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"good! Then you might as well walk and watch us go! "

Flow a malicious words hierarch took the lead in getting up and stepping out of the room. A bunch of Moroccans and others looked at each other and stared at Wei Ya bitterly, then hurriedly left behind the hierarch.
Watching these athel Loren leave, the leader hung his heart, but he didn’t put it at all. He turned to Wei Ya and said
"Mr. Long, do you think they will let it go?"
Wei Ya touch the evenly said
"I don’t know others but the leader’s adult! It is only a matter of time before it is so easy to give up and make a comeback. "
Real swords and spears kill the leading boss, who is not afraid, but he really dare not provoke the smell speech and said in panic.
"well! What can I do? "
Ha ha a smile Wei Ya patted his shoulder and said
"Ha ha, don’t worry. I guess the leader is more concerned about my situation now. It is estimated that he won’t remember it for a while because of your southern Anhui gang."
Wei Ya was absolutely right. At this time, the leader’s adult had already thrown the southern Anhui gang out of the cloud nine. His attention was focused on Wei Ya, a half-way guy who returned to the altar regardless of his family’s doubts. The leader announced that he would close for three days and went directly into the secret room, cutting off communication with the outside world.
"Hua! Hua! Hey! "
The impact of bamboo sticks on the bucket has never stopped, and as time goes by, the leader’s face becomes more and more ugly.
"F * * king! How can you not figure out his origin? "
Calculations and predictions can be said to be based on the fact that the divinity sticks make a living. The master’s adult’s attainments and doubts in these two aspects have reached a state of perfection, but today there are some unexpected problems. Not only can he not calculate Wei Ya’s fortunes and sorrows, but even the most confident lottery has failed. Almost every time he asks for a visa, the result is the opposite.
How rich and expensive! Dreadwind Lone Star! Ziwei entered the life! Young and young! Split the peach and break the sleeve! Centennial infatuation!
If Wei Ya was born with such a confused fate, he should have reported it to Yan Laowu a long time ago. He was born as a wrong leader, and there is a possibility that this bastard’s secret method reverses Yin and Yang, making all other predictions invalid.
"Is this person my destiny takes a hand opponent?"
At this time, the leader’s heart is full of doubts. He is very suspicious that Wei Ya is the enemy of his own destiny in the prophecy. However, from the current point of view, Wei Ya’s conflict with Moro is far from being at odds. It seems that someone is not the kind of bloody idiot who pretends to be just and bent on punishing all evil forces in the world.
After calmly thinking, the leader shook his head and expelled this absurd idea from his mind. Wei Ya was at best an opponent and an enemy, and there was really no need to spell out a life-and-death reason.
No matter what you do, you are bound to succeed. Why should this prediction and calculation fail? Thought of here, the leader suddenly felt a twitch in his heart. Did he lose his god’s care?
"Hey, big guy, what are you messing around with?"
Xu keer cocked his head and stared curiously at the simple altar, dressed in linen and painted with colorful pigments. Wei Ya seemed to want to understand what Wei Ya was singing. He was so absorbed in the ceremony that he ignored Xu keer’s meaning that it was not until more than an hour later that he took a long breath and walked slowly to the altar with a tired look on his face.
Conveniently tied to the forehead linen Wei Ya took Yin Qianhui handed me a towel and wiped the paint on her face and body and said
"Come on, what do you want to know?"
Xu Kerr leaned in to examine and identify Wei Ya’s paintings on targeting top and body symbols, looked up and said
"What the hell are you doing the plane? Jumping to the gods? Please end the male? Still playing god? "
Throw towel Wei Ya said frankly.
"It also says that you can’t even know this by reversing yin and yang through witchcraft!"
Xu Chloe where stand this kind of being despised said grumpily.
"Slice! The somebody else but serious factions brother don’t like you what bezoar Ma Bao all understand "
Wei Ya, who has never felt inferior because of his family background, said with a brilliant smile
"Never mind what route management is the most important thing. I think the leader’s adult must be feeling a headache now! What do you think he will think? "
Xu Chloe blinked and rubbed her delicate nose and said
"I’m afraid I will be more crazy! It is strange that a cult like him is crazy and does not go to extremes! "
"Impossible, I am a god voter and the best person in the world. How can there be things I don’t know? Bang! Hey! "
In the secret room, a scream echoed with the broken objects.
In fact, as Xu Keer expected, the leader’s adult has fallen into an unprecedented extreme madness. In the leader’s consciousness, only he is the god’s voter and the god’s choice to shepherd the world. Everyone else, regardless of the virtuous, stupid and noble, is just a lamb.
The deep-rooted superiority makes the leader full of confidence in himself. Now the situation has changed in other ways. The leader’s adult is like being slapped twice in the face.
"God! Are you going to leave me, too? Impossible, impossible, my fate is in my own hands, my life is not up to me! Ha ha ha ha "
Crab wishes the majority of bachelors a happy holiday, and here is one more chapter! 55555 (tears rush by)
Volume VII World Expo Volume I Undercurrent Turbulent
After the most pleasant spring of the year, the seaside entered the hot and humid midsummer season.
At this time, the World Expo hosted by Binhai has entered the final sprint preparation stage, and posters and slogans can be seen everywhere in the streets, striving to create a prosperous and festive atmosphere.
After the unsuccessful negotiations of the Southern Anhui Gang, it has been edgy and aggressive. The aspect of the Dharma religion in Jiashan suddenly calmed down unexpectedly. It seems that many quarrels have never been born before. Although this result is surprising, in any case, life has to continue to remove a few people who are willing to keep the dynamic of the Dharma religion, and everything else seems to be back to the original track.
After a few crisp buttons, the apartment door hit the bag, and Yin Qianhui and Xu Keer came into the room in tandem.
Is sitting in the sand reading something Wei Ya smell looked up and casually say "hello".
"Keer Qianhui is back from school!"
Today, Xu Keer is in high spirits. Things in his hand are about to go to the bathroom. Suddenly, he noticed Wei Ya’s uncertain face and asked.
"hey! How come you look so ugly after just going to Hualian? "
Reading this thing obviously gave Wei Ya a lot of stimulation. His expression was somewhat distorted and he turned his head and said
"Hum! I look good after seeing this thing? Look at this. "
Wei Ya handed over a red tape, and immediately Xu Chloe took a look and said in surprise
"Hualian notice? Don’t sell it, just say what’s inside! "
Cold hum a Wei Ya said matter-of-factly
"Get rid of those red tape articles. The core of this document is to ensure that the World Expo will be held smoothly in Binhai. Hualian earnestly hopes that all people and monsters in the region will pay attention to their daily routine. This is all right. The most irritating thing is the appendix at the back. What do you mean by fully showing the spirit of humility of the host and not making guests unhappy? It’s pure m bullshit. "
Xu Kerr took a confused glance at the file in his hand and said
"That’s it? Does Yu make you so angry? "
Suppressed a belly anger Wei Ya smiled got said