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"Aoyou I mean it’s too dangerous. After all, you can’t be distracted in this period. Once the nemesis …"

"Ao Ming, do you not believe in yourself or me and you?" Aoyou some angry way, "this time our action is extremely hidden, all kinds of cover-up layout news will never leak half a point."
"Well, don’t argue with me. My mind is made up." The Ghost Emperor waved and interrupted these two loyal followers who have been with him for thousands of years. "Ao You’re right. This opportunity is rare. I believe your brothers and I will protect you. It will take me three months to succeed."
"Yes", the two brothers Aoyou Aoming replied with a straight face, "Even if it is the death of others, it will never hurt you."
"I’ll go."
The ghost emperor took a step forward with his hands on his shoulders, but it was this step that he had gone out for dozens of miles. His aloof figure had stood in the whirlpool, and the violent whirlpool kept whistling, but the ghost emperor’s hair had not been fluctuated for half a minute, and his relaxed and comfortable expression seemed to be walking in his back garden and enjoying the moon.
"I said stop"
As the ghost emperor ordered the most violent place to tear, the ghost vortex of Brother Yuan Ying suddenly stopped and slowly stopped, forming clouds scattered and dense like fog.
"I said accept"
The words sound just fell for dozens of miles, and Fiona Fang’s ghostly spirit was extremely obedient and went away. Soon it condensed into a sphere with a diameter of dozens of feet. The sphere was as rich as ink and muddy as a solid, and the ghost essence of the ghost emperor was tightly wrapped in.
Aoyou Aoming, two high-order demons, are divided and loyally guarded by Fiona Fang on both sides, and nothing can escape their psychic investigation for hundreds of miles.
As if it had solidified.
….. Words throb here successfully eradicated the mysterious snake guarding the entrance, driving the heavenly prince warships directly into the nine deep and ten dangerous places, and the mouth of the cave was already like a monster’s mouth, and finally reached the real abyss after crossing thousands of miles.
The ghost king came once when he was young, but throb and others saw the abyss for the first time.
The abyss is not like a ravine between the mountains on both sides of the imagination. In fact, the abyss is just like that. There are dark and ferocious eddies, large and small, and there are ghostly condensation everywhere.
A series of bloody thunder blew up from time to time, and the surrounding area was bloody.
Besides, you can occasionally see dark floating mountains and some floating boulders.
Those ghostly eddies are very dangerous things in this nine-deep abyss. When it thundered, I saw with my own eyes a suspended stone in Fiona Fang that was sucked in by a ghostly vortex and almost tore into dust in the blink of an eye. I believe that the consequences of such a warship being sucked in will never be beautiful.
These visible, slow-moving, ghostly eddies are not the most dangerous things. The most dangerous things are those horrible monsters, monsters and insects that wander in the abyss. As the saying goes, the more dangerous it is, the more dangerous and powerful it is. However, there are many aborigines in the abyss.
However, it is precisely because of the special environment and the most abundant ghostly spirit that most aborigines are born with this ghostly spirit. For example, the mysterious snake is a powerful and famous aborigine here who swims in the dark, absorbs the ghostly spirit and devours and hunts.
Powerful monsters such as the mysterious snake are not the scariest, but the single weak creature in the nine deep abyss is the most troublesome. Because of its weakness, it is necessary to unite and live in groups. For example, the ghost crows occupy a floating mountain. Once they are out hunting, they are bound to have tens of millions of small groups in they nest, and once their number reaches hundreds of thousands, even the mysterious snake as powerful as Yuanying will be included in their recipes, which shows that the ghost crows are greedy and aggressive.
Only on the fifth day after entering this nine-deep abyss, throb and others met a group of greedy low-order monster beasts passing by, overwhelming the warships.
Fortunately, the number of ghost crows in this community is only tens of thousands
After throbbing and others sacrificed the banners of ghosts, the two sides showed a desperate fight in this corner of the abyss, and the spectre screamed and the ghost crow screamed, forming a common scene in this nine-deep abyss
In the end, throb and others almost wiped out this group of ghost crows, but they also paid more than 100,000 spectres. Fortunately, this time, the preparation of adequate cannon fodder and spectre is the consumption of throb. After many ghosts died in some soul-nourishing towers, they continued to add them to the ghosts.
This war also makes throb and others see the danger of the abyss and be more vigilant. With the true colors of the Heavenly Ghost King, the investigation distance has been greatly increased, and everyone has avoided a lot of unnecessary troubles.
However, although the dangerous Jiuyou abyss is always hidden in deadly traps, it is also a chance everywhere, just like some huge stones will throw out some precious crystal minerals to salvage the crystal minerals from the virtual, which is also a major feature of Jiuyou abyss. After all, other places are dug from stones, but here it is lucky to salvage a priceless rare ore, and it will be developed from then on.
Willy and others have nothing to do. With the spirit of not being weak, they have scanned the mineral crystals everywhere, but they have also caught some minerals. The Heavenly Ghost King also said that this place is just the entrance of the abyss, and people often come to mop up and want to get precious things. The natural probability is not high. If you are willing to spend more than a year in the abyss, the probability of encountering rare things among people will be high, and of course, it will be higher with danger.
For willy, it is impossible for him to go to the depths of the abyss and wander around the nine ghost flames, which is the purpose of his visit.
The Heavenly Ghost King often tells some interesting stories in the Nine Deep. For example, someone found a rare ghost elixir in an obscure small floating mountain, or someone was caught in the ghost vortex and not only survived, but also got a little ghost essence by luck.
Of course, these can also be used as anecdotes to listen to. Everyone clearly knows that there are more people who have fallen into this abyss. Most people will look at the winners, but they selectively ignore those losers with tragic fate.
Willy admits that he doesn’t have that kind of life. After all, he has learned to catch ghosts up to now, but at present, the highest ghost caught is Zhong Linggui. If he hadn’t accidentally obtained the fate of the soul-eating tower, he estimated that he was still struggling in the foundation period.
It’s been more than a month since I wandered into the abyss. Fortunately, one day, the Ghost King was guiding me all the way, and there was nothing too wrong. Of course, I was not lucky enough to bump into any rare natural materials and treasures. Even in this nine-secluded abyss, that kind of natural materials and treasures is by no means full of people. Even if I stay in this abyss for one hundred years, I may not bump into them.
Suddenly closed his eyes for a long time, but Ao Ming suddenly opened his ghost eyes. "How dare someone come and die? Are you going to solve the problem of a middle-ranking ghost king and a bunch of monks Aoyou? "
"Ha ha ha ~"
Before Aoyou could answer, a series of carefree and arrogant sounds were completely empty. "I wonder if you still remember my heavenly ghost king?"
(To be continued)
Chapter three hundred and twelve Day ghost emperor
….. The first to react is not the two high-order demons, but throb. With the sudden change of face of the demons, the whole body showed a powerful ratio and suffocating momentum. When throb changed his face, black fog broke out all over the body and wrapped it in politely, and several women and small wings flickered away.
It’s been a long time to get along with the ghost king. Of course, I know that a middle-ranking ghost king must not suffocate himself. Seeing that he suddenly shows a great self-confidence and self-confidence, when he calls out the name of the ghost emperor, he reacts very quickly and leaves. There are all kinds of signs that there is definitely a problem in it. It is very likely that it is a trap. Although the ghost king wants to lure them in the daytime, what is the plot? But even the toes want to know that it is definitely not a good thing.