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This is an ambiguous position

Unlike the usual intersection of lips and teeth, it is lingering with a true feeling and a touch of tenderness in my heart.
Winding small grind paused, she didn’t understand very well. Although Mojing often kissed her, this time it was the first time to kiss her. It’s not as overbearing and gentle as before …
While she was still staring, he got a move, and his slender fingers gently rubbed her lips. "I’ll wait for you."
After those three days, he learned something.
He is sincere, if not superficial.
Luo Xiaoyan, I want you to be really afraid to mess with Chaper9.
A basketball game is considered as a networking seminar. I joined Andrelie B area for baptism and met many people. Yang Hong often came to find Yun Lixin, so the networking seminar bickered with Yang Hong from time to time.
"Yo, one-inch brought you a bottle of milk. Drink it quickly." The head of the basketball department with a strong body took a bottle of pure milk and put it on the winding table. After that, he turned and sat in front of Yunlixin and started chatting.
"Li Xin, please join the basketball department. I miss playing with you very much." Yang Hong sat in a chair with her legs apart and looked at Yun Lixin for a daily question.
"I can accompany you to a game once in a while, but I can’t join you." Yun Lixin still refused with a warm smile
"Oh, why do you still say that!" Yang Hong, a big one, wriggled over there and couldn’t say anything against it.
Although it is good for someone to send milk to drink, this move implying that she is short makes her very unhappy. I happened to see Yang Hong there shamefully selling, picking up a paper ball and throwing it over.
"Hey, little one, it’s too much for you to throw me when I’m kind enough to bring you milk!" Yang Hong got angry just to throw the paper ball back, but was held by Yun Lixin.
"Li Xin, don’t protect her!" Yang hong bowed their heads and said
Yunlixin shook his head, and his eyes motioned for two classrooms and two places. Yang Hong followed the past and found that the ink seal next to Yunlixin was looking at himself and was coming in from the door. There were hundreds of volts in Dongling.
"Well, I surrender." Yang Hongnai raised his hand to make the two gentlemen vicious. But he has seen it. It is really unnecessary to be punished by this crime. Raise his hand and throw the paper ball into the trash can.
"How did the big bear become a bear today?" I’m going to mix a few words with Yang Hong, open the milk bottle cap and vomit.
"I endure" Yang Hong clenched his fist tightly and blurted out what he wanted to curse and suppressed it back into his stomach.
I remember that two days ago, he came from the two-year-old teaching building to find Yun Lixin. He happened to see a male classmate being sealed in the corner by Mo Jing and warned the other party maliciously. "You dare to flirt with Luo Xiaoyan. It seems that your life is too long, right?"
He thought that this kind of thing is common in school, so he didn’t care much about it. But he didn’t expect to take a few steps. In another corner, another boy was pressed against the wall. But this time, he was replaced by Dongling, and he also advised the other party with a face of anger. "The small research is mine. Don’t you dare to try."
So this Yang Hong has an indescribable feeling about the winding research. How can such a small person make so two people pay so much attention to it?
Yang Hong sat in front of Yun Lixin and asked, "Li Xin, little one, who is she? Which country is it? Look at the new arrival and Dongling, who are so nice to her? There should be no such elegant princess."
As he spoke, he denied lifting his eyes and secretly stung a few eyes. Suddenly, he laughed, "Maybe she is a rich woman. Both of them are kept by her. Chaper91 will be moldy if she hides anything."
YunLiXin was Yang Hong this smile and this speculation made some in distress situation patted his head and laughed and denounced, "What’s in your head?"
"Don’t praise me, I just use my imagination casually." Yang Hong hey hey smiled two stand stand hand a batting practice.
Suddenly Yang Hong felt that she had fallen into a shadow.
"Minister, the lunch break is too fast. Is it inappropriate for you to stay here?" Came up from the door Dongling looked at Yang Hong with an expression. Although it was an advice sound, it made people feel indifferent and chills.
It happened that some people just couldn’t recognize Luo Xiaoyan waving at him. Hey, hey, smile, "Ah Yi, are you a girlfriend after making a phone call for half an hour?"
The sound of Dong Ling, a little research on the collaterals, immediately softened, and her lips smiled gently, and her handsome face was like a "no" in the corner of the cold moonlight.
"Don’t be shy, bring your sister-in-law here to have a look. You will get moldy if you hide anything." Luo Xiaoyan looked incredulous.
"Sister-in-law words may have to wait." Dongling pulled up his chair and looked at the winding small research and sat gracefully
On the second day of the basketball game, Dongling walked to Class 3, Zone B with a cold face. One or four words meant pulling up the front position of Xiaoyan and sitting on the podium. His face was livid, but he choked back the teacher and a room full of sighs.
"Ha ha, so you haven’t chased Ah Yi." Collateral Xiaoyan laughed and stretched out his hand and patted Dongling on the shoulder. "That should be refueled! I’m waiting ~ "
Just as the two of them were laughing, a cold voice came, "Some people don’t want you to pursue it in vain."
See winding small research side of the young man half sideways with one hand chin amber eyes half narrowed a hint of meaning not light scattered his moment not instantaneous looking at Dongling, just like looking at a sworn enemy cheetah.
Obviously, Xiao Yan was not satisfied with this sentence made by Mo Jingfeng, and turned around and accused him of "Mo Jingfeng, how do you speak? You should encourage Ah Yi at this time."
Suddenly, I turned around in the winding small research and instantly sealed the ink. I just stretched out my hand and yawned. The so-called shrugged my shoulders and my eyes were hazy and lazy. "I don’t mind if I don’t hear what I said."
Luo Xiaoyan snorted at Mo Jing Feng and turned to Dongling Yi and explained, "Ah Yi is such a person. Don’t mind that I will cheer you up!"
"It’s okay. Some people are very important in my heart and I won’t take them to heart." Dongling said with a smile.
Both of them are the same and don’t want to show their ferocity in front of her, but they are cheetahs instead of gentle reindeer.
"Kitten" Mojingfeng stretched out his hand and pulled through the winding, blinked and said, "I will be jealous."
He reconciled as usual, with a little bit of sex, but a little bit less overbearing, a little bit less virtual, and a little bit more real. It felt like peeling off the shell, removing the hard shell, leaving the white and tender texture, and letting it seep into the heart. Chapter 9 Uber retreated.