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Goethe simply nods

"Being careful and cautious may not be able to live longer, but it is enough to make people look at each other differently-a month ago, Lester was in charge of the extraordinary official staff and two assistants, and the whole team was destroyed by three people!"
"The last mark of their log is’ Murderer in the Fog’!"
"and that place where the’ fog kill’ will appear is tonight’s Garden club!"
Morey said Goethe but a frown.
Goethe speculated that the former official in charge of extraordinary personnel was killed.
Killing them is a "murderer in the fog", and Goethe can also speculate.
It’s understandable that the’ murderer in the fog’ appears in the Garden Club.
But he didn’t understand why Morey was so sure that’ Murderer in the Fog’ would appear at the Garden Club tonight.
It seems that Goethe doubts that Morema gives the answer.
Goethe Zheng
This is the answer that he never thought of.
Divination is so omnipotent?
If so, why don’t you just find the’ killer in the fog’?
Why bother?
"Divination is not everything, especially the divination results need to be interpreted by very professionals-if it weren’t for the’ fog killer’ who killed Allen Crowley and his two assistants, the master wouldn’t have done it."
Morema explained.
I don’t know about the extraordinary power. Goethe nodded his head. Although I am more eager for this power in my heart, Goethe knows that it is not the best time to ask questions.
So he continued to ask, "What about my family? What happened to them? "
Morey looked serious.
"that’s what I want to tell you!"
"Goethe Wayne’ Wayne’ shouldn’t be your surname. Your real surname should be … Modus!"
"Goethe Modus!"
"Of course, you are a little strange to this surname. You should have heard of it if it is changed to an ordinary person’s understanding surname-"
Morey gave a last name.
"The one who branded the coins?"
Goethe one leng.
When he read the words "Witch Blessing", he naturally knew that Goethe had the blood that was not generally called "mad king", but he never thought that "mad king" turned out to be George I.
"To the brand coin, the creator of Tess, the guardian of the Magar Islands, the dragon, the blessed by the demon, the invincible knight, George I"
Morey said in an unusually respectful tone
"So I am also a royal family?"
Goethe joked.
It’s not really a joke, but a cover-up
Cover up one’s uneasiness.
Goethe clearly remembers that according to the witch’s blessing, he should be the one who married the blood of the mad king, and if George I and the mad king are the same person, what is the current royal family?
Or green oil?