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Kong Yu is a good person at ordinary times, but he has a passion for divination.

Kong Yu was also the first to discover all kinds of hidden functions of Xianyunling in their Qizong school and turned Xianyunling into his own divination tool perfectly.
He felt that he should not talk to Kong Yu.
If I tell Kong Yu the reason now, I don’t know when this matter will spread throughout the whole clan.
"Oh, don’t be so stingy …" Kong Yu has always been very busy watching this kind of thing.
He pestered Sioux City, and Sioux City obviously didn’t know how to deal with Kong Yu. At this time, nature also couldn’t get rid of Kong Yu.
Soon Yunmingyuan had an epiphany in the refining room of Sioux City, which caused Sioux City just to refine successfully. The news that the multiplier became a pile of scrap iron was thus opened in the device.
Although I don’t like the excitement, I also have a fairy cloud in my hand, so Sioux City soon saw someone in the fairy cloud order discussing this matter.
He was silent-he didn’t say anything at last.
Others looked at Sioux City, and their eyes were once awed and became a little strange.
Sioux city can’t help some nai.
Compared with living in the hole and getting into hot water, Suzhou City Yunmingyuan is much simpler.
Yun Mingyuan has stayed in Yuanying for a long time, and he has met several adventures, and his strength has been improved.
It was because of Han Xiumo that he kept the same level as Han Xiumo and didn’t want Han Xiumo to feel pressured.
Later, the breakthrough has always maintained the same pace as Han Xiumo.
It was just before the breakthrough that Yunmingyuan noticed that it was enough for him to accumulate unconsciously.
The breakthrough from the then-elixir period to the Yuan baby period is to break the then-elixir in the position where the then-elixir is located to create a Yuan baby, and the friar Yuan baby can find a way to have another life even if his body is damaged when necessary.
The breakthrough from Yuan Ying period to OBE period is to gradually transfer Yuan Ying, who was originally in Dantian, to Zifu Lingtai, where Yuan Ying has the possibility of physical separation.
That is to say, after out-of-body experience, Yuan Ying can be regarded as a * * person who can be in two forms at the same time.
Similarly, in fact, when Yuan Ying entered Yuan Ying’s period, Yuan Ying’s body was in a huge connection. If the body was damaged, even Yuan Ying would have to go through great pain and trauma, and it was difficult to reshape the body.
Only when the body has reached the OBE period can it be disconnected from Yuan Ying, that is to say, if the body is damaged at this time, the intentional Yuan Ying can be safely protected.
Of course, it is very difficult to directly resurrect Li Yuanying.
But if you want Li Yuanying … it is a simple thing to take possession of her.
Chapter 546 Life multiplier
Yun Mingyuan knows everything that is happening outside, so naturally he doesn’t know him. In addition to the brothers of the clan, there is another one who should not appear in the clan, and the clan is also paying attention to this situation in Du Jie.
That is Han Xiumo.
Yunmingyuan told Han Xiumo that after settling down in Tianxiao Zong, two people would be sent to the array first.
It is true that Xian Yunling can deliver the message.
But a lot of information handed over by Xianyun will not be as clear as seeing each other in person.
Before Yunmingyuan went to find medicine for himself and got hurt, he didn’t want to tell Han Xiumo what it was that made Han Xiumo uneasy.
He and Yun Mingyuan have also agreed that no matter what happens, they will be linked every day.
However, the next day after Yunmingyuan entered the Tianxiao Sect, Han Xiumo joined Yunmingyuan.
Former Han Xiumo also worried that Yunmingyuan was something, and when it was too late, he also linked Yunxuan.
But neither Yunmingyuan nor Yunxuan did he connect.
This finally made Han Xiu ink can’t help but feel a little worried. It was also at this time that Han Xiu ink remembered that there had not been a send-off
If Yunmingyuan didn’t set up Han Xiumo here, there was no way to start sending him on the other side.
However, Han Xiumo successfully came to Tianxiao Qizong when he first tried.
It was when he first came over that he noticed the gleaming trace of thunder and robbery around that huge multiplier not far from the hill where Yunmingyuan lived.
Han Xiu ink is almost instant reaction to come over that is Du Jie YunMingYuan!
He knew Yun Mingyuan had a strong talent before, but he didn’t expect his talent to be so strong.
Han Xiumo’s physical condition is actually not good now because of the problem of self-abuse.
He felt the bottleneck when he broke through to dzogchen as a baby and had a hunch that he would stay in this realm for a long time.