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Don’t burn smoke son crying tone how painful!

If there is an outsider, she will certainly shed tears of sympathy!
It’s a pity that what they are facing at this time is like a needle in the sea!
Although every word burns smoke, tears can burn Yi’s face is still calm!
Even when Yan Er’s words fell, he sneered and asked, "If that’s the case, why don’t you tell me what happened when you arrested Queen Taitai of Nanxia?"
In a word, the smoke is burned!
Even Xia Fei Luo looked at her with a confused look!
What’s Queen Taitai of South Xia? What’s going on here? !
At the beginning, they all got the news soon when they were dismissed from the country!
But the reason can’t be solved!
Including how she can’t imagine how much Su Ling can do when she comes back five years later. !
"Why? Can’t speak? " Huang Yi slowly got up from the dragon case and strode up to the platform. His eyes were as cold as an abyss. "Since you said you were wronged, please tell me if you ever considered your identity when you decided to attack the Emperor of Southern Xia.
Have you ever thought about what disaster you will bring to Qi and Chu? If you can tell me the reason, I will spare you the dismissal! " Off-topic:
This is a chapter five or nine. Master Xiang asks for it!
Burn yi cold query burn smoke son suddenly speechless!
Maybe burn smoke son heart she never thought burn yi would know so many things about green countries!
With her experience, she can definitely make Huang Yi have another prejudice against Su Ling, but I didn’t expect that she would still get something in the end!
How can this work!
Burning smoke silence makes Xia Fei anxious!
So she looked at the face panic burn smoke son and see the burn yi inexplicable anger can not help but explain "the emperor is because of this that you think it is smoke son’s fault?"
No matter if she is, after all, the princess of Qi and Chu, Qing State, if Su Ling didn’t get in the way, how could she make so many disasters? "
Xia Fei Luo will point the conversation to Su Ling again!
However, Huang Yi’s Gherardini look at this time made her wonder what he really thought!
"Are you? As you said, if it’s really Su Ling’s fault, then she’s afraid to come back after being divorced?
Come back after such a long time and complain. Do you think I’m blind? ! "
Burn yi anger extremely roar again this summer Fei Luo anger is gradually ignited in my heart!
"The emperor asked if the smoke son would come back after the incident, wouldn’t you punish her?
Just like now you know Su Ling’s practice, but you are still so protective of their Su family!
Don’t you think our mother and daughter are not as important as Su Men? Do they deserve your protection? "
Xia Fei Luo’s voice was sharp and harsh, and her eyes were sour when Huang Yi was tit for tat!
"Nonsense! If they are really wrong, I will naturally deal with them according to national laws!
How can she make so many jokes if she is not narrow-minded and can’t even bear a child!
Do you really think Su Ling can cover the sky with her hands? If Yaner didn’t do anything wrong, would the second prince of Qingguo divorce his wife at will?
I’ve been married for the past three years, and her mind has never been released as the mistress of the palace. Don’t I don’t know her mind! "
Wen Ya’s cheeks were flushed with anger!
Wen Xia Fei Luo looked at Huang Yi with a sad face. "So no matter what Yaner said, you think she is wrong?"
"This is also said? I’m also curious about Yaner. Why don’t you tell me?
Where did you go after you left Qingguo during this time? "
Burn smoke son shocked lift eyes panic eyes flashing!
Prevaricated and didn’t say anything!
While Xia Fei Luo hurriedly have them "where can she go as a woman! Didn’t the emperor know where she was going today when he sent someone to Pinghou House to announce her intention? !”
"Ridiculous! Do you really think I know nothing?
Let me ask you something. What happened when you went to Louyue? ! "
A cold hard ask burn smoke son has been stupefied!
Father and emperor all know? !
He knows everything? !