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Light through the crack of the door faintly visible outside a tall and short two figures.

After thinking about it, he pulled the door.
"Crunch …"
The dim night can only be vaguely seen as an old man with a wrinkled face and a vicissitudes of life, but a girl in her early teens.
Look, dressing up is just an ordinary family.
Zhou Yi frowned and wondered.
"How did you come to the mountain in the middle of the night?"
Maiden brittle mouth
"We met the wicked and had to flee to the mountains. We lost our way and hoped that Uncle would take us in for one night."
"We’ll go inside when it’s dawn!"
"This is no problem." Zhou Yi smiled and moved his body.
"You come in."
He turned to light the lamp, lit the stove to boil hot water, and took two patties and baked them in the stove.
"It seems that you should be hungry, too. I have nothing to wait for here. Just have a bite of cake with hot water. It’s not easy to go out."
"Thank you, little brother." The old man’s face is full of gratitude.
"When we get to the mountain, there will be a good reward."
Zhou Yi shook his head over his mouth and yawned.
"I don’t have much room here. You can wrap yourself in a blanket in the corner for the night. It’s getting late, so I’ll go to rest first."
The "please" old man looked excited.
"Little brother is really a good man."
"LaoZhang polite" Zhou Yi went to the back room with a wave and an oil lamp in hand, and soon there was gentle breathing.
Two people outside glances.
The girl picked up the meat pie, sniffed it and nodded her head.
"No problem"
"Better be careful." Laozhang grabbed the meat pie and put it back in place.
"guard against people’s hearts"
"You are too careful." The girl shook her head and looked around and said slowly.
"The thatched cottage here has been built for less than a year, and the decoration in the house often makes that person’s skin rough, which is suspected by the villagers."
"Mountain people?" The old man squinted at the wall and hung a complete tiger skin.
"Ordinary mountain people can’t hunt this kind of thing!"
"That’s some martial arts mountain people." The girl shrugged and found a mink hanging on her shoulder and touched the smooth fur and laughed.
"It’s naturally impossible to settle down in a place like this, but can he still escape grandpa’s eyes if his martial arts are not high?"
The old man nodded
"That man’s skin is flabby and his texture is rough. Unless he repairs the extremely hard work back to the original state, the repair will not be high."
"More refined dirty …"
"Probably a novice fighter."
It’s almost a congenital master. Just now, young people naturally can’t be congenital.
Just then, the girl’s beautiful eyes shrank and her hands touched the ground, and her eyes flashed.
"It’s blood." The old man came along with the same somberly look.
"And it should take less than three hours for people to die of blood."
The old man is nicknamed Eagle-Eye Detective. Looking at the whole Liang State, he can also be discharged into the top three. Naturally, his words can’t be false.
"Surprisingly …" The girl was transformed.
"That uncle’s face is simple and honest, and he is also a ruthless generation."
"A judge by his appearance" old man’s mouth
"But it may not be that when he did this, there were many outsiders in the mountains, and sometimes killing people is not necessarily evil."
He has a deep voice and seems to have many feelings.
The girl laughed
"Grandpa, you are a well-known catching head. If you are heard by those people, you will even make trouble to the town prison department."
"I’m not a catcher anymore." The old man’s eyebrows drooped slightly.
"When this thing is over, I will support my old age in my hometown."
"Don’t say that." The girl’s voice was full of anxiety