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This mountain is an excellent ambush site that Surdak found. Although the mountain is steep and abnormal, there are two feet that can firmly trample on the rock bumps. He can turn around and fight with mantis.

For paladins with shields, the assassin-like Warcraft of Hell Mantis needs to know them well, and their bones and sickles can break through that shield with sacred breath.
Surdak looked at the body of mantis in hell in a deep stream with some regret. There are still a lot of precious materials in this third-class body of Warcraft in the hell world, especially two bone sickles. It is definitely a good bone weapon. If it can be brought back to Mukuso City, it will definitely be the nobles in the city vying for the collection.
Surdak found that his fighting capacity had increased significantly after his physical strength and spirit recovered fully.
Especially some time ago, I saw the song Philo’s ancestors’ notes on broadsword. When he was lying in a cane chair and reading the notes carefully, he didn’t find anything brilliant in the notes, but when he was struggling alone, he found that those broadsword skills were really clever.
Philo, the ancestor of that song, emphasized the battlefield’s grasp of opportunity.
Surdak’s advantage lures the hell mantis to pounce from behind him. When the hell mantis feels that he can make a fatal blow, he will block the mantis’s fatal blow when his vigilance is swallowed up by greed. Before it can dodge, it will stab with a sword and raise its arm again to sweep the head of the hell mantis.
This kind of gambling is the same as fighting. If Surdak misses this blow, he will immediately fall into danger. Maybe his arm will be twisted by a bone sickle at close range.
Surdak killed seventeen hell mantis in this mountain, and was almost dragged into the deep stream by hell mantis three times.
However, the more this kind of battlefield killing, the more he seems to exude a faint murderous look. When Surdak himself didn’t realize it, he didn’t come as scheduled until the tenth mantis appeared on the top of the mountain, but looked at him and screamed a few times. Then Zhang Feiyi flew away from the top of the mountain and never looked back. Surdak finally took a long breath.
It took Suldak half a month to walk out of the neutral zone of the seventh district along the ridge of Heishiling.
Along the way, he tried to summon ogres Gulitlem, Andrew and Samira with magic flares, but there was no response.
Walking out of the edge of Heishiling, where nothing grows, I finally saw some sparse bushes.
Some of the ground is covered with purple moss, which grows some yellow flowers. Stepping on it is like stepping on fat boots, and the surface is covered with purple juice.
Surdak looked back and looked behind him. There were still a few hidden in the gap in the mountain wall. The mantis that followed all the way to hell was the last part. They all lost the courage to shoot.
Surdak just pulled out a magic box from the magic pocket to put the last few hell mantis heads in the waist bag into the magic box.
Then I carefully identified a map and continued to move toward the northeast of the seventh district.
There are no tall trees growing in this land, there are some low bushes everywhere, and there are some plants growing in hell. The most common ones are purple moss and blood thistle.
It seems that Aphrodite said that this kind of blood thistle belongs to a magic grass, which has a mild hallucinogenic effect and is often addictive.
The land here is dark and has a faint luster. Those places where this purple moss grows are polluted by magic gas, and the vegetation dies before it grows in this environment. It is said that this purple moss can grow even if it is covered with snow and frozen soil.
There are puddles with different depths everywhere. These puddles are different in depth, and the depth of the puddle is not judged by the size of the puddle. Sometimes it is the size of a washbasin. When you step into it, your whole thigh can sink in. Sometimes a pond of water also drowns your ankle.
The wilderness is also full of dangers.
In particular, some red bugs rolled in the pond with Surdak boots, which seemed to want to bite through the salamander leather boots.
In this area, Surdak has met an oil-green swamp poisonous frog more than once. This swamp poisonous frog has fine red spots on its abdomen and three black stripes on its back. It is more than one meter long and its hind legs stretch almost two meters long.
They usually hide in swamps and puddles and stick their heads out of the water when they hunt.
However, it is obvious that their recipes are not human. Suldak walked all the way through this swamp and was not attacked by these swamp poisonous frogs.
When Surdak was sitting on the edge of the bush to rest, he just saw the egret fall more than one meter high in the swamp ahead. The long bird legs stepped on the swamp puddle and pecked at the red bug in the puddle. Its posture was so dexterous.
