shi Datian blinked his eyes. "You mean …"
"Just say that Yue Princess was afraid of being known, so she disguised herself as Miss Cai Fu and was escorted away by Cai Fu people."
Shi Datian nodded again and again. "Look at it when it’s white."
He also saw that Shaoqing was in Licai Sangong.
Cai Sangong wants to develop through Shao Qing and doesn’t want to think about who the other person is. How could he benefit him?
After Shi Datian left, Qing Mo Yan returned to the room.
RuXiaoNan emerged from the quilt and protested, "Give me clothes!"
Qing Moyan’s lip corner ticked "What do you need clothes for?" She can’t run out without clothes.
RuXiaoNan fidgety twisted his body. He was afraid that her marriage would cause trouble. She didn’t expect her marriage to pass, but he still refused to let her out.
"I don’t want to live here." She had a strong biliary tract.
"I’ll take you away after three days" green ink yan way
RuXiaoNan leng leng "to … where?"
"Of course, you’re the princess’s mansion." Green ink Yan smiles to say.
RuXiaoNan is puzzled. "Didn’t you say I was leaving Shifang Town?" Just now she heard a general idea.
Qing Mo Yan stretched out his hand and pinched her face. Recently, the little thing has always been particularly alert to him, and it is difficult to get close to him except sleeping soundly.
"Say you are stupid, you still don’t know that Shifang Town is your fief. Where else can you give this place to them?"
"No," RuXiaoNan shook his head. "But HongQiZhai people won’t let it go."
"Even if they don’t take the initiative to jump out, I won’t let them go." Qing Mo Yan narrowed his eyes and he won’t let go of all hidden dangers
"Shi Datian will not be bought by Cai Sicheng, will he?" RuXiaoNan weak asked a sentence.
Recently, Shi Datian is in charge, and Cai Sicheng has paid him many compliments. It is said that Shi Datian’s nature should soon put his tail up to the sky.
Green ink yan shook his head "he won’t"
"Didn’t Cai Sicheng take him to the red street? Can pink lady not be tempted?"
Green ink Yan laughed. "He won’t be tempted because of the red skull. When he was in Qianyuefang, he had seen all the people trained by Runer Sister, and they would never be fascinated by beauty."
RuXiaoNan nodded. "No wonder Shi Datian likes those widows."
Blue ink Yan froze there and couldn’t pick up the words. This little thing’s thoughts are jumping too much.
"What pink lady you know a lot, but it’s not good to be blindsided when you get to the real gun." Green ink Yan brought her people and people together and stroked her with a hint of ambiguity.
RuXiaoNan cowered into a ball and stammered, "No, you’re still hurt … I’m not comfortable."
Blue ink yan couldn’t help laughing caressed her hand stopped.
I felt that he stopped moving, but the little thing got bolder.
"You don’t hate me anymore?" She tried to say
"Who said I hate you" green ink yan a face of primly even if there was a small misunderstanding killed will not admit it.
Ru Xiaonan pouted her lips. "You really don’t hate me?"
"Then you don’t want to see me before."
"Nothing" Shao Qing is serious and playing dumb.
Ru Xiaonan hates grinding his teeth. It’s so unreasonable. Why is it all his fault inside and outside?
"If one day you get bored, will you not want me?" She rolled over on his legs and looked at him carefully.
Blue ink yan want to blurt out.
But those two words were swallowed back by him when he saw her serious eyes.
Because she is an abandoned place in another world, she especially hopes that she can be recognized and doesn’t want to taste abandoned again.
Blue ink yan bowed their heads and stick on her forehead two people look at each other.
"If I never get tired of you, won’t you leave?"
"Well … I think so." She hesitated for a long time. In fact, she wanted to say that one day she would cobble together five-colored stones and return to modern times.
But that was a long time ago. She still has thirteen or four years to live in this world.
She needs to find a way back before the end of her life
"What’s so uncertain?" The tone of Qing Mo Yan was slightly cold.
"Because I have a life span of thirteen or fourteen years, I will leave sooner or later … whether you want me or not." When it comes to leaving, she deliberately emphasized the tone.
Whether she is abandoned by him or not, she will eventually return to the world where she belongs.
"There are ways to live a long life. You don’t need to worry about this now."
Ru Xiaonan looked blank. What did he mean by this? He would try to make her live longer. Do you want to turn her into a doll …
Ah, ah, ah, don’t. That can be regarded as living. All you can say is that life will grow up, and there will be birth and death. If it becomes cold, Woodenhead will live for a hundred years and a thousand years. What’s the point?
Blue ink Yan squinted at her heart and struggled with it. Ru Xiaonan suddenly forced her to bow her head into her arms and blocked her mouth
RuXiaoNan wanted to push him, but she was afraid of touching his chest wound. The broken voice only drew the blue ink Yan to stop and think deeper and deeper, so that she could never "leave" again.
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