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The top of the door didn’t expect Hu Yanle to lie on the bottom of the bed as soon as he woke up. His plan was to send someone to inform the duke of Zhou to go to the wing. The three little wakes must be placed in the light curtain. They won’t walk around here at will. When Lord Zhou leads his troops to the wing, he will pull out the box from under the bed. The evidence is conclusive. Three small people will resist the door, and the secret people will rescue these three people and lead them out of the city, and then stall them outside the city.

Zhou Shi loved this woman very much. When she heard the news that the three prostitutes were held back, she would definitely send troops to catch them, while the Taoist would put it off for a while and try to control the rhythm so that Zhou Shi could send all the military departments in the city to search for them. When the three soldiers of the city, Chitantan, are dragged and dropped by the gatekeeper, the rest of them can dig an "intensive pool" in the city with peace of mind.
But things have turned around again. Huyanle, a little boy, woke up on his bed and looked at the box and was dragged out. When he hadn’t arrived since the beginning of the week, the three little boys were very clever and fled. This door plan died, and they couldn’t intervene in the later things at all. The city was full of soldiers and people had better hide.
Although it was planned to have an early abortion, the Chitantan three did succeed in getting all the soldiers in the city to search for the Taoist from Monday, so they had to sneak into the military camp and start digging an "intensive pool"
Tell Chitandan four people that the truth is that the abbot of "deadwood Temple" is "le", and he is a very sincere Buddhist. He has no selfishness in accepting the quasi-servant. He just wants to influence this small butcher knife to make a sin in the game before it is resolved. Although he used harsh words and disobeyed Buddhist rules during the deadwood Temple period, he really didn’t do his job in peace. I believe that the quasi-servant was not the one who raped/killed the duke’s daughter, but at that time, he was not a quick-witted person who could watch the quasi-servant smash the Hall of Heroes.
In order to clear the name of the prospective ambassador, the monk was sent to the temple and mobilized the laity brother of Ducheng military camp to investigate the matter. The matter was still not investigated clearly. After the four people of Chitantan returned to the deadwood Temple for assistance, they summarized the information they got and told the truth on July 7th.
Although Hiram’s Hospital, Daomen and Zen Buddhism are the same, the competition is still fierce. Chi Tandan and others feel that they are unable to make it, so they discuss going to the deadwood Temple for help, and the Zen forces suppress Daomen’s consent. I didn’t expect the abbot of deadwood Temple to be secretly investigating again at the risk of sneaking back to deadwood Temple.
The prospective ambassador was moved, but he couldn’t hold the monk and cried. It must be a fake cry. Koshimizu wiped his face and made tears flow; The monk is a kind person, but I didn’t know that he would fake tears and pat the prospective ambassador on the back and say, "Brother Dade won’t cry and you will uphold justice."
The generation is a bit chaotic. The great sage was a person with a high generation hundreds of years ago, and he was the evil Wang Shixuan. What he played was a secret. Zen would not spread such an embarrassing thing around. After hundreds of years, no one knew it. The quasi-ambassador won the honor of a great sage, and naturally he also had identity documents. His former name was too smelly, and many temples refused to accept him
With the monk willing to accept the quasi-Bo envoy, it’s really impossible for Zen bosses to call him "grandmaster" now, as long as the brothers and sisters are commensurate.
I personally went to the Duke’s Mansion to make it clear that the Duke’s daughter was indeed raped/killed by Wei Zhibing, but why would three strangers appear in the Duke’s Mansion? However, it is not clear that these three chivalrous men came to arrest Wei Zhibing, but it was too late to cause misunderstanding.
In order to solve the problem of killing Chitantan three people and restoring the order of the city, it also opened the gate. Chitan Dan three people didn’t know that there was an "intensive pool" at the bottom of the military camp at the south gate of the city. At first, they didn’t know that after explaining to the duke, he let the duke rate heavily to return to the military camp. When people saw things badly, they hastily withdrew, but when they left the cave where the door was opened, they became rich in experience and knew what treasures were hidden here.
The whole knight-errant is looking for medicinal materials, props, etc. that can strengthen his body except the rookie who just entered the game. There are many things that can strengthen his body. Among them, there are two best things. One is to strengthen the pool membership to generate players and strengthen the pool to generate NPC.
