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I left Xiaosi standing there for a long time, only to come here in vain. I can’t even think about things before, and now I am in front of my eyes. There are also these magic pills. With these magic pills, my strength will definitely improve rapidly.

Great! Organized people are just different! !
But Wen Tao’s last words were a wake-up call. What he just did had to be hidden deeper.
Wentao didn’t take a taxi this time, because it was late and the subway was closed. Wentao strolled back, and it was far from the clinic, but Wentao wasn’t worried about it.
Because he happened to be thinking about something while walking.
This time, Han Yang gained a lot. Unlike Han Jinshuo, Han Jinshuo’s treasures have been destroyed by a towering giant tree, while Han Yang’s treasures are intact.
A spiritual sword and two spiritual weapons, but both of them are not flying swords, but they also have some characteristics. Wen Tao has not moved them for the time being. These rewards are given to Xiao Si, who used to have a lot of elixirs for the spiritual sword. Although there are not as many elixirs as Han Jinshuo, there is also an elixir and a dozen elixirs and a hundred elixirs.
There are also many other things, among which a set of Chinese spiritual armor worn by Han Yang made Wentao think a lot.
Like the primitive man who practiced himself overseas, he killed his body with Yuan Ying before his strength rose a punch. Now his strength has risen a lot. It is reasonable to say that it is impossible for a person to stop himself from punching at such a close distance in the later period of repose. All this is because of this spiritual armor.
Wentao can now destroy the spirit sword and have a chance to break through the spirit armor, but there is no way to face the spirit armor for the time being
Seventy percent of the strength is offset by the medium armor, so it seems that you should be stronger, otherwise the other side will build higher or wear a armor, and it will be difficult for you to kill yourself even if you succeed in melee attack.
This time, it also makes Wentao more clear that one thing is approaching, even if he is stronger, he will have the opportunity to kill another weak image. If he is not a congenital fighter, he will never have this opportunity.
Never make public when you don’t have absolute strength. Although you are stronger now than you were at the beginning, I don’t know how many times, but you should still remember that the way of doing things was low-key and low-key again.
The robbery and killing of Han Yang was a success, but it was a bit rash to think about it afterwards. If it failed, it would completely expose itself. However, Wentao is not the kind of person who is waiting for death. Since he was trapped and killed Han Jinshuo, he has been doomed to become an undead enemy in Qingcheng Mountain.
Since it is the enemy, there is not much to say. The greatest advantage of this successful robbery and killing of Han Yang is that it completely disrupts the pace of the Qingcheng Sect, making it impossible for them to organize their forces step by step to investigate again, and at the same time, it also puts pressure on them to attack them. It is difficult for them to take guerrilla tactics before they collide with them head-on, otherwise it will be as difficult as heaven to find such an opportunity once they find the door.
I haven’t thought so quietly for a long time since I left the fresh town. At this time, I walked alone and thought about these things quietly. Many things became clear, including the auction tonight.
Money doesn’t mean much to Wen Tao, but if you think about it again at this time, if it is discovered by others, won’t it expose yourself?
Once you are exposed, there are not so many good things waiting for you.
Now think about it. Although it is famous in the secular world, it is not good to play too much. After all, this kind of action is somewhat beyond the average rich man’s actions. I hope it has not caused unnecessary trouble yet.
Continuous success almost made Wentao go to his head, but after a blow without killing Han Yang, Wentao felt alert in his heart. If Han Yang were stronger, if he could not kill him instantly, he would have the ability to escape even if he did not have the ability to slay himself.
Wentao clearly knows that his strength is close to his body, and he is a blow that will kill him. In others’ eyes, it is definitely a very powerful performance to defeat a master who wears a spiritual armor in a refreshing period with one punch, but in Wentao’s view, this is a mysterious thing.
That kind of distance is what my family practiced, but it is the problem that I can’t kill it with one blow. That’s why Wentao thought of so many things alone.
And I’m not strong enough. I can’t even break through a sudden attack on the other side by a Chinese spirit armor.
