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Mumingfeng greatly sank a sigh of relief, lifted himself up and shouted, and threw his hands at Yang night. He grabbed Yang night’s neck and grabbed it. At that moment, Mumingfeng was stunned. I didn’t expect that I really got it, and then I got excited and pinched Yang night’s hands, but at the same time I felt that I was swinging and looked down and was shocked.

He has been stabbed from the abdomen to the back by Yang Ye’s crimson dagger blade, and the edge of the blood hole still smells burnt. Mu Mingfeng has not felt the pain yet. Yang Ye has drawn a dagger and let Mu Mingfeng pinch his neck. He took a step back with a smile and asked the same sentence, "Does it hurt?"
Mu Mingfeng, where is it possible to answer the question? He has already covered his belly with his hands and whined and rolled painfully.
Yang Ye walked over and stepped on Mu Mingfeng’s chest. "Mu Mingfeng hurts, doesn’t it?" He said with fierce eyes, "But this pain is far from one thousandth of the pleasure you gave Nan Rongjun and my father!" Talking Yang night my feet to Muming wind chest stamping.
Mu Mingfeng screamed again and struggled to hide from Yang Ye. A dagger was inserted through Mu Mingfeng’s right calf and then he dragged himself up.
Mu Mingfeng was stabbed by his right leg and dragged the floor, screaming and struggling to turn over. He was desperate to get up and pulled his right leg with his hands "poof bursts". He broke away from Yang night’s latosolic red dagger and tried his best to get up and hold his hands high and close together, slamming his head and splashing blood from his head. Looking back at Yang night, Mu Mingfeng couldn’t bear to smash his head and commit suicide.
I didn’t expect Mu Mingfeng to find the direction of blood flowing down his head as if there were life, and it flowed to every wound in Mu Mingfeng’s whole body like a long worm crawling, and then those wounds that were stained with blood recovered a little bit and the muscles automatically pieced together to heal.
Yang Ye was really surprised that she was not prepared, and then she smiled. Her feet floated to Mu Mingfeng in a vertical suspension, and she was still very excited. "Hehe, Mu Mingfeng is so powerful that she will automatically recover her rebirth tricks?"
Muming wind body has been as intact as ever, looked up and glared at Yang night wildly and cried, "Yang night, didn’t you expect it? Trying to kill me? Hehe, it’s not that easy! I will kill you first! Go and get even with Zhang Wenyu again, and you will all die! "
Yang night floating in front of MuMingFeng curled his mouth and shook his head "hey, you are Zhang Wenyu behind how real you are, but you just have a dog in Zhang Wenyu. Forget it. You can’t understand that you are an ordinary person who lives in this world and has been trained by Zhang Wenyu." He said and looked down at MuMingFeng "Hehe, but I’m so happy to know that you have something to regenerate! I have been worried that I will kill you because of excitement. Now I can slowly torture you! "
Said Yang night has been bent over to latosolic red Bi blade stab to MuMingFeng chest!
Mu Mingfeng was surprised and quickly flicker, but his reaction was not slow, but his own speed was far from Yang Night. This flash was harmful to his chest, but he didn’t finish dodging Yang Night dagger. Mu Mingfeng was stabbing into Mu Mingfeng’s armpit stall. Mu Mingfeng was horrified that Yang Night had fiercely raised his left arm. The latosolic red dagger blade drew a red light and directly cut off Mu Mingfeng’s right arm from the shoulder.
"ah! ! !” Mu Mingfeng cried out in pain and jumped out. He just looked up and didn’t even catch his breath. Unexpectedly, Yang Night had followed him to fly to his face. The red light flashed across Mu Mingfeng’s left arm and left his body to fly to the middle.
Muming wind stunned, maybe it was pain, numbness, no screaming and no escape. It was silly. wait for a while didn’t have his arms there, and his legs were left alone with a bloody head.
Yang night before falling to MuMingFeng face smile has disappeared completely angry hate eyes wide open staring at MuMingFeng face "how no longer born? Why don’t you recover? "
Mu Mingfeng is really scared at the moment. He clearly knows that in the face of the present situation, playing at night is definitely not an opponent’s running, and it is even more impossible. That great fear is mixed with marginal despair, which makes him collapse a little bit. All confidence, arrogance and ambition gradually vanish.
"Impossible … impossible …" Muming wind forgot the pain, and his mind was white and dull. "I have mutated into The Hunger … the enemy The Hunger! That’s impossible … How could I lose? How can I beat him? I won’t die. I will never die. No! ! !” Shouting MuMingFeng completely crazy, high head and taut unexpectedly from the face of the two blood holes spit out two blood columns to like two blood fountains that spray to black and red blood after reaching a certain height, they rained down MuMingFeng also soaked in this black and red blood rain.
Yang Ye took a step back and looked at him with great interest. He couldn’t tell why he was so patient, but there seemed to be a powerful force in his heart that manipulated him and made him feel excited. The hatred for Mu Ming’s wind seemed to be limited, and a little accumulation was formed, which made Yang Ye involuntarily want to make him bleed! Keep him bleeding! Let him bleed more!
