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Since the mayor has put the words so clearly, it is natural for Wang Haidong to emphasize the overall situation at this time, and there must be a set of rules for being an official. The overall situation is the most basic

Therefore, Wang Haidong nodded and said, "Mayor, don’t worry, I will set my mind at ease. Do you want to get Gaotang workers early? I still know."
This is Wang Haidong’s response to Mayor Gu. I will put my focus on Gaotang Town and will not easily return to the city to find Zhang Wenshan trouble.
Mayor Gu is very satisfied with Wang Haidong’s performance. If a leader is satisfied with a genus, then this genus is pleasing to the eye no matter how he does it. Mayor Gu is satisfied with Wang Haidong and knows the overall situation.
Therefore, Mayor Gu nodded and said, "It’s good that you can have such an idea. I heard that you are very familiar with stones. A piece of bloodstone has been found in the research area, which is 3 million. Do you know anything about jade?" This is long news, of course, much more informed than the police chief.
And Yong-sheng Cui is just a class time to listen to the police inside the bureau said so two sentences, but despite the mayor but let Hong secret specially to investigate this matter.
Wang Haidong hurriedly said, "It’s just a little bit of research. I followed my grandfather and learned a little kung fu to verify jadeite and other stones, mainly the jadeite original stone bloodstone, but I learned a little by the way, so it was unexpected to find that piece of phoenix blood at this time."
Mayor Gu walked over and said, "If something is wrong, you are not modest. I have two jadeite original stones here, which were brought to me by an old friend of mine from Yunnan. Please help me see if there are any good things in them."
Because the mayor has a hobby in this field, some old classmates of the mayor often bring some strange gadgets when they come over. It’s really jade, and they won’t accept it if they don’t care about the mayor, but if it’s the original jade, there will be no problem.
After all, this thing is also a stone. Is there something good in it?
Some markets in Tengchong are hundreds of pieces of jadeite stone, which is not to say that there is no such thing.
Therefore, it seems that there are quite a few jadeite original stones in the circle. At most, this thing is a kind of craft. Wang Haidong saw that Mayor Gu took out two fist-sized stones from the drawer. The black stones were dotted with golden colors like stars.
Wang Haidong took two stones in his hand and made a careful induction. "This thing is really not a good thing. If it is viewed as a strange stone, it will be of some value. However, if it is jadeite stone, these two materials can be regarded as waste. Your friend must have bought these two stones from a stall, otherwise it would not be so bad."
When Wang Haidong said this, he didn’t leave any noodles for the mayor. Once it was involved in the antique business, Wang Haidong always made a business-like attitude and made an evaluation, but these words scared the secret to death.
These two stones were brought here by an old friend of the mayor from thousands of miles away, and they were said to be worthless by Wang Haidong, so they were not given to the mayor.
Mayor Gu laughed and said, "That’s right. The old guy knows my temper, so he brought me the original jade stone, which is not a high-grade original jade stone. Otherwise, I will accept him two pieces of original jade stone, and ShengJiWei people will also look for me."
There is a kind of person who really struggles to do his own work well. Hobbies are just a hobby of his. Gu Mayor is one of the conscientious people. At this time, Hong Mi is a little relaxed.
Mayor Gu really didn’t care much about this matter. Wang Haidong heard these words: "The mayor likes antiques, not antiques, but to relax himself. The mayor’s realm is much higher than most antiques. I think antique market merchants or collectors are all going for the benefit. In this case, we are all influenced by antiques, but Mayor Gu didn’t rest assured of antiques, so we can say that you have mastered antiques instead of antiques."
There are indeed such people in the antique market. They are nothing but a happy ending, and most of them will not sell these antiques for a generation when they buy them, but these people will never spend a lot of money to buy those antiques. It is absolutely impossible for these people to buy tens of thousands of antiques, and Gu Mayor is such a person.
If Gu Mayor’s antiques are worth thousands of dollars, then just like what he said, ShengJiWei people would have come to him. Hong Mi felt a sigh in his heart when he heard these words. This familiar antique person is familiar with antiques. He has been following Gu Mayor for so many years.
But I never thought of such a flattery. Speaking of it, this is the real way to know the trade-off
Mayor Gu is also the second-in-command of the river city. I have never heard any compliments at ordinary times, but I have never heard of such compliments from professionals.