After killing Han Yang, after some thinking, Wentao made a new understanding and positioning of himself.
Self-reflection In the face of continuous difficulties and difficulties, Wentao will always calm down and reflect, and when he is too excited to get carried away, Wentao will also calm down and reflect.
Today, Wentao walked back from the riverside step by step without accelerating or flying. In this process, he once again arranged and reflected on everything that happened in the recent period.
Only to find that it is hanging! ! I almost pushed myself to the edge of the cliff.
It seems that the auction needs to deal with a Qingcheng Sect. This time, it is enough for them to drink a pot. They have killed Han Liyang’s three demons, Lu Chisel Han Jinshuo, and now they have killed Han Yang, especially Han Jinshuo and Han Yang, although their seniority is not high.
However, in the Qingcheng School, it belongs to a new generation of elites, and one of them, the head of Qingcheng School and an elder, is more representative, which is definitely enough for the whole Qingcheng School to be afraid. It is estimated that they will not dare to let the younger generation out now.
This kind of thinking made Wentao re-examine himself. Since he came to the sea, he has found some skills to improve his strength. He also has a group of people around him and created a needle-forbidden technique, but at the same time he has many enemies.
When he is too excited, Wentao will cool himself down, but when he encounters setbacks, Wentao will also reflect on it and let himself have motivation.
This time, although it was only a few hours, it avoided the mistakes that were easy to make in high-speed driving and brought some things back to the track.
In this way, I walked step by step for nearly four hours before I walked back. At this time, it was already early morning, and there were already people doing morning exercises on the roadside.
Wentao strolled back to the clinic like getting up early for a walk.
"Boss …" Linglan has been respectfully waiting for Wentao to come back and see Wentao come back and devoting himself to Jianli.
Beside Linglan, Ling Yunzhi was very angry and followed him. Although he was not angry, Ling Yunzhi also had some heroism to admit that he lost the bet.
"Well" Windows nodded directly to his office.
"You wait for a while and we’ll talk."
As Wen Tao took out the communication lingshi, he had to find a Luo Tengyun first.
"Mr. Wen didn’t know you had orders?" Luo Tengyun’s respect for Wentao now is from the heart because of his son’s reasons
"Have you transferred money?"
Luo Teng said, "Mr. Wen, don’t worry about this kind of thing. We have already contacted Huang Yunshu at the first time. Now all the money has entered the account of the Disaster Relief Committee, and it will never be delayed."
Luo Teng-yun Wentao is worried that the money is not done well. Although it is huge, it is not a problem for the Luo family. The Luo family controls more than a dozen families in the world. Otherwise, how can it become the strongest agent of Shushan in the secular world?
Although I was surprised that Yu Wentao suddenly spent such a huge sum of money, Luo Tengyun didn’t think much about it. Money doesn’t mean much to fix the true.
"I’m not worried about this." Wentao didn’t beat around the bush. "I’m very relieved to have you to do this kind of thing. I’m telling you now that it’s a little big, and I don’t want anyone in the fix-up world to pay too much attention to it. You should try to make a finishing touch to downplay it."
I see. When Luo Tengyun learned that Wentao spent 6.5 billion yuan in the auction, his first thought was: Is Mr. Wen going to play the world of mortals? In his eyes, Wentao Shuxin Clinic is only famous in the downtown area. Now is it really famous to have fun? Now listen to Wen Tao, it turned out not to be.
"Please rest assured Mr. Wen that there are a lot of troubles in the secular world among the practitioners at present. They don’t pay attention to some problems in the secular world, and I will soon solve them, so that this matter will soon be forgotten." Luo Tengyun immediately promised with confidence after understanding the true meaning of Wen Tao.
In shushan, other sects don’t pay attention to the secular world. For hundreds of years, the power of shushan swordsmen in the secular world is shameful. First, these things can be quickly revealed if Luo Tengyun has this meaning.
"And the Shuxin clinic should also keep the status quo and control those media and reports."