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When Gao Kai appeared on the screen, Ye Han somehow opened his mouth and poured out bitter water. "I almost didn’t see you when I was old!"

Gao Kai was dumbfounded. "It’s not you. What’s wrong with this?"
Yip hon immediately embellished the rescue operation, saying that the main structure was based on facts, but the key details of the spring and autumn brushwork were somewhat exaggerated, but they were definitely not divorced from reality, and they always magnified the difficult situation of demoting troops and highlighted the difficulty of rescuing multinational forces.
The unreasonable demands of the multinational forces should also be the focus of the statement. However, although Yip Han is not politically sensitive, he is not stupid enough to complain directly to the intermediate level. Making it clear that the difficulty is equivalent to stumbling and explaining it. Even if William finds the head to complain, can he still face outsiders?
Gao Kai listened and nodded. When the conflict broke out between Yip hon and William, Duan Zhiyang had already been vaccinated here, and now he has got Yip hon’s mouth. It makes sense no matter where he is.
Yip hon finally concluded, "the rescue operation means that we can change people for them, and one for another. It’s more than that. After we make a big loss, we can’t do this business anyway."
Gao Kai said, "I’ll report this to you. If the boss gives you another order, I’ll help you block it, but I may not be able to block it."
"Let’s get down to business." Yip Han waved. "Any news about intercepting the fleet?"
"Which have so quick results? Still playing, "Gao Kai said.
Yip hon was very surprised and carefully recalled a "three o’clock in the afternoon the day before yesterday. It’s almost forty hours now, right? Why haven’t the results come out yet? "
Gao Kai was silent for a moment. "It should be soon."
"There is always a bulletin without the grand, right? There is always a situation where you haven’t notified the details? "
Gao Kai said slowly, "I don’t know the situation and I can’t judge subjectively."
Yip hon zheng reluctantly nodded "I don’t forget to let me know if there is any news."
Gao Kai didn’t say it directly, but the meaning was very clear. He didn’t intercept the fleet, but if everything is all right, he will beat around the bush and refuse to say it directly.
Yip hon believes that if he and Gao Kai communicate privately instead of in public, Gao Kai’s answer on the bridge will definitely not be so hidden.
At the end of the communication, the bridge fell into silence, almost silent
After a long time, Yip Han took a deep breath. "Old Duan arranged a place for me. I’m going to sleep for a while. Call me when you hear anything."
"Good" Duan Zhiyang promised to persuade Yip hon to say a few words, but he himself is utterly confused. How can he guide others?
Yip hon Duan Zhiyang from the bridge looked around the bridge sternly. "Listen to me clearly. There is no news about intercepting the fleet. Do you understand?"
"white!" The bridge officers answered neatly.
Everyone has a little speculation in their hearts, but it was just speculation, but now speculation has gradually turned into panic
Duan Zhiyang knows this very well, and he can’t expect everyone not to think about it. Don’t say anything before the bridge officers keep their mouths shut.
Yip hon ate something at random after leaving the bridge and returned to the dormitory to get into the sleeping bag and force himself to sleep.
But he has something hidden in his heart, and his mind is in a mess, and his body is very tired, but he can’t sleep. I don’t know how long it took to lie down before he fell asleep.
At 14 o’clock in the afternoon, Xu Yehan was awakened by the vibration of the wrist brain. The wrist brain screen showed Duan Zhiyang’s communication request.
Yip hon a clever wake up quickly answer the phone "hello!"
"Old leaves intercept fleet has news" Duan Zhiyang sound unprecedented heavy.
Ye Hanxin sank. "How do you say?"
Duan Zhiyang shook his head. "The interception fleet is gone."
Yip hon heart continue to sink "alien fleet? What about the alien fleet? "
"knot?" Yip hon glanced at it. "When will the news arrive?"
"Just arrived for a minute or so."
"Got it," Yip Han immediately climbed out of his sleeping bag. "I’ll be right there!"
Rushing to the bridge, Yip Han saw Duan Zhiyang and asked, "No news yet?"
Duan Zhiyang shook his head with a wry smile. "No" How many seconds does it take from the dormitory to the bridge? It happened that the news arrived in such a hurry? What a coincidence?
Yip hon sighed. "Now it depends on how the alien fleet chooses."
"That’s what I said to Commander Gao."
"Is there any new trend in the main force?" Ye hanwen
"There is a main force to speed up the pursuit and put pressure on aliens," Duan Zhiyang said
Yip hon stared at the main screen in a depressed mood and muttered, "I hope the pursuit has an effect … didn’t you give us anything by the way?"
"Not yet …"
Yip hon suddenly remembered what "the old news was sent by Nanzhou?"
"Beidu sent an official message?"
"Get me the Nanzhou!" Yip hon suddenly excited.
Interception of the fleet message back to Earth and then to Jupiter will take ten minutes at least, and it will take more than half an hour for the Earth to process and analyze the message after receiving it.