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Director Zhang Yanghao reacted in an instant and said civilly to Ji. At this time, he had realized that the number of this sentence was to remember the private number, and to remember the private number to call him. That said, Ji was very convinced of him and regarded him as one of his own or a confidant.

However, at this time, Zhang Yanghao still didn’t think of why Dehou was looking for himself. He remembered that he must have entrusted him to do a good job in the public security work in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, during the election.
Strictly speaking, the public security in Hangzhou this year is much better than before, because Zhou Yiji unified the underworld forces in Hangzhou, and he established a’ brotherhood alliance’ which is different from the general underworld. The’ brotherhood alliance’ is mainly engaged in gray industry, not killing and killing all day like the general underworld!
"Director Zhang, if you have time, come to my house once sometimes."
Remember words inside said slowly
"Remember to me to go to his house? What does this mean? "
Director Zhang Yanghao’s brain is a little stupid, because he is not very familiar with Hutchison. It is time to listen to Hutchison and make several reports, but it is a bit abnormal to ask him to go home now.
"Director Zhang Ma is going to elect your post, and the horse will change. From then on, your shoulders will be heavier, so I have something to say to you."
Remember to continue the words said
"Don’t Zhouyi said is true? Is this good thing coming true? " Director Zhang Yanghao’s heart beat faster.
"Remember my horse."
After Zhang Yanghao reacted, Ma Duiji said that he was vaguely aware of the turning point in his life.
"Good director zhang, when you come to my house, someone will pick you up. When you get to my house, we’ll talk about some work things in detail. I want to explain to you."
Zhang Yanghao said that Ma made a brief remark in the postscript and then hung up. Their words of these great people are always less than the average person, giving people an inscrutable feeling.
"Zhouyi news is well-informed to Zhou officialdom also has a deep background, otherwise what will tell me in the afternoon that I may be elected as mayor in this general election? Is it really because of this that you are looking for me? "
Zhang Yanghao thought that he was excited by the Zhouyi dialect, so he called Zhang Xuanxuan and told her that he would have to work overtime to go back later, and then he would drive in the direction of Dehou’s home.
Zhang Yanghao, the director of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, naturally knows where to remember his family. Because remembering his family is the key protection object of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau, when the police patrol, they will focus on checking around to see if there are any suspicious people.
When Zhang Yanghao was a small policeman, he was already the deputy director of the provincial party Committee. At that time, a prisoner escaped from prison and threatened to kill Ji Zhang Yanghao. He used to keep a watch outside his home. He was very familiar with the location of Ji Jia.
Remember not to live in the provincial party committee compound but to live in a quiet building next to the family area of the provincial party committee compound.
Remember whereabouts is always mysterious. When going to the provincial class, there is nothing. There is only a transfer driver and bodyguard. Most people don’t know that living in that small building is the head of Zhejiang Province.
Zhang Yanghao drove the car to the outside of the small building of the memorial home and went to the iron gate. Two men in black with sunglasses, Director Zhang, engaged in the police profession for so many years, naturally had a certain sixth sense. He immediately knew that these two men should be sent to pick him up.
Director Zhang immediately got out of the car and asked the two men, "Are you remembering people? I am Zhang Yanghao from the Municipal Public Security Bureau. "
"Director Zhang, we have been waiting for you for a long time. Please come in, and the car will come in and wait for you."
Two men and one man said, and then the two of them made a note of the iron gate of the small building.
Zhang, director of the complex car will own the car into the home yard.
After Director Zhang parked the car, two men in suits brought Director Zhang Yanghao into the building.
At this time, it happened to be the setting sun. It was a spring sunset in Hangzhou. It was particularly beautiful. The small building reflected a sunset. It was very poetic. But at this time, Director Zhang Yanghao was not in the mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery. At this time, he always wanted to remember what to talk to him after two hands.
Director Zhang didn’t come out for more than three hours after he entered the home. When he went in, it was less than seven o’clock in the evening, and when he came out, it was already ten o’clock in the evening. It was already the beginning of the lights in downtown Hangzhou.
However, when Director Zhang Yanghao came out, his face was not tired. On the contrary, his face was full of excitement. It seems that it is a good thing to remember to talk to him.
Out of the home, when Director Zhang Yanghao took his car out, his hand trembled slightly.
Director Zhang is a steady person. Generally speaking, he can keep the wind still. His trembling hands show his excitement and excitement at the moment.
But at this time, Zhang Yanghao didn’t dare to show too many abnormalities to wait for him to say goodbye to Hutchison, and his face suddenly burst into a smile when he drove out of the small building where he remembered his home.