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Muming wind was drenched with his own black and red blood, and then his arms were reborn again, and then his body gave birth to a new layer of skin a little bit, and his limbs and facial features gradually recovered. Muming wind came to look like his eyes were still red, and a little white light shone in a piece of red blood like his pupil.
The body has not been completely reborn, and the legs are still in the state of bloody tendons exposed. Mu Mingfeng has already screamed and pounced on Yang Ye. "I won’t lose! I’m The Hunger! I will kill you! "
Yang night cold eyes gently sideways flash also shouted with a wave of his hand the left hand back latosolic red Bi blade rushed to his side MuMingFeng severely split to suddenly red light penetrated the whole arm on the left side of MuMingFeng that arm was not cut off but was instantly burned to ashes after being pierced by this red light!
"This arm is the revenge of Nan Rongjun, the father of Nan Ronghuan!" Yang night shouting raised his right hand to blunt has lost his mind regardless of losing an arm turned and pounced on him again Muming wind and swing a heavy punch.
This punch actually hit Mu Mingfeng’s right chest with great strength, so that Mu Mingfeng’s front chest collapsed and his back bulged in the shape of a fist!
"This punch is revenge for my father’s suffering!"
Mu Mingfeng stepped back in a panic with his mouth open and his voice hoarse, and he couldn’t speak. Yang Ye had jumped again to chase him and swept his flying legs sideways. He kicked Mu Mingfeng’s right arm hard, and the right arm was kicked so that it changed its shape and almost twisted behind Mu Mingfeng.
"This foot is your revenge on those dead servants!" Yang night shouted and cried, and his eyes tightened with rage, and he became red, constantly trying his best to shoot at Muming Wind.
Mu Mingfeng was moved around by Yang Yefei, and it was surrounded by a sandbag. He kept hitting the root and didn’t strike back. Maybe his right arm was just kicked off and his left leg was caught by Yang Yeyi. Mu Mingfeng suddenly got up and fell to the ground because of his unstable position.
Yang Ye grabbed Mu Mingfeng’s left wrist and lifted it in front of him, then raised his knee and pushed it hard to Mu Mingfeng’s knee. Yang Ye let go of his hand. The left leg, which was broken into two pieces and connected with the remaining flesh, fell softly to the ground, and a sharp piece had been stabbed outside the flesh.
"This foot is revenge for those who killed the baby and their poor parents!" Yang night fierce cried and leaned over and grabbed Muming wind neck and lifted him from the ground again.
Mu Mingfeng has just been reborn, and his skin has become scarred and tattered, and his eyes have become distracted. There is almost no sense of resistance. A storm attack on Yang night has made Mu Mingfeng feel numb and feel that his body is not himself.
Yang night right hand holding MuMingFeng neck carrying left hand back latosolic red dagger across a flash from the thigh MuMingFeng right leg! There is no doubt that Mu Mingfeng’s right leg was cut off by a dagger, and a drop of blood did not flow out. The broken mark was burnt and a puff of smoke floated up.
"this leg is for those small animals that you killed!" Yang night staring at his face is going to faint MuMingFeng and then turn the wrist gently MuMingFeng turned his back on his left hand and put the Bi blade into MuMingFeng ass!
This Mu Ming finally groaned with wind pain and struggled with strength to ask, "Who is this … who is this?"
"this is revenge for those readers who hate you and hate you because of your extreme abnormal condition! Who told you that you are like a perverted race in another village? This is called treating people with humanity! " Yang night roaring eyes suddenly a stare pulled out a dagger lun behind him and then quickly split up "shua" a Bi blade with red light from Mu Mingfeng waist flash across and Mu Mingfeng broke his legs from the waist "pa" a fall to the ground.
Yang night holding MuMingFeng broken less than half a body bass said "MuMingFeng this is a little girl, that you grew up as a tool for small girl! After being cheated for so many years, your body has become your medicine for practicing witchcraft. You say you should not die! "
Muming wind at this time has only a head and a body, which was hung by Yang night with several intestines hanging from the wound of the residual body. He has almost lost consciousness and struggled to open his eyes and mouth, but he could not speak.
Yang night, a loose right hand threw Mu Mingfeng’s residual body far out, raised my hand, tore off a sleeve, wiped the back of his left hand and stretched out a dagger. It didn’t move. It was still struggling to turn over Mu Mingfeng from a distance. Oh, it wasn’t a small part of Mu Mingfeng.
Lan Yao beheaded in the distance and chatted with Yun Zhen in his hand. She looked at everything in front of her. She vaguely felt that Red Bi was cruel, but when she heard what Red Bi said to the mutant The Hunger, she blamed those crimes, and her heart was also tense, especially when she heard what babies and small animals were. Lan Yao chopped her teeth and felt that Red Bi had done something wrong.
Mu Mingfeng really struggled. Although he was left from head to waist and had no arms, he still turned over.
The neck stretched out and shrank, and it scraped the lawn and moved to Yang Ye’s side bit by bit.
Almost in front of Yang Ye, Yang Ye saw that there was so little left that he still had the strength to move himself. Mu Mingfeng looked at him coldly and said, "You can regenerate. I’m waiting for this time. I want you to be worse than just now!"