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Hehe, he likes the detoxification method very much!

Feng Yichen left Shu Lele with highland barley and others, and was still very weak at the beginning of serious injury, so he was forced to rest in the account by Jun Shaoyan.
Lying on the couch, Shu Lele asked so many doubts that lingered in my heart.
Jun Shaoyan gave full play to his super explanatory ability and told everything in detail in the past few months like a story.
It turned out that after Shu Lele disappeared, the whole Ning Wangfu was trapped in the gloom, and finally there was a clue that a group of people had been found to be recruiting around frequently.
After getting the letter, Feng Yichen sent highland barley and others to find out that he found the taste of Zhilanxin in a Shan Ye.
Highland barley was ecstatic, but did not dare to make a move. She ordered people to wait here and then quickly returned to Beijing to report all this to Feng Yichen.
Feng Yichen immediately set out with troops, but was trapped by Lang thousands of feet. He was delayed for a while and almost let Feng Chunqiu succeed.
Shu Lele listened to what he said lightly, but he knew that it was dangerous to save her. It was really reckless to abandon the sky
Silently lowered his head, Shu Lele gently asked, "Is he really okay with his body injury?"
"Hey, the injury is very serious. I just fought with Feng Chunqiu. It is estimated that the wound is bleeding again. This person can really stand it without treating the injury first!"
"It’s all because you didn’t dress him up just now and let him go?"
"Poof-"Jun Shao Yan smiled and looked at Shu Lele indifferently. "Bandaging without you is his healing medicine!"
"….." How did they repeatedly talk about this topic?
Shu Lele gritted his teeth and asked, "What do you mean? Didn’t you say that you haven’t grown up yet? "
"Method of treating your symptoms! Before Gu Er grows up, I want you two to reconcile Yin and Yang and fight for 300 rounds. The wound will definitely heal! "
"Ah ….." Shu Lele was in a mess in the wind, so the so-called she can detoxify is what it is!
Flushed, Shu Lele spat at him, "Not serious!"
Jun Shao Yan raised his eyebrows and laughed wildly. "I am very serious. Don’t forget what Grandpa Lele said to you when he left. He is the most serious one!"
Shu Lele’s heart mine exploded. She grabbed a thing around her and threw it at him. "Get out! I don’t want to see you again! "
VIP36 suffering and waiting
Become angry from embarrassment Shu Lele’s eyebrows are turned upside down, and her face is blushing. What a charming little appearance.
Jun Shao Yan Le ruined two steps to laugh "good I roll! You have a rest for a while, and when you wake up, your little dust will come back! "
As soon as he stepped out, Shu Lele shouted "Come back!"
"What is it?" Jun Yan paused and turned his head back outside.
"Who is better, him or Lang thousands of feet?"
"This ….. nature is great grandfather’s worst ….." Feng Yichen’s physical injury is really worrying.
"But what? You mean he is no match for Lang thousands of feet now? " Shu Lele got up in a hurry and ran out.
It is agreed that life and death are together. How can she let Xiaochen venture alone? Even if she goes to help, she will be satisfied if she can stay with him and see him hinder her.
Jun Yan less stopped her face as soon as it sank to "Lele you can’t go! Lang thousands of feet is too fierce. I can’t let you take risks! "
"But Dust Dust, he is so seriously injured now that I am worried about him!"
"I’ll go! Is it okay? "
"No, I’m going too!"
In the face of such sex, Shu Lejun Shao Yan really called several maids to order that "Taifei needs to rest. Please be careful and don’t let her leave the camp!"
Several maids should be around Shu Lele and ask her to rest on the couch.
Mao? Is this imprisoning//banning her in disguise?
Shu Lele’s villain is screaming at the maids coldly. "How dare you? I am the toffee. How dare you not listen to me!"
Several maids remained unmoved and bowed their heads with a respectful face. "Toffee, please listen to your words for your health."
And Jun Shaoyan smiled and waved his hand in a row. "Take good care of Lele. They are all among the best. You can’t beat them!"
Say that finish, no matter whether Shu Lele is furious and paddling away quickly.
He is really worried about Feng Yichen’s current situation!