Therefore, at this time, Mayor Gu walked over and said, "It’s no big deal. I didn’t take these antiques as research objects or profit tools. I always want to find a way to relax myself in these big and small things in the city."
So at this time, I found this antique thing, and I took these things as a review to see that there were stories in the Tang Dynasty and romances in the Song Dynasty. I asked these things to live in shape, and it was almost impossible. I didn’t see that the reviewer had to have a list of gods. "
This is indeed a realm, a very noble realm, which is not for everyone.
There is also that kind of mentality. Only people who don’t have antiques will have this kind of mentality. People are playing antiques with the ancient mentality of watching movies.
But Wang Haidong can’t. At least if Wang Haidong buys antiques himself, he can’t afford to sell those imitations.
Chapter sixty-four Antique market
Mayor Gu hesitated for a while and then said, "I haven’t been to the antique market for a long time since you followed me after the meeting in the antique market this afternoon."
This sentence is the fact that the mayor is looking for Wang Haidong to come to Wang Haidong. Naturally, he will promise everything with or without him, and he himself is very willing to stroll around the antique market.
Not necessarily to buy priceless antiques, but to enjoy the fun of scouring the sand with big waves. Even if you can find a piece of copper coins, if it is true, it will be fun. Of course, more often you go to the antique market and return home with your hand.
When you go to the antique market, you always have to buy something before you come back, so people must be novices in the antique market, and old people will be able to withstand loneliness. If you go to the antique market ten times, you may not have a shot, but this shot may be remembered by others for half a year.
Wang Haidong is such a real person. When he was in Wang Haidong middle school, he liked to stroll around the antique market in the river city, while when he was in Beijing, he liked to stroll around places like Panjiayuan Dashilan Minute Temple.
But at that time, he didn’t have any trouble. 310 thousand antiques were always reluctant to buy Wang Haidong, so he replied without thinking, "Mayor, if you go, aren’t you afraid of being recognized by others?"
Mayor Gu walked over and waved and said, "The antique dealers in the antique market are from all corners of the country. We’re not going to the antique mall. How can these outsiders recognize me? Even people may not know me. Besides, I’m the mayor. Don’t forget that we are still public servants."
Today, at this time, it is less and less to remember this sentence as an official. Although Mayor Gu is not very comfortable with this matter, Hong Mi can’t be serious. If there is something wrong with leading a trip, the secret is to bear a lot of responsibility.
However, Mayor Gu didn’t ask the driver to send a car or go out with a group of people, but he rode a bicycle and walked out of the city government.
A mayor went out by bike, that is, in 2000. Mayor Lu once did such a thing.
Wang Haidong also learned about it through newspapers, but now it’s not surprising to see that Mayor Gu did the same thing and the people on the street.
At this time, Wang Haidong’s heart is also a little aware of what this matter really is. It turns out that ordinary people usually look at the size of an official by looking at the car to decide to ride a bicycle. It is estimated that ordinary people will not take a look at you. After all, there are too many cyclists on the street.
Mayor Gu walked over and said, "Xiao Wang, this bicycle is a healthy exercise. Now that you know the benefits of cycling, others will not regard you as a leader. If you want to understand the hearts of the people, you should go deep into the people. I hope you will keep it at the grassroots level and in the city."
This is an official experience. Feng Tiejun and Feng Ji in the river city are very strong people. They have suppressed the mayor, but what about the mayor? Although Feng Tiejun wants to change the mayor and change one of his own to do this, he can really put his hands and feet on the river city.
In addition to Gu’s face, some people have a more important point, that is, Gu’s river city name is very good, and the outer ring of the city, as well as the river park, Hope Primary School, nursing home, and so on, were all built by Gu’s mayor, and the procedures for the joint office in the city were simplified, which was also done by Gu.
Ordinary people think that such a real thing, going out to a pile of garbage and going out to be a green space, is the opposite. Therefore, Feng Ji has to take care of a common people’s reaction anyway. Fall into the name of being diligent and loving the people
Pushing a bicycle to the antique market, there is a rule in this place. If the car goes in, don’t do business. Bike, just find a place and park anywhere you like if it doesn’t hinder others from doing business.
Generally speaking, the law and order in the antique market is still quite good. After all, it is selling antiques here, and the police will also focus on it, so thieves will not easily come to this place to steal cars. People in the antique market are busy.