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Yang Ye was also shocked at this time. It was that he tried his best to create round evil blood that was so easily blocked by Si Hao and he was not hurt!

"ah! ! !” A barking came from behind Yang Ye.
That’s after Nan Rong’s illusion was overturned, he rushed over with a osteotome again! Two osteotome cross together and rotate rapidly, and the sharp osteotome blades on both sides dance with the wind like a meat grinder and rotate to Sihao.
Sihao raised his hand and his eyes were malicious. He didn’t move one by one. The other arm clenched into a fist and fiercely swung toward Nanrong Magic and he whirled the osteotome.
"Pa" one or two rotary osteotome parts are broken, and then flying in the broken knife, the parts are broken into several residual bone fragments!
And south glory illusion stay wait for a while looked at his broken arms osteotome didn’t pay attention to SiHao mend a punch again!
Close call! Yang night one side fly up a foot fierce kick south glory magic SiHao this one punch horse!
But I didn’t think he seemed to have expected it.
The arm grabbed Nan Rong’s phantom ankle, which had flown to the other side, sideways again!
"Damn bone family shrimp! !” Sihao growled and grabbed Nanrong Magic with one ankle and one arm, and quickly swung up. The Nanrong Magic body naturally rotated with a wide range!
Yang night looked impatient. The horse raised the hidden blade and stabbed it straight from one side to Sihao’s chest!
Sihao, though powerful beyond imagination, is still afraid of this hidden blade, and his heart is red and refined, but there has never been a flicker of Songnan Rong’s magic. For an instant, he has jumped out to a distance of more than ten meters, and then pulled Nanrong’s magic body back with one arm and was pulled back to Sihao like a kite!
At the same time, sihao has made a fist with the other hand and hit the south glory magic chest with a single-handed punch!
You can imagine the strength of Nan Rong’s body, which has been pulled back and thrown out, by pulling it back and then hitting it out.
At that time, it was like a heavy stone hitting a piece of glass. The bone armor in Nan Rong’s phantom chest was shattered into several dark white pieces, and they were scattered with Nan Rong’s phantom flying back and forth, like snowflakes gathered around him.
That bone armor, the bone clan, has high ability to resist all attacks, and the bone armor was smashed by Si Haoyi’s boxing!
And after this punch hit Nan Rong’s phantom chest, it actually reached his back and shattered the bone armor at the scapula of his back!
Leaning back, Nan Rong Huan flew out and his limbs were no longer under control. After that, he hung in the middle with the trajectory of flying and falling.
"South glory illusion! !” Yang night was shocked. He didn’t expect Sihao to be able to hide himself for a moment and stab himself in the past. He didn’t expect to see such a tragic scene next!
Shouting Yang night felt that his chest was completely cold and his heart stopped beating. He took one look at the horse and jumped at Nan Rong. His face turned white and his eyes were as red as blood.
"Shua" a figure came from one side and blocked Yang night.
"Where to go? You and I have just played the game. "Lord Sihao smiled gently and stretched his arms slightly to float straight in front of Yang night.
"get out!" Yang night growled shot eyes are red.
"Angry? Then you kill me. "Lord Sihao smiled contemptuously and showed his arms to block the way.
Nan Rong’s phantom body has poured blood out of his mouth, and he keeps falling and drawing a red blood line.
"get out! !” Yang night watching SiHao is falling in the distance behind the south glory illusion eyes turned back to SiHao face finally roar loud a hidden blade red refining this moment a bright red!
SiHao one leng when Yang night has been holding a hidden blade red refining split up a red light across speed let SiHao also surprised a struggling sideways to dodge!
But when Sihao dodged sideways, Yang Ye’s right fist was smashed. It was almost the same as when the hidden blade was hacked. This punch directly hit Sihao’s cheek and he turned his head to show blood in his mouth!
Turned sihao staring eyes some accident some anger.
But then a red light from straight to SiHao eyebrows!
But this time, the protoss sihao has been prepared. Although Yang Ye is extremely fast, it is not a threat to him. After the sideways flash, Sihao lifted a rotating leg and swept to Yang Ye!
Yang night didn’t see the Lord SiHao turned around and kicked. He felt a flurry of consciousness around him and leaned over to hide SiHao’s foot.
Bend over at the same time Yang night also worry about falling south glory magic gently twist a head to look at quickly.
Well, he saw that the floating life had jumped and flew to the other side of the south glory illusion, and the baby was also rushed forward with a face of panic, but looking at the collapse of the south glory illusion and the falling posture, Yang Ye’s heart sank and knew that the south glory illusion was now in danger.
But when Yang night closed his eyes and felt that his body broke out and straightened up, the face of the Lord Sihao had already appeared in front of him. It was near Yang night and he could feel Sihao breathing!
A voice with a smile and breath gently came to "goodbye to the red dagger"
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By the way, explain the title of a chapter. Remember that Stefanie has a song called "Green Light"? Maybe it should be called "Muyang is dying in Stefanie", hehe.
The headwind of the shadow clan is the Lord protoss sihao.
And that’s not the real headwind of the Shadow Clan, but the headwind’s ability to summon a shadow humanoid who is exactly the same as himself. This is the higher the ability of the Shadow Clan, the more shadow humanoid can be summoned to fight side by side with ten enemies and one group of people.
It’s Li’s shadow against the wind. The Millennium Lord is a little scary.
You should know that the strength of the Holy Family Floating Life and the Honghuadou Taihen Mercy Valley here has never been crossed by the lords before, and no one can tell the difference between high and low, so it is impossible for anyone to defeat them, so that the strength is neither equal nor equal.
But now there is unconsciousness. Is Ciren Valley defeated by this invisible human Lord?
If not, then at this moment, the nose and mouth are bleeding and staring at the Lord in amazement. What about fighting Tai?
The actual war situation is not yet a big fight. Thai eyes are full of contempt. Before the Lord Sihao is so rampant, some disdain is added, and it is not without fighting. There are not too many taboos in my heart.
A floating life simply discourages Honghua Doutai, but it’s a bit odd. However, I still have doubts about the strength of the Lord SiHaoke to this extent, and I don’t stop the trust of Honghua Doutai’s strength.