Although the enhanced pool method strengthens the basic attributes of players, if you can get and move back to power, you can join your own NPC strength. The enhanced pool is also very important to players. Without overstepping the city to strengthen the pool, Chi Tandan’s three-person affirmation method robbed the monk and thought that it was several people who could get an intensive pool for this Zen, so he revealed some things.
"All four of you are the pinnacle of B font size. Do you know what it takes to get to A font size?"
In this way, it is not only to strengthen the skill of mind to the limit, but also to cooperate with the identity before upgrading, but to achieve the third level of identity, there is no identity after upgrading; When Chitan Dan rose to T-shape and became a free farmer, C-shape and a rich man, B-shape, there was no identity restriction, but Zhu Wen rewarded him with the fourth-level status of "landlord"
I worked hard to earn experience, but I didn’t expect that I needed other conditions to get to the A-size, which made the four players here feel cool. From the number of NPCs, we can see that B-font is a watershed. B-font in Jianghu is a dime a dozen, but A-font is much less. Every A-font can occupy a high position.
"It is precisely because of the harsh conditions for B-font to be promoted to A-font that various sects need a lot of reinforcement. Even if the impact fails, it can be several times stronger than those who have not been baptized by the reinforcement pool." Said.
"I didn’t expect such conditions. What do you think of Dade?" Chitan Dan smiled and said
"Try it again, M" shouted the prospective ambassador.
Chapter 11 What do you think of greatness ()
To be promoted to Grade A, you need the peak of Grade B, 10,000 taels of silver, Grade A Kung Fu, a set of Grade A martial arts (not single strokes, not limited to continuous strokes or demolition strokes), and materials for entering the Palace of Eternal Life.
To enter the peak of the longevity hall, you need a pair of dragon horns, a pair of chicken feet, a dumpling skin, a unicorn egg, ten volcanic gems, five blood diamonds, a thousand-year-old tree root, a ten-year-old ganoderma lucidum and a saussurea involucrata to enter the temple.
"If you have a basic attribute point, it is best to change the martial arts equipment with the highest attribute immediately after successfully breaking through the Immortal Temple, and the Immortal Temple will upgrade its attribute according to your current practice." After saying this, he left the Dead Wood Temple and he had to arrange a strengthening pool to avoid the door and make trouble again.
"The first few conditions are met, but it is more difficult to get into the hall of eternal life." Chitan Dan touched the bar and said.
"The source of these materials is not a secret, but it doesn’t matter if they are all around. It’s more difficult now that the chaos has gone and foreign forces are hard to be hunted everywhere." Niuhua said with a frown.
After discussing it for a while, the four people think that it is impossible to increase the basic attributes. Only in the martial arts equipment, but also in those places where the materials of the Palace of Eternal Life are available, the upgrading of advanced equipment is the most important thing. The other three people may not be close enough to attend the Wulin conference, but Chitan Dan is very concerned about what he has discussed. It is better to start preparing for it now and explore the water.
Shen Yuyi presented the ultra-platinum virtual game cabin with a martial environment, and there is also a unique program that can bring up all the wild monsters or deputy BOSS of the whole game, which makes Chitantan confident that he can know the strength of the monster to be played first and then make corresponding arrangements according to his strength.
It is more correct to be familiar with the martial arts of jiang he school for three hours and benefit from the procedures for two hours. All kinds of strong monsters PK are also the martial arts of jiang he school. The game attributes can not be brought into the martial realm except the blood power. The progress of the martial arts of Chitantan jiang he School is relatively fast, but if those monsters fight in the game, they must be familiar with the magic martial arts in a game.
In reality, there was also a time when Chi Tandan did not feel any change. Shen Yuyi was missing and there was no place for him to ask. Anyway, he was fighting in the virtual world and Chi Tandan was not worried about being killed in reality. Actually, to verify the martial arts of a river crane, he went to a boxing gym in the city and picked a few fruits with people, but he was beaten black and blue.
Chitantan is not a person who likes to be abused, but he also found that with his familiarity with jiang he martial arts in the martial arts, he was able to make jiang he martial arts fight back to avoid the abuse in addition to the first few times. Although he was finally abused and fell to the ground, Chitan Dan was very happy. This means that jiang he martial arts is not a flower stand, but it does have actual combat effect.
