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Too old gentleman ignored the question of Xuandu exorcist and spoke directly about the moral truth of Avenue again.

"Tao can be very Tao name can be very name …"
The essence of moral truth is wandering in the whole pocket palace. Too old gentleman is very penetrating, and the notes are voiced into the ears of Xuandu exorcist. In the ears of two alchemists, there are green cows tied behind them. In the pocket palace, the usual sermon is resumed, as if Nu Wa Niangniang had never been here.
And out of the pocket rate palace, Nuwa drove a phoenix to drive a dense bluebird to open the way, and the colorful clouds followed straight to the demon kingdom’s heaven.
From a distance, many demon gods in heaven have already seen Nu Wa Saint Luan drive to tell the demon emperor Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi.
"Tell my emperor saint nuwa empress method driving that is …"
I came to report that the demon god came in a hurry, and there were two demon emperors sitting in the hall of heaven of the demon family. It was the demon emperor Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi.
"Ordered all the demon gods to meet with me quickly to meet Nu Wa Empress Fa Jia …"
On hearing the arrival of the sage Nu Wa, the demon emperor Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi immediately ordered the way, and then they hurried to the throne to greet them at the gate of heaven.
"East Emperor Taiyi, Di Jun and all the demon gods welcome Nuwa Empress to drive …"
At the gate of heaven, Nu Wa’s driving has just arrived, surrounded by demon gods. The leader is the East Emperor Taiyi, a demon emperor. He is respectful to Nu Wa, but he also pays homage and never kneels down.
Nu Wa is also a demon race, and is the only saint among the demon races. Emperor Jun and Emperor Taiyi are no less qualified than Nu Wa, but they have never been holy. They have been in charge of the demon race’s heaven for hundreds of millions of generations, and there is no reason to bow down when they see a saint. It’s just a sign of respect for the saint.
"SIRS, please come to heaven this time, and there is nothing important to discuss with the demon emperor Jun! All the demon gods should return to their places! "
Nu Wa knows that these demon gods in heaven are all in charge of the 365 stars on Sunday, and each star has one less demon god in charge, who can communicate with the stars and exercise themselves or practice magic weapons.
And every demon god has a fairy practice, which shows that the power of the demon family heaven is so huge.
"When the sage Nu Wa arrives, please walk to the main hall of heaven!"
The first exit of the East Emperor Taiyi made a gesture of asking Nu Wa to come to the Temple of Heaven.
The demon gods returned to their places, and Nu Wa, guided by the demon emperor Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi, came to the Temple of Heaven and sat in the glass dragon chair where the original demon emperor Jun sat, while the two demon emperors didn’t sit at the bottom, but those who were saints and non-saints dared not sit down.
"I don’t know if Nu Wa Sage has something important to discuss with Di Jun?"
Nu Wa sat down and the demon emperor Jun directly asked the reason why Nu Wa came to heaven.
"I’m here to tell you the truth. I’m here to borrow something from the Di Jun Demon Emperor on behalf of the Terran. Please also promise that Nu Wa will have a reward!" Nu Wa hesitated for a while, but she still minced her words. Although Nu Wa is a saint, she still can’t escape from borrowing things from others.
Nu Wa Saint came to borrow something. Emperor Jun and East Emperor Tai Yi looked at each other and then Di Jun laughed. "Nu Wa Saint spoke to Di Jun. Is there any reason not to borrow it? If Nu Wa Saint wants to borrow something, please say that he wants Di Jun. I will do my duty! "
Nu Wa is the demon saint and the demon heaven, and it’s not bad to borrow something. The demon emperor Jun still has no reason to refuse and immediately said generously.
"The two demon emperors also know that Nuwa’s elder brother Fuxi incarnates Terran, and now the heads of Fuxi tribe want to lead Terran to prosperity. Now his elder brother’s enlightenment is just around the corner, and he wants to borrow Hetuluo from Di Jun’s demon emperor to realize it …"
Since the demon emperor Jun is so generous, Nu Wa will completely pick the words, that is, to borrow Di Jun’s river map and Luo.
"This …"
When Nu Wa talks about Hetu and Luoyao, Emperor Jun and East Emperor Taiyi immediately show their reluctance, which is very embarrassing.
"What’s the matter? Are there any inconveniences between the two demon emperors? Let’s just say it! "
When I saw this picture of two demon emperors, Nu Wa’s heart sank and I knew that things were not so easy to do.
The two demon emperors looked at Nu Wa and talked with each other for a while. Then Di Jun slowly gave Nu Wa a gift and said, "It’s a special situation now that the sage of Nu Wa wants to borrow Hetuluo Di Jun. I don’t hide it from the sage of Nu Wa. The twelve ancestors of the demon race control the universe and the earth. Although it’s a feud, the twelve ancestors think about attacking my demon race heaven day and night. I also think that the demon race is coming to the earth. Now I am in the demon race heaven.