Just as it stepped into a small puddle, a big green mouth suddenly appeared in the puddle, which wrapped the slender long legs of the egret and swallowed it half-length.
Egrets react very quickly, flapping their wings and trying to fly into the sky.
It’s a swamp poisonous frog, but it closes its mouth and crouches next to the swamp puddle. Its big mouth and throat are constantly stirred up, and the egret that keeps flapping its wings and struggling is swallowed alive, and then it plunges into the swamp puddle and disappears.
Surdak thought that he had just come from that puddle, and the poisonous frog in such a big swamp actually didn’t notice it …
Just as Surdak was about to get up and move on, he suddenly found that the inferno scout team appeared on the swamp horizon, and Surdak quickly hid in the nearby bushes.
After waiting for a long time, a team of inferno soldiers led by hellhound came from the swamp from north to south. There were six inferno soldiers in this team. There were two double-headed hellhound teams in the back, followed by two people who kept throwing fireballs and a round meat ball. Only a few tentacles hung down from the meat ball. This meat ball floated like this, and there was a huge eye pupil in the center right in front.
Six inferno fighters were dressed in black armor, and their faces were all dark gray, with two demon horns on their heads. Although they also had eyes, nose, mouth and ears, they looked like a mask with a pair of very short meat wings behind them.
They all smell black, two-headed hellhounds, and they keep shaking their heads and running back and forth around them.
The six demon scouts didn’t talk all the way, but the two Ge Ge kept chattering all the way. The floating eyeballs behind them stopped every time they walked, and their eyes released a bunch of pale light beams and scanned their body center for 360 degrees.
Surdak hid his body in the bushes and waited motionless for the team of inferno scouts to walk past. They found some blood thistles along the way, and several inferno scouts stopped to collect them.
Look, they haven’t gone far. Surdak has been hiding in the bushes.
This inferno scout team didn’t walk into the south side of Heishiling, and collected some blood from the edge of Heishiling. Everywhere the one-eyed thistle kept rotating and scanning around like a radar.
Surdak wants to know more about the inferno soldiers on the battlefield and follows them at a distance.
Follow them all the way along the edge of Heishiling until it gets dark. The inferno scout team camped on the edge of Heishiling.
In the inferno scout squad, an inferno warrior patrolled around the campsite with two hellhounds, and the round eyeball did not rest, so the campsite kept rotating and scanning around.
Surdak intends to sneak up to the night inferno scout, looking for an opportunity to arrest him and see if he can get some information.
He wanted to get closer and try to make some strange noises to draw the inferno scout away so that it would be convenient to fight.
He touched it in the night, and every time the evil eye scanned it, he would lie down to avoid its sight.
It’s even harder to walk in the swamp at night on sticky purple moss. He followed two hellhound inferno scouts behind him.
Surdak accidentally stepped into a small puddle while staring at the inferno scout in front.
"pa Ji" is a splash.
One hellhound seems to have found something and suddenly broke free from the rope in the hands of the inferno scouts and came in the direction of Surdak. Another hellhound also suddenly followed from behind.
Surdak quickly away from the inferno scouts temporary camp.
Shit, it’s been discovered …’
Helhounds run very fast. They seem to be stronger than Helhounds seen on Surdak Gambu plane and Maca plane.
At the front, the hellhound came from behind, and when its huge paw was about to take Surdak’s shoulder, its two heads actually spewed out two magic bullets, one red and one dark.
Surdak was forced to stop and turn around to block the shield.
In the fireball, the shield burst, but the dark ball of light emerged, and the light melted rapidly.
Hellcat claws and shields stab at the edge, and two blood basins bite at Surdak’s neck.
Surdak hid his head low behind the shield and recited a string of runes.
This is the shortest spell in the runic language, the simplest magic pattern array, and the magic broadsword suddenly appears with a touch of light. Surdak waved his sword and cut it along the edge of the shield to the hellhound, and two dog heads came out.
The vicious hellhound tried to dodge with its head tilted, but Sudak’s broadsword suddenly exploded and the half-foot long sword awn just cut off the vicious hellhound’s half neck.
The hellhound whimpered and fell down, and two skulls, faces and throats kept spewing purple blood outward.
Surdak rushed to hell before he could catch his breath, and the vicious dog bit him in the thigh.
Shield strike’