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"It’s not just your voice. Oh, I’m here, too."

Just as Ye Yu didn’t know what kind of expression to face Murasame Reine, another proud sound got up.
"From today on, special training will begin. Neither you nor my sister can neglect it."
Jean said that Ye Yu bowed his head and looked at it carefully and found that Jean was wearing guest room shoes in the middle school and wore a school card. It seems that she went through the formalities and entered the school.
"Why did you come back here? Aren’t you going to study?" Ye Yu asked strangely that he spent the night at Wuhe’s house last night and learned that Qinli was an ordinary female middle school student in the eyes of Wuhe Shizhi.
"The commander-in-chief dressed as’ raaskr’ naturally has to be present to supervise the war in person. Otherwise, what should I do if something goes wrong? Don’t take this as a joke. You know, it takes a lot of effort to get this war benefit, and I am under great pressure."
Jean said so, and there are quite some girls who shrugged their shoulders. Yuzryha Imperial couldn’t help but wonder what the scene was.
"Go to your sister first. Training must be done by two people together."
Jean said so, and a group of people went to find Wuhe Shizhi and immediately walked towards one room together.
Ye Yu and Wu He Shi Zhi were very curious to see two people walk into the room and do it well, and then tied the usual white ribbon in the piano to untie their hair, took out the black ribbon from their pockets and tied it again.
"Hello, now start preparing the special training plan for you two!"
Conveniently take out a lollipop and throw it into the mouth. Excited eyes staring at the eyes of two people make Ye Yu feel slightly bad.
"Listen to me, you two. This is better than cruel training. Don’t make any mistakes, you know!"
Seeing the moment, the queen’s aura seemed to be a different person. Itsuka Kotori’s sister Wu Heshi weaved a face of Nai expression.
Changing the ribbon will open your personality. Staring at the two satin leaves in the piano will show your interest.
Chapter 381 Elves attack again
"Well, let’s start. Let’s make the sound." Majestically, the piano was full of waving arms and reaching the order.
"White Commander" Murasame Reine nodded seriously and then got up and walked to the side. The brain turned on the display.
"This is …"
Ye Yu and Wu He Shi Zhi both froze at the same time, and the picture reflected the lovely design of’ raaskr’ characters.
Then, with the pop songs with bright colors and beautiful hair colors, the signs of’ Love MY·LILE·’ appeared in the title of the picture in order.
"This is this"
"Yeah, playing love training games."
"ha? Beautiful girl game! "
"There is nothing wrong with it, and it is made by our’ raaskr’ specially, but it is different from those simple games!"
"That’s not the point …" Ye Yu corners of the mouth take a smoke.
"Well, don’t say that. This is the first stage of training. By the way, there is no need to worry about the scale. By the way, this thing is 15 bans."
Jean again ignored Ye Yu’s speech and said so.
"I’ll leave it to you. I have something to do."
Ye Yu head also don’t look back to leave, by the way, push the five rivers and weaving forward.
"Hey, hey … what do I want to play with?"
"Ye Yu, I can’t say what sister you can’t escape!"
Looking at Ye Yu’s escape, Itsuka Kotori naturally won’t let go of Wu Heshi, who is still numb. He immediately ignored the other party’s resistance and moaning and directly pressed it in front of his head.
"There are still some expectations in the future … Are children still fooling around?"
Think of Itsuka Kotori said not long ago Ye Yu some nai shook his head, but he really took it seriously not long ago.
However, it seems that there is a certain time when the dialogue wizard seems to have allowed Shixiang to stop in this world for so long because of himself, right?
Just as Ye Yu walked out of the corridor, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. It was a girl with beautiful silvery white short hair and delicate face. Ye Yu naturally had an impression. The girl’s name was Tobiichi Origami.
Not only that, Ye Yu also knows that AS, another identity of the other party, is another organization that advocates the use of force to destroy elves to members of the elf organization
"Well … what can I do for you, Tobiichi Origami?"
Tobiichi Origami didn’t answer Ye Yu is to continue staring at him so coldly, staring at him slightly scalp pins and needles.
Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo …’
Just when Ye Yu was going to say something, an alarm sounded around the blink precursor.
Almost at the same time, origami gently looked up.
"See you in a hurry."
Say that finish turned and ran in the corridor.
"Ah …?"
Ye Yu’s face is in distress situation. What on earth is going on? Without saying a word, he left so inexplicably. He remembered that he was innocent of this girl.
But can we finally meet again, shixiang?
Since the surrounding alarm is constantly screaming at the involuntary girl’s weak and lovely posture, it emerges in front of Ye Yu.
I feel a little anxious to see you. I think so, and then I hear Itsuka Kotori in the headset.
"Ye Yu is shocked to move back to’ Frainus’ for the time being."
"Know" Ye Yu gently replied.
It was 17: 20.