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Ten years ago, the fate cast a bitter reunion after ten years.

The embalm didn’t respond eyes flashing slightly.
So familiar with the bosom may be the warmth of reunion in this life.
"Brother!" Yan hong Li yue was so angry that her brother actually helped outsiders.
"Xun Han, we are not very lucky today. We don’t want to see people everywhere." Looking at Wu Xinyuan against the wall, her exquisite face is reminiscent of the noble goddess in western mythology.
Fog Xinyuan softly retracts into the blue arms, which attracts a mocking smile.
"What do you want from this woman! !” Hidden in the blue has always been extremely dissatisfied with the arrogant attitude of the fog, and today I finally couldn’t help but export her spirit.
But he didn’t know that the natural princess wouldn’t give up. "14" Chapter 13 Conflict
"From the day you learn, we will be patient with Li Yue and Xinyuan." Zuo Yunchen is still a playboy.
"That is, you should not deceive others too much!" Yan hong Li yue saw someone helping her, and the arrogance came again.
"Who is the first to find fault?" Shi Xun’s words are like Siberian cold air sweeping everyone.
"This is kallet, where you run wild." Chi Ying’s blink reached freezing point. He didn’t know what it was like to say such a thing when he saw Yan Hong An Shao and Yang Chu Jiing talking and laughing together.
Damn it, this is definitely not him!
Hear ChiYing instant yan hong glass month is arrogant to laugh.
"Run? I haven’t seen the level of kallet yet. "Shi Xun’s implication is very obvious. Whether it is the college in kallet or the lack of students in kallet, she seems to be worthless at all.
Sure enough, cruel enough
Xu Han light smile fundus without a smile the enemy seems to have a few more.
And Huan Huan picked up the remaining cup of black tea and slowly covered it.
"You … you don’t make any more noise. We are all classmates." Fog Xinyuan’s eyes were red and she was tearing her blue sleeves.
Natural actors often have natural scheming.
The cup tilts 30 degrees.
Reddish-brown liquid flows from the hair into the clothes.
"You can put it on again." Huan Huan threw the cup into Wu Xinyuan’s foot. It’s not been so comfortable for a long time.
Satisfied to see their inhalation sound, she sneered away.
"Han, remember to ask them to pay for the black tea." Shixun pulled a joke about Xu Han, showing that she was in a good mood.
"My top black tea is really worthless!"
Two people muttered also have left.
Mist Xinyuan clenched her fist and trembled. This time, the tears really fell, not pretending to be humiliating tears.
"Xinyuan! Are you okay? What do they mean by that! !” Yan hong Li Yue hurriedly held the shaky fog Xinyuan took out a towel to help her wipe her hair.
"Too much!" Zuo Yunchen can’t hip hop anymore.
"Damn transfer students! Do they think we are easy to bully? !” Hidden blue growled angrily at the white wall with his fist.
Yan hong Xin looked at Shi Xun and they left without saying a word.
She is no longer the girl who is beaten and scolded by that person, and she will no longer be weakly protected.
It’s changed, and it doesn’t repeat those hard-working memories
"They will be public enemies of our school from today." Chi Ying’s mood is very complicated at this moment. He doesn’t know if he is doing this correctly, but at least he can know her better.
"I … I think elder sister they didn’t mean to …"
"Xinyuan, it’s silly of you to talk to them now!" Yan hong Li yue interrupted her
Yan hong Xin yue looked at the fog in disbelief. Xinyuan frowned slightly.
Sometimes the play is too hypocritical, so it will show flaws.
"Although things are a bit out of the development track, it doesn’t matter. What are you going to do?"
"It may be difficult. After all, it’s Wu Xinyuan’s fiance."
"Don’t say it again, it’s all fog Xinyuan’s personal will, but she hasn’t promised yet." Shixun looked up in the previous step.
In autumn, the sky is always blue but it feels so high.
Even touching is a luxury