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Your gun was ready to stab the egg-sized stone by mistake, and the stone burst and the chips flew.

However, this is nothing. Zhou Fugui and his driver Ye Qiu are stunned. Qinglong and Dragonfly are also moving. Master Zhou Shan dances the overlord gun.
Tsing lung and dragonfly are staring at the gun. Master Zhou Shan seems unwilling to let go of one gun and one type of extreme boxing gun. That’s the essence of extreme boxing. It is an essential process to become an extreme boxing master’s practice-level gun.
Great Gun Skill has a very long reputation. By practicing Great Gun Skill, Wei Guan Wulin can make the practitioners have the same physical strength, spirit, qi and blood, a flexible waist, a solid plate and a long-term momentum. Those who practice can achieve the goal of shooting as they like, and the overall strength can make the whole body unable to get around, and the distance is not enough. The marksmanship will follow suit, be sure to happen, and be sure to die. The ancient and modern Wulin are all called great guns "hundred soldiers ancestors" and great guns "handsome guns"
Great guns are really powerful. In an instant, Master Zhou Shan and his guns are one. Suddenly, the whole courtyard is full of guns!
That overlord gun in Master Zhou Shan’s hand seems to be full of life. If it moves like thunder and quiet, it will turn the tide, and the moon will be white and clear, which will make people sigh and forget the customs.
This is no longer a simple gun technique, but an art. The magic formula of relaxation is Master Zhou Shan’s great gun realm, which is the real master realm and deserves the first master demeanor in the army.
When the master danced the overlord gun, it was estimated that he couldn’t even pour water into the gun all over his body, which was extremely fast, surpassing the limit of human body and reaching an unprecedented height
"Master proved to be hale and hearty. Everyone saw this stunt and wanted to learn it. No wonder he forced me to practice martial arts in those days. Unfortunately, I was too wild in those days, otherwise I would become a generation of masters. It is safe to have his old man’s house to deal with Masato this time."
Zhou Fugui was relieved when his father practiced his gun skills, because he found that his master’s martial arts had not declined with age, but had become more refined, which was indeed something to celebrate.
"The first master of the army really deserves its name. No one can estimate that the accomplishments of the magic gun Li Daqian were just that."
While carefully observing Master Zhoushan’s gun skills, the lean dragonfly couldn’t help secretly thinking that Master Zhoushan’s overlord gun seems to have learned a lot from his martial arts, which is very rare for him to be such an excellent master, because his martial arts foundation has reached its peak, and it is difficult to make progress even if it is aggressive. This time, he followed Zhou Fugui here. Although he didn’t play against Master Zhoushan, he has already been in glad you came.
"Master, the combination of man and gun is indeed stronger than me. No wonder you can teach Zhou Chi, a brother like him, to be so energetic at his age. It’s really a martial arts wizard who hasn’t met for hundreds of years."
After Qinglong arrived at Master Zhoushan’s furious gun operation, he sighed silently. He felt that even if he practiced to Master Zhoushan’s age, he should not reach Master Zhoushan’s realm. What’s worse, even if he is a master of boxing, he may slowly decline, so it is difficult to maintain such a peak. It is really hard to see people who are getting more and more powerful like Master Zhoushan.
Tsing lung and dragonfly have amazing eyesight. Naturally, they can clear master Zhou Shan’s tricks when using a gun, but Ye Qiu, the driver of Zhou Fugui, has no such thing. When master Zhou Fugui used a overlord gun, he noticed that the shadow of the gun enveloped the whole hospital, and there were no specific tricks. In his eyes, the master was a fairy and the general character exceeded the human limit.
When Zhou Fugui and others were infatuated, Master Zhou Shan suddenly stopped to hold a gun and suddenly the gun shadow in the whole courtyard disappeared.
"Father’s coming to this overlord gun is also indestructible. I am more and more confident that your overlord gun will deal with Masato."
Zhou Fugui said to Zhou Shan’s master that at this time, the question of whether his heart overlord gun can block Tianye Yun Jian has been completely dispelled because this progenitor overlord gun is obviously a magic weapon.
"Don’t flatter yourself less, or you should start quickly."
Master Zhou Shan said to Zhou Fugui that he would split the overlord gun into three sections again and put it in the package. He never liked himself. Zhou Fugui was too smelly and had never had a good face.
"Then we’ll start."
Zhou Fugui is not a slow-witted person. He nods that he wishes his father would return to Hangzhou early.
Master Zhou Shan finished the door of the house and set off. His clothes were wrapped by the driver Ye Qiu, who helped him hold the overlord gun, and the master personally carried it.
At this early stage, most people in the town are still asleep, and no one knows that there are some great visitors in the town.
When the sun rises to shoot the first ray of light, Ye Qiu, the dragon and dragonfly of Zhoushan Zhou Fugui, has arrived in the town, and the limited edition BMW 7 car leaves Yuquan Town quickly and smoothly and enters the county seat. Chapter 6 Before the war, it was quiet.
"Zhouyi know this thing? When Masato comes, he must be psychologically prepared! "
The master got off the bus, but it was the last position by car. His eyes closed slightly, and he seemed to recuperate and practice slowly.
"Well, I was in a hurry last night and I haven’t informed Zhouyi that I was talking immediately."
Zhou Fugui said
The rising sun has not yet risen, but there is a red glow on the horizon. Obviously, it is a fine day today, and the weather in Hangzhou has turned fine after several days of continuous spring rain.
Zhouyi and Kexin Yu hugged each other and slept in the bed, warming each other’s bodies.
Zhouyi woke up at six o’clock. He wanted Kexin Yu to sleep a little longer, and then he gently held Kexin Yu in his hand and prepared to get up.
"Zhouyi, are you up so early?"
Didn’t expect Kexin Yu also woke up Zhouyi move she asked.
"Well, I’m going out to practice boxing."
Zhouyi replied