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Finally, Yang Qingqing couldn’t stand it. She cried and begged for mercy. "Please don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t.

Yan Gui frowned and put a hand over her mouth. This woman’s begging for mercy is not nice at all. It’s boring! Make people want to be more cruel to her.
If it weren’t for the sudden return of the arrow, I really wanted to leave the horse.
Finally, after a while, when Yang Qingqing almost fainted, Yan Gui finally agreed to end and let her go.
He got up and put away his clothes without washing. When he strode out of the door, he simply said, "Please ask the doctor to show her and reward her" and left without nostalgia.
Yang Qingqing seemed to have died once, so he kept a humiliating posture and couldn’t move his legs.
Tears kept coming out. Mom said it hurt the first time, but she didn’t say it hurt so much.
Although she knew for the first time that this should not be the case.
Should I take a good bath and then soften the couch? At least that person should hold her well, even if it’s coaxing?
Instead of venting her low position, it is also a sacred title and he is a concubine. How can you do this to her?
She can’t stop crying more and more
The handmaiden came in, surprised and afraid to speak while covering her mouth. She was busy helping her to lie on the couch first.
"The Lord doesn’t want to cry. The first time, the woman was in pain. She said that she would reward the Lord. The Lord served her very well. The handmaiden will draw water and prepare to take a bath for the Lord, and then it won’t hurt."
Handmaiden whispered to comfort her.
Yang Qingqing was filled with sadness and smiled and replied, "I am too fragile."
"What did the Lord say? Just now the temple said to ask the doctor to show it to the Lord. I want to come to the temple and know that my hands are heavy. The man in the temple of peace of mind just doesn’t like to say much. Isn’t it rare to come to see the Lord? Others can’t expect it, can they? "
Yang Qingqing can think so slowly during the period, no matter how painful and humiliating it is, it is a good thing that she is now a serious woman.
It’s not until the night that Su Mian doesn’t know it, and the handmaiden doesn’t say anything.
When it’s time for dinner, Mammy Fang still said it. If the backyard owner doesn’t know about it, it’s not good. After all, it’s known that Yang Qingqing’s first time to bestow favor on the owner’s side princess. I don’t know how to do it.
"The main hall went to Mrs. Yang’s place this afternoon." Mammy Fang carefully said.
"And then what? Fortunately for her? " Sue cotton asked lightly that if she went to Fang Mammy wouldn’t be so careful.
"It’s the Lord … don’t mind that they can’t cross the Lord." Mammy Fang said.
"Mammy, you know what I admire most about you? What are you doing beating around the bush now? I’d rather you didn’t say anything and didn’t need you to comfort me. "Su Mian is a little low. Chapter 1 is intimate.
"Handmaiden guilty" party mammy busy kneeling way
"Where do you get used to kneeling at every turn?" Su Mian pulled up Fang Mammy and sighed. "Can anyone cross over? I always call Mammy’s position sensible. She is the imperial edict conferring a concubine to serve well, but even the ordinary princess can’t cross my share of that favor? Mammy doesn’t know about royalty? I have always loved the first and the second. "
Mammy Fang is more and more ashamed. She is worried that the Lord will be pampered and coaxed into the house at a young age, and this uncomfortable blow will not be relieved. The Lord is very thoughtful at an early age
"This time, the handmaiden wants to leave without returning to the Lord’s peace of mind," said Fang Mammy seriously.
"When do I believe in Mammy?" Su Mian said with a smile.
"Yes … I’m surprised, too. The temple is so strange today. I’m very close when I talk. I don’t think it’s necessarily that I provoked him, but that he has something to think about."
Su Mian analyzed
"This … handmaiden also don’t know is … so the Lord can take the initiative to find the temple? This will not compliment the Lord whether he is favored to find the temple or not, "Fang Mammy advised."
"If I don’t go, I will naturally coax people, but the temple has a knot in one’s heart, so it’s time to figure it out … it’s boring to go."
Sue cotton is very rational shake head a way
Fang Mammy agreed that she was still worried. "Yes … you can wait for this backyard girl, but you can’t wait to take the opportunity …"
Su Mian smiled. "According to Mammy, I am loved by the temple?"
"Half of the reason for handmaiden is because the main hall met before entering the palace", which is more than a girl’s love.
"Mammy’s right, that’s half the reason, and the other half is that I’m real in front of him. I hate whoever I like or tell him to see clearly. If he hadn’t met another woman like this, he would have come back to me. At that time, he would have figured it out, but … recently, we have to keep a low profile. It’s like Mammy said that we have to be taken advantage of."
But this "sneak in" Fang Mammy said it was not the same thing.
Sister Fang wants her to be on guard against whether Yan will go back or not to find someone else, but she wants to be on guard against someone else’s tampering.
However, it was clear that Fang Mammy was relieved after the ups and downs of the harem.
"Well, there is business to pick up my family in the Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s impossible to go too far, but who can go back and have a look? Also rectified my mother don’t know such as worry? "
"This ….. if not called splendid?" Fang mami said
"Call Jinxiu Albizia to go. Albizia is still young. I haven’t seen her mother for half a year. I guess I want to be tight," Su Miandao said.
"Mammy, don’t worry about me and your exquisite and green ink. They also have to go back for a while." Sue cotton square mammy smiled and said quickly.
"All right, handmaiden, call them in."
When the splendid request was called, many things were told them to rest early and go back early in the morning. The house sent someone to take them to Yezhou and prepared many gifts for Sue’s family.
Do this well, Su Mian went to sleep.
Yan returned in the courtyard can’t sleep. He tries not to think about it. He has no ambition in the backyard.