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Put away the eye of the sky and fly the rainbow sword. Swallow asked with a smug smile, "How am I good?"

Yunyang praised "awesome, awesome"
Swallow’s son took a charming look at Yunyang with great joy and then turned his eyes to the black shadow and asked, "Who the hell are you to be so secretive here?"
The shadow slowly turned to reveal a pale face and looked vicious. "Damn little girl, I didn’t expect you to break the ghost array that I have been practicing hard for many years. I want you to be dead."
Swallow son to avoid the man’s eyes grunted "ghosts also dare to this licentious"
The shadow is short of breath and roars, and then it swoops down, while the fingers are slender and the nails are long, giving people a sense of terror.
Swallow’s son sneers at a jade hand and flips the flying rainbow sword, rolls up dozens of sword flowers and sends out hundreds of swords. A sword shield is formed in front of him to meet the shadow blow.
It’s time for the two sides to meet on the offensive, and the black shadow hands and fingers send out ten dark beams, which just hit Swallow’s sword shield and will shatter immediately.
Swallow son some unexpected body flash and move to avoid the blow after the rapid exhibition attack sharp sword shadow.
Swallow son, she is a parent who is proficient in several methods.
She couldn’t repair a lot before, and she couldn’t exert her power.
But since she recovered from her illness, she has made great progress and gained some practical experience after several battles. The whole person can be described as a thoroughly remoulded person and has already entered the ranks of top experts.
At this time, she faced this unknown shadow, although she didn’t know the depth of the other side, but she was as afraid as she was just improvising.
On the other hand, in the shadow, his offensive is diabolical and gloomy, and one move is not fatal, but he can’t swallow it.
Yunyang stood still and watched silently.
I’m curious about the origin of the shadow. Who is this person? I want to claim to be the ghost statue of Lin Gui.
In terms of shadow strength, he is indeed a rare master.
But there seems to be something missing from this alone.
It seems unusual for such a person to say that he is the guardian of the ghost forest.
In the field, the shadow roars endlessly. He has never hurt Swallow’s son for more than a dozen strokes in a row. His mood has become more manic, his moves have become more and more vicious, and his power has become more and more amazing.
Swallow’s son is under strong pressure to concentrate on the enemy. With her spirit, a sacred force rises in her body, which makes her instantaneous strength surge and suppress the shadow attack at one stroke.
Have this swallow son has been puzzled.
This happened to her before when she met a double-headed silver wolf.
But at the most critical moment, the two-headed silver wolf suddenly left
Now this situation appears again. What is this?
To be honest, swallow son has a body.
There is a holy power hidden in her innate holy spirit body, and it will burst out and gradually transform into her transportable power only when the evil force is strongly oppressed.
Eye shadow strength amazing triggered swallow son body divine power.
But at this time, the shadow power is still short of some forces that can trigger the change of Yanfei’s son and detonate Yanfei’s body, so that Yanfei’s son can be transformed into a controllable force.
At present, swallow son root can’t control that force.
You have to wait until you are in danger or encounter extreme evil forces, and that force will emerge spontaneously.
This person learned that even swallow herself or her parents and master didn’t know the secret of her body.
Yunyang saw a clue, but he didn’t understand what was going on and could pay attention to it secretly.
Aware of the change of swallow’s shadow, he was surprised and angry, and after three strokes failed in a row, he suddenly became interested.