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Here, the five colors of green, red, yellow, white and black are just in line with the number of five elements.

Looking around the four fields and the right eye, the detection wave automatically runs everywhere, and the detection analysis is given, which surprises Lu Li greatly.
It turns out that all the flowers and trees here have become fine and have magical mobility.
When Lu Li first entered Zizhulin and found the first refiner material, she finally entered here.
At that time, Lu Li didn’t understand alchemy and didn’t know that it was actually a medicinal material.
Now I know the situation from the five elements alchemy. These flowers and trees are extremely rare alchemy medicinal materials, which can refine quite precious elixir.
In addition, Lu Li also found that there are many extremely precious fairy herbs in these flowers and trees, such as Rouzhi, Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, Zhu Guo, nine-leaf cymbidium and so on
Among them, the most surprising thing is that in addition to the colorful fairy fruit swallowed by the pre-magic pearl, there is also a purple humanoid meat cheese that is quite far away from the whole body, and there is a light coming from the aura convergence head, which is very mysterious.
At the moment, the purple humanoid meat cheese is moving rapidly to avoid landing and to pursue the detection wave, as if feeling the danger coming.
Lu Li is a little curious, and the frequency of detection waves keeps rising. This purple humanoid meat cheese has a contest.
At first, Lu Li was able to lock the trace of humanoid meat cheese, but later, the frequency of humanoid meat cheese changed constantly, which made the frequency method of Lu Li detection wave finally lose the trace of humanoid meat cheese.
I was shocked by this, but I didn’t care because he was hiding here and would never leave.
As far as Lu Li knows, such a huge humanoid meat cheese has a life span of at least 10,000 years and has been refined into essence.
If you can upgrade it yourself, you will be able to upgrade it greatly.
Of course, it’s not easy to walk away from each other, and you’re not in a hurry to walk slowly into the flowers and pay close attention to the scenery here
Suddenly, I stopped and my face was surprised. It turned out that there was a large array of five elements here, which was unexpected before.
Looking around and thinking about this place secretly, it is already very difficult to get in, and now there are other ways to guard it. What is this place and what secrets are hidden?
Did Taikoo Men pay no attention to such a key?
They don’t know or they don’t want to go near?
Or is there another reason?
In meditation, he has a lot of experience in thinking about breaking the array, but he is somewhat uncertain about the array for the first time.
Then, the talented people know that the five elements have no experience but dare to try.
Chapter seventy-nine Refining panacea
After repeated analysis, I finally figured out some eyebrows and came to the center of this natural cave, where I found a stone array.
This stone array occupies a large area, about hundreds of Fiona Fang, and some of the arrays are a serial array.
Lu Li did not approach rashly, but carefully observed and sent out detection waves for analysis.
It was Lu Li who didn’t think that he sent out a detection wave and disappeared as soon as he entered the Stonehenge. There was no response.
I tried several times and finally had to choose to give up, twist my head and look around and think about things.
After a long time, the mysterious method of the evocative body method runs at the same time, and the five elements of the gods absorb the aura around them.
At that time, the strong five-element aura swarmed around the land and was absorbed by him.
Take a cool smile out of your arms and carefully study the alchemy inside. I plan to find a more suitable alchemy method from it.
After analysis, it is found that most of the refining of Dan medicine in the five elements alchemy needs a furnace tripod, and only a small part can be directly refined by the five elements, but the efficacy is not very good
After thinking about it for a while, I decided to refine a wooden magic pill. One is to practice hands, and the other is that this wooden magic pill can be promoted to my fellow brothers and sisters. It is killing two birds with one stone.
I made up my mind to find the raw materials needed for medicinal materials, which are all available here and have absorbed the five elements of aura all the year round. The alchemy is ten times better than ordinary medicinal materials
At present, Lu Lixiu is extremely amazing. Although these medicinal materials have magical power, they can’t escape from the palm of their hands. Soon, he collected the materials and tried to make an alchemy.
The refining method of Mulindan is relatively simple, mainly because the key to the combination of Yimu God and Vulcan God lies in the balance of temperature.
Lu Li first sorted out a train of thought, and then the whole process of alchemy was cautious. Although it was the first refining, it was smooth from beginning to end because of his profound study.