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Just now, when he came back, he had cleaned up the traces.

"Is this Yinshan Ghost King really a fairy? I don’t think even the earth fairy has such power? " Zhu guang asked.
"If he is a fairy, we can’t escape." Li Li looked dignified.
He had previously heard that Lingqing had beheaded a ghost king incarnate in Yinshan, and he thought that the ghost king in Yinshan was so much.
Several other disciples can fight even if they are defeated.
But I didn’t know I was delusional until I saw it.
"It seems that the size is exaggerated enough, even if the state is not high, this strength is also very tough." Lingqing sighed
He could clearly feel that the ghost king of Yinshan did not take that step.
The immortal is also a god in the world.
A statue of a fairy is where everything around the node of heaven and earth is naturally under its control.
The ghost king of Yinshan hasn’t come to this point yet, otherwise, he won’t be able to display his skills at all.
He is so strong because of his huge size.
It has been said before that except for some special circumstances, the size of living things will be limited by the realm
The theory of spiritual youth in fairyland is that he practices or his powers are much stronger than the average fairy peak.
However, no matter how hard he works, the method he gathers will not exceed a thousand feet high.
The inscrutable Yinshan Mountain, which stretches for tens of thousands of miles, is the ghost king body of Yinshan Mountain.
With such a large size, it is a great disaster for him to just move.
It is no wonder that he can break the underworld.
"It seems that even if Brother Tao wants to drop him, it’s not easy." Li Li rubbed his chin and beard.
"Lack of realm is his greatest disadvantage," Zhu Guang was not worried. "He is strong. If he can’t beat his senior brother in a short time, he will be defeated."
"It is this" Lingqing nodded.
It’s not that we can’t suppress the strong enemy Lingqing and others across the border. In fact, it’s handy to do such a thing.
At the beginning, when he first entered Tsukiji, he dropped the tree demon grandmother by law and prohibition, and later he killed the five ghost kings and tens of thousands of ghost soldiers by array diagram.
However, whether to drop the tree demon grandma or slay the Five Ghosts King ended the battle in a short time.
At the beginning, if the King of the Five Ghosts could delay the situation until the day was short, it would be a ghost eating soul to wait for Lingqing to help.
"Forget it, I don’t want so much now. Although I haven’t found enough cold iron for nine places, I have already found all the materials. Let’s refine the two jiepai workshops first." Li Li revealed this matter for the time being.
If there are no two archways, even if everyone wants to invite spiritual people, there is no way.
"It’s also during this period that everything in my senior brother’s refined treasure concept will be handed over to my senior brother." Lingqing prepared and Zhu Guangxian tried to refine the two jiepai workshops and then made other plans according to the situation.
"Don’t worry," Li Li nodded.
Back to the concept, Lingqing will explain things to the public and they have no objection to this.
In fact, it is not necessary to manage Xiaoqian. If they don’t accumulate merits in the mountains on weekdays, they will dive in the mountains.
There are not so many trivial things to worry about in the mountains.
So after Lingqing and Zhu Guang went to the back to find a cave to refine the treasure, Li Li took everyone to do their homework in the morning and evening.
In my spare time, I will talk about the law in public.