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“! !” At dusk, the police department was surprised. They just learned that Tanaka Taro had a bad temper and felt that this brother must be angry.

However, the play is not quite what they think.
-lack of forearm support, Tanaka Taro tilted his head to the right, and his center of gravity shifted, and he fell to the ground with a wooden chair backwards.
He didn’t wake up, but just fell backwards and made no movement.
Chapter 262 Public security selling melons
Jiro Tanaka looked at the fallen body and felt a sensation in his head.
He never expected such an accident.
….. and where is the cat at home? !
The police officers were also surprised.
The nearest police department crouched down to help Tanaka Taro.
But the professional habit of seeing a person lying on the ground made his hand out of control and he felt the pulse first.
So the police department was horrified to find that the man was dead.
….. Be hit by a cat and die for a while?
No, it’s not made of tofu!
Having said that, he still can’t hide his shock and look at the black cat.
At this sight, I feel that the cat looks familiar and seems to have seen it more than once.
The black cat’s expression looks calm and there is a kind of deep fame and indifference.
The policeman next to Takagi looked at the body and looked at it again. At the moment, the cat didn’t know whether to catch it or not. Finally, he put a bass in its ear and tried to shout, "Hey, you killed someone!"
Conan was also slightly Zheng, but he reacted faster and soon thought of the dead body in the bathroom.
He went around the back of the body and grabbed the handkerchief. When he picked it up again, there was some residual blood in the handkerchief.
Conan eyes a bright "there is a wound! He should be the one who was moved here after we saw the body! "
"impossible!" The retort is Jiro Tanaka.
He came to shout, "Didn’t my brother talk to you!" But before he spoke, he suddenly realized that his younger brother, who came home after the police came, shouldn’t be so sure about such a thing.
….. And the point seems to be wrong. At this time, should I ask myself what the body in the bathtub is first?
Nervously, Jiro Tanaka tied his mind and stuck a few words in his throat.
His suspicion adds a bit of credibility to Conan’s story
Once the body is found and the case is established, everything will become simple.
Not to mention that when the cat woke up, Conan also found Jiro Tanaka carrying the body. In the video, the faces of people and bodies were clearly photographed. Unless another triplet came out, the suspicion of Jiro Tanaka could not be washed away.
Baishi didn’t get involved in the later things.
At dusk, the police department always stared at it, which made Gu Baishi feel a sense of crisis that he was going to be taken to the police station, so when the police were looking for evidence all over the house, he found a corner to lift his mask.
After returning to the body, Baishi looked at it and almost went to eat.
After dinner, Baishi came home and habitually pressed the bright screen to find a sign in the right corner.
Someone sent a message to organize a special plane.
Take out your mobile phone and see that there are emails that have not been received by Anyitong.
An Anshi came to wake up every three or five times and asked Baishi to check his mobile phone because he almost didn’t get through when he called Song Tian dialect.
However, it was later discovered that Gin had never been suspicious of Song Tian, and he gradually stopped.
The reason, of course, makes An Shitou very aware that Gin’s suspicion of him will be visible to the naked eye when he misses the call.
Finally, it is better to explain that Song Tian is more suitable for Gin’s eyes. In addition, it seems that Song Tian, an unorganized undercover, was directly introduced by BOSS.
All the undercover agents in the organization are really miraculous, even the BOSS can fool …
Baishi heard about the new one from An Shitou.