Said the East Emperor Taiyi took the turn and said, "The Twelve Ancestors have been afraid to attack my demon clan’s heaven because my heaven has the innate spiritual treasure in my hand, and chaos clock has the large array of stars this Sunday. Now, if we borrow the empress from the key array, the Twelve Ancestors will take this opportunity to attack the heaven without the powerful method of the large array of stars on Sunday …"
The two demon emperors slowly told their worries to Nu Wa one by one. Nu Wa’s frown deepened when she heard this. It is true that there will be a war sooner or later when the lich is incompatible with water. She also knows that the demon kingdom heaven has been planning to attack the vast expanse of the mainland and exterminate the witch family. If she borrows Hutuluo now and let the twelve ancestors know, it will definitely happen. The scene mentioned by the Eastern Emperor Taiyi will cause heavy losses to the demon kingdom heaven.
However, if we don’t borrow Hetuluo’s own brother Fuxi to realize the law and the Terran will rise up, we will miss this opportunity to realize it. We won’t know when it will be.
Hesitated for a moment, Nu Wa’s heart was rapidly calculating and finally sighed and slowly said to the two demon emperors, "Two demon emperors! Nu Wa has just calculated that this Hutuluo is a necessary way for his brother Fuxi to realize enlightenment. Theory such as nuwa all want to borrow it … "
Now that Nu Wa said this, the two demon emperors suddenly became nervous, for fear that Nu Wa would snatch the saint’s hand hard. Even chaos clock Donghuang Taiyi, who is pregnant with a spiritual treasure of teaching level, could not resist several rounds.
"The two demon emperors don’t have to be nervous!" Nu Wa saw the two demon emperors with a nervous face and waved their hands, then took out a picture scroll and unfolded it, showing the magnificent mountains and rivers behind it. "Look at the two demon emperors …"
"The map of mountains and rivers!"
The demon emperor Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi lost their calls at the same time. The map of mountains and rivers is the only treasure in the map of the ancestor level, and the river Tuluo is just the Jin Xian level congenital treasure, because there are some special combinations of the river Tuluo, and it is poor and wonderful.
"It is two demon emperor! Nu Wa wants to borrow Hetuluo to keep the heaven safe during this period! Nu Wa is willing to hand over this picture of the country of mountains and rivers to the two demon emperors. The two demon emperors can temporarily act as the eye of the array, although it is not as wonderful as Hetu Luo, but it is enough to resist one or two. In addition, after this trip, Nu Wa owes the two demon emperors a favor and will repay them … "
Nu Wa said that the two demon emperors looked at each other and were silent for a long time.
"This … all right! Then hand over Hetuluo to Nu Wa Saint, and ask Nu Wa Saint to return it as soon as possible. After all, the safety of heaven never relaxes … "
Heart fight for a while Di Jun finally determined to take out the river figure luo handed nuwa carefully said.
"The two demon emperors can rest assured that once their brother Fuxi realizes enlightenment, he will return to Hetuluo immediately!" Nu Wa carefully took Hetuluo, and then a roll of the map of mountains and rivers came to Di Jun’s hand.
"In this case, Nuwa will go back quickly!"
He Tuluo didn’t do much to stay out of the demon kingdom’s heaven and came to Fuxi tribe. With a wave of his hand, He Tuluo shook off and fell directly into the Luoshui River in front of Fuxi tribe.
Saints in the era of robbery can’t interfere with Nuwa at will, and can’t directly hand Hetuluo over to Fuxi. This method can be used until the underwater Nuwa arranges the monster Xuangui to sense Hetuluo’s breath and then appear on the water with Hetuluo on her back.
When the time comes, Fuxi will be disturbed to see the natural enlightenment and innate divination of Hetuluo, which will naturally make Fuxi’s merits and achievements complete and the emperor’s achievements will be achieved.
At this time, it was hard to escape from the dungeon. When Qin Nan was driving a scorpion to find a shore path in a piece of water, he slammed his head into the water. I don’t know what fell and directly hit Qin Nantou.
"Depend! Who is it? There is no public morality in littering! "
Qin Na touched his aching head and cursed it. Then he picked up the culprit and saw that it was a chapter after chapter.
Chapter 41 Collect the mysterious turtle
As a result of upgrading the city, Qinnan was invited by Fuxi to come to Fuxi tribe, but I didn’t expect to be caught by Wang Di-tian before even seeing Fuxi’s face, and was still in the dungeon.
Fortunately, Qinnan had enough cards and tried his best to escape from the smelly and small dungeon.
Outside the dungeon, there is an open water area, driving a scorpion to escape from the dungeon, but Qin Nan was smashed by two things.
Swearing in the mouth, the hand picked up two things that hit itself and found them to be a volume and a drawing.
"It’s not good for anyone who doesn’t care so much about painting to get old, even if he doesn’t get old and get flowers and plants!"
Qin Na swearing, but I don’t know that the object of his scolding would be a mixed sage Nu Wa empress. If you know, it is estimated that Qin Na is afraid to say a word.
"Hey? Now is the era of the wild, where the Terran has not even sent out the words? It must not be a Terran thing, maybe it is a demon or witch treasure! "