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As soon as Zhang Haotian heard his wife get angry, the horse’s face changed. It was considered that he was experienced. His hands and people in this company couldn’t hear his voice, otherwise it would be a real shame.

Imagine that Zhang Haotian is a deputy secretary of the provincial party Committee. On weekdays, he is waiting for the scenery in front of others, but his wife is directly angry and tells him to go home. If others hear this, it is difficult for him to raise his head and be a man.
"I’ll be right back."
Tigress outbursts Zhang Hao Tianma flexor words inside said
Zhang Haotian hung up on his wife, Xu Mingyuan, and then he will accompany him to visit and inspect. The deputy director of the Provincial Light Industry Bureau called over and simply explained that he left the mold company with his full-time driver and drove home.
Xu Mingyuan is a tigress. Zhang Haotian can’t help but listen to Chapter 1.
This is the sadness of men like Zhang Haotian who take the route of "saving the country by curve". They may be able to rely on their own women’s background, and the officialdom is very popular in front of outsiders. But at home, they will never stand up in front of their women because they will wake up from time to time when their women are unhappy. He said that you are given everything by my mother. If it weren’t for my mother, you wouldn’t even be a fart.
Zhang Haotian’s house is an independent villa. As soon as he got home, he went to Xu Mingyuan on the second floor to sit in the living room and drink tea slowly. Her brow was full of anger. The image of a tigress was not like that of a lady outside.
The nanny at home has been supported by Xu Mingyuan to the floor, leaving Zhang Hao Tianhe and Xu Mingyuan in the whole living room. Zhang Haotian has been a fine person for so many years and naturally knows that his wife is angry with Wei Zhang.
"Wife, you should give me a message when you come back. I also sent someone to pick you up." Zhang Hao Tianma put the public bag and sat opposite Xu Mingyuan and said quietly that he had nothing to do with himself.
Zhang Haotian is now everyone, and the whole of Zhejiang is considered to be a prominent figure. When he was outside, he was very arrogant. However, when he saw Xu Mingyuan talking, he lost his leadership style when he was outside. It seems that the whole person suddenly became shorter by half. This is why Zhang Haotian’s family had no position in the past, and everything had to be listened to by his father-in-law and his wife for a long time. This habit made him habitually afraid of Xu Mingyuan.
"Hum, now that you are a big shot in the provincial party committee, where will you miss our girls? I’m afraid to bother you. When Zhang Da’s secret office returned to China, I didn’t inform you before and asked you to send someone to pick it up."
If Xu Mingyuan’s face is frosty, she stares at Zhang Haotian and sarcastically says that her voice is not big but it is full of irony.
"Wife, you are not right. When did I stop thinking about you and your son?"
Zhang Haotian frowned and said that although he was cautious in front of Xu Mingyuan, after all, everyone was used to the government machine, and sometimes he had some temper. He felt that Xu Mingyuan was angry as soon as he came back. It was unreasonable that his father-in-law was not dead, and Xu Mingyuan still dared not rely on him, because he sometimes felt timid and was afraid of his wife. He sometimes wanted to be a grandson in front of Xu Mingyuan if his father-in-law Xu Youjun died.
But his father-in-law is in good health and has a lot of work to do, so he can’t turn against Xu Mingyuan for the time being.
"You miss me? Didn’t you tell a joke? My son was beaten like that, and after all this time, you didn’t tell me. I didn’t know my son was bullied! "
Xu Mingyuan sneered and said, "Is this how you become a father?"
When Zhang Haotian heard this, he felt wronged. It wasn’t that he didn’t defend his fault. At that time, he knew that Zhouyi had injured Wei Zhang and was furious. He had to take action, but he had too many handles in Zhouyi’s hand. He had been sleeping uneasily recently, for fear that one day or the newspaper would find photos of him taking bribes and keeping beautiful college students.
"Wife, you don’t know the situation. It’s not as simple as you think."
Zhang Haotian heard Xu Mingyuan say this and hurriedly explained that he couldn’t tell Xu Mingyuan that he kept a woman and was caught by the Zhou family. He didn’t dare to take revenge on Wei Zhang for Zhouyi’s hand. If Xu Mingyuan knew that he kept a woman outside, he wouldn’t be able to make an upside down and let him even go home.
"What is not so simple? Didn’t Zhou Fugui beat my son? Aren’t you afraid that people can’t do it? People are a businessman. You are the deputy secretary of the provincial party Committee. When the year changes, I will let my dad Dehou remember to move again. You will be the vice governor. How can you be afraid of a Zhou Fugui? "
Xu Mingyuan hated iron and said that she didn’t know the reason why Zhang Haotian really didn’t dare to find Zhouyi to avenge Wei Zhang. She was afraid that Zhang Haotian was too weak to cross the river.
"Where did you say this?"
Zhang Haotian gave a quick laugh. "Zhou Fugui’s background is not that you don’t know that he is not a simple person. Besides, Zhouyi and Wei Zhang are young people’s things. Wei Zhang and Zhouyi have been contradictory. Zhou Fugui has never intervened, and we should not intervene to get revenge. Wait until you get hurt and report yourself!"
Zhang Haotian certainly doesn’t think so in his heart, but now he has a handle on Zhouyi, and he can’t push Zhouyi into a hurry to prevaricate Xu Mingyuan with these words.
"Don’t talk to me so much. I’m asking you a word. Do you care?" Xu Mingyuan asked directly regardless of what Zhang Haotian said
"This has to take a long-term view. Zhou Fugui has a great influence on our Zhejiang economy. If we really confront the Zhou family, it will make a big deal."
Zhang Haotian said.
"Come to the old niang is the wrong person. How could I be such a coward? If you don’t avenge my son, I will go to my dad. I want my dad to judge and let him teach you a lesson. How can you be worthy of the master’s training for you? If my dad and I hadn’t trained you, you could become a provincial cadre today? I estimate your ability and background. Which small machine do you still have newspaper and tea in? "
Xu Mingyuan flew into a rage and scolded Zhang Haotian, slapped the tea table in front of the sofa and then got up and turned to go out.
"Wife, where are you going?"
Zhang Haotian was in a hurry at the sight of Xu Mingyuan. Zhang Haotian was still very afraid of his father-in-law and the provincial party committee. It’s good that Zhang Haotian can become the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee. His father-in-law has made great efforts. Now he blocked the news that Wei Zhang was injured by Zhouyi. If his father-in-law knew about this, it would be troublesome. If his father-in-law was unhappy, he would treat him as a baiwenhang, not to mention the next general election. He would not contribute to his embarrassment.