Chitantan’s life is very regular now, and the ultra-platinum game cabin is really extraordinary. Sleeping in it for one hour can ensure that the remaining 23 hours are in high spirits; Wake up at 3 o’clock every day to solve the urgent problem, then enter the game to practice for three hours, then abuse the wild monster for two hours, and then go to the villa garden to fight all the jiang he martial arts.
After breakfast at six o’clock in the morning, I take a bath. I have my own hourly worker to do it. He enters the game and fights until three o’clock in the afternoon. He goes to the famous boxing gym in the city center with his backpack to find abuse. Going home at five o’clock is another brush, replenishing food, and then entering the regular life of the game, which makes Chitantan feel very fulfilled.
Of course, it is also necessary to adjust the time. If there is an emergency, you can’t rest regularly. Like this time, it was already four o’clock in the afternoon when I was trapped in Ducheng and went to a very long time line; After thinking about it, I still want to be abused. If I don’t get bruised and bruised, I will feel uncomfortable all over.
The name of "Lafeng Boxing Hall" is a bit vulgar, but the boxing hall is famous in China. The owner is a retired boxing champion who knows not only boxing but also other fighting techniques. The coaches of the museum are all professional retired boxers or champions. Chi Tandan has also participated in world-class competitions. Although he has been here for nearly a month, he has had contacts with the owner Qin Jin.
The reason is naturally not that Chitantan was abused every day and was seen to have the potential to be a boxer, but that Chitantan fighters’ fighting moves made Jin Qin appreciate it very much; After hearing that Chitantan was jiang he’s younger brother, Qin Jin showed surprise and showed envy and hatred for Chitantan.
Chitan Dan has always been a scum sect in jiang he. There is no way for Shen Yuyi to make the jiang he Sect miserable, and say that jiang he Sect is at the bottom of the Wulin Congress every year. This makes people feel that jiang he Sect is scum. You can’t find the information of jiang he Sect on the Internet, and jiang he Sect attended the Wulin Congress. The other 35 sects belong to people who are mixed in the modern Wulin circle.
Although Jin Qin is a world-class retired boxing champion, he is also a modern Wulin figure. He worships a sect teacher who is very famous in reality. Therefore, the media platform of the sects often publicizes the martial arts, and the disc is released again and again, which makes Chitandan’s school cow wipe badly. Jin Qin said that the jiang he school rubbed several times more than the school cow he worshipped, and he heard Chitandan one leng one leng.
The whole "Lafeng Boxing Hall" occupies five floors, each with an area of more than 2,000 square meters, which also shows that the building is of equal style; I didn’t have an affair when I took the stairs. I didn’t even see a beautiful woman. The fifth floor belongs to advanced students before I can go to the local foundation. I have to practice for three years before I can sign up for the fifth floor class, which is full of junior and intermediate students. In these classes, I can see a lot of beautiful women
Chi Tandan didn’t sign up for the boxing class. He was free to apply for the sparring class and didn’t need to take care of the students’ emotions. Even if he couldn’t beat the students, he would be abused. When Chi Tandan first came, he was knocked down by the junior class students because he grew up as a child and couldn’t fight.
But only three days later, Chitan Dan beat all the opponents in the junior class, and later he was the coach of the junior class, who abused Chitan Dan’s ass. This Nima is more experienced than a retired boxer; However, three days from being abused to beating all the students’ opponents is also a pretty cool topic. The owner Qin went in and out to meet the sparring partner, talked and saw the Chitan Dan routine. It was determined that this was not a fake. jiang he sent his brother Jin Qin to let Chitan Dan go to the fifth floor. Anyway, it was all abused and it was the same wherever he went.
Senior students are all people who participate in regular boxing competitions, and they not only learn boxing, but also learn boxing. Jin Qin once asked senior students to fight martial arts for Chitan Dan. I didn’t expect Chitan Dan to win the senior student although he was beaten black and blue.
If another student fights Chitantan directly, it will be a little hectic, and he will be beaten on the ground and will not get up and be abused again.
