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He seems to be crying.

"Moer doesn’t cry. Baby Ann tells you."
Ann is afraid.
Forget Moer with Hee-ruo.
I forgot to tell him.
She has never seen Mo Er cry.
Is Moer angry?
Will you ignore her?
She doesn’t want it! !
"I, I, I, I, I, I, I …"
An’ anpao
To ask a question at the edge of Xi Ruo.
Go back to the conversation
"West Bridge"
(Ah See said, well, it’s really a pity that the mobile phone is safe and idiotic …)
"Wait for me there" Liu Ximo hangs up.
"Hello" Yan Lingxi’s words are coming.
"Yeah, Xixi Baby"
Ann called idiotically
"Where are you?" Ling Xi is not so good either.
Is also a nervous look.
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Is also a nervous look.
Ann hasn’t learned yet.
The importance of her in their hearts
"Oh, my west bridge."
"Ann baby, who is next to you?" Yan Lingxi asked
He is better than Liu Ximo.
Look a little calm.
He knew there must be someone around her.
"Oh, Xixi, there is a handsome boy next to me."
An An said
It’s no exaggeration.
Ningxi Ruogen can’t be handsome.
He is not the same type as Liu Ximo and Xian Lingxigen.
But they are extreme.
I can’t find a more handsome man than them.
Three different personalities
But like the same person
Ann doesn’t know.
"Handsome guy?"
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"Handsome guy?"