Although Jin Qin didn’t understand jiang he martial arts, he had rich experience in the competition, so he told Chittandan whether boxing was the last-rate martial arts or our Chinese martial arts, and jiang he didn’t want Chittandan to meditate and fight with more people, so he could know when to recruit and evade when attacking, and so on.
There is a world-class boxing champion beside pointing out that Chitantan is happy to fart and Jin Qin is also very "hi-pi" Nima, but it is said that 36 real brothers will come as sparring partners! It’s only natural that Jin Qin should firmly grasp the pie-falling thing, otherwise, why would he be so enthusiastic about pointing out Chitan Dan?
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
Fighting with Chitan Dan is an elite student in the boxing hall. These students were very puzzled at first why the owner treated this kid so warmly and asked them to practice with him when they were wasting their time.
Jin Qin also didn’t explain that he would tell others that jiang he sent martial arts to restrain the boxing attack route? Will he tell others that they can have stronger offensive and defensive skills in the field if they want to compete with jiang he’s Di Di? He won’t tell anyone.
Jin Qin didn’t say that it didn’t mean that elite students wouldn’t want to get through the earliest spike stage in Chitan Dan. After that, the students also found that although the young man in front of him played Chinese martial arts and didn’t conform to the rules of boxing, he was able to restrain the skills he had learned in many places.
Although there are not many clever people, there are also many students who participated in a boxing match held recently in China. Nima surprised everyone by winning the championship. You know, this student ranks 100 places in China and is not qualified in the world. Actually, he beat the top boxer in this boxing match and won the championship all the way. Is this drugs?
It turns out that the boxer didn’t take drugs. He fought with Chitantan every day. The elite students didn’t want to fight Jin Qin with Chitan Dan after they found Chitan Dan vulnerable, and they didn’t insist. The student who won the championship was a vegetable among the elite students and had a gentle personality. Seeing that no one accompanied Chitan Dan to fight, he just played with Chitan Dan every day anyway.
The champion student also benefited a lot from the first spike of Chitan Dan, and then the two men were evenly matched, and then Chitan Dan gradually gained some winning percentage. It was not until he incredibly won the championship belt that he suddenly realized that his progress was not made in a day, but he did make progress all the time because he had been playing with Chitan Dan.
Can you win the championship by playing Chitan Dan? It’s natural for Nima to be crazy for such a good thing. Elite students are scrambling to fight Chitan Dan, and Chitan Dan almost scared himself into doing something that made people angry and upset the whole boxing hall. Later, Qin came out and arranged the match table together to calm the matter. Chi Tandan also stayed in the boxing gym for two hours every day, which made Jin Qin very sorry
Generally speaking, it is good for the boxing gym to play with Chitan Dan. Chitan Dan can get advice from Jin Qin every day, and he has his own understanding of jiang he martial arts. It is naturally very harmonious for both sides.
Walking into the boxing gym on the fifth floor, there were friendly greetings everywhere. Chi Tandan shouted this brother with a smiling face. Anyway, the whole elite school is his brother. There’s no way he won the student who won the championship unexpectedly, and the rest didn’t, especially after knowing that Chitan Dan has the ability to turn over the game, these elite students are very serious every time they challenge, and they will never let up. Chitan Dan didn’t win a game later, and he was injured every day.
"Xiao Chi, your endurance is poor, and you lie prone for ten minutes. Didn’t you get washed by the medicine pool when you were in jiang he?" Jin Qin said at the edge of the table, sticking out his tongue on the ground.
"Hey, hey, the quality of modern medicinal materials is getting worse and worse. Washing it several times has no effect." Chi Tandan said, can he tell others that I have only been practicing for a few months? However, Shen Yuyi did leave jiang he to send a unique secret recipe for Chitantan to collect medicinal materials and then make a medicine pool according to the secret recipe. Although Chitantan has not developed well, it can also achieve physical fitness and increase endurance
"That’s right. Alas, if I can have your unique secret recipe of ancient sects, my students will certainly win all the world championships."
Qin Jin showed the wolf’s tail again. Seeing that Chitantan was a martial arts school in jiang he and it was a real martial arts school, Qin Jin wanted to take out the unique secret recipe of jiang he’s medicine school at regular intervals. Chitan Dan didn’t dare to leak the secret recipe of this medicine pool. The whole jiang he school now has him and Shen Yuyi.