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Thought of here, Ye Han couldn’t help but feel curious. Although it’s not a powerful sect, not everyone dares to break into a small sect. Who dares to break into it at night?

Thinking that he had walked slowly in the direction of the fighting sound, he soon came to the fighting yard, and because he didn’t want to expose his identity before, he deliberately hid his body and hid at the door of the yard to secretly look at the situation inside.
And then he saw the most unforgettable scene in his life. Isn’t it his master who fights in this hospital? But who was that man who was fight with master? It looks even higher than Master Xiu’s. This master is about to die.
I can’t imagine Bai Yehan’s heart. Although this master is not the strongest, it is not the weak. Otherwise, it is impossible to let this inflammatory cloud Sect stop in this vigorous mainland for decades.
How many people in this world can defeat their master? If the number should be extremely rare? But now this master can’t beat this man in black?
Thinking about this Ye Han can’t help but want to beat himself up. Isn’t this an idiot? He who can beat his own master must be Hugh higher than his own master!
"No, I have to find a way to help Master!" Ye Han was in a hurry when he saw that his master was going to be defeated.
At this time, he saw that the sword in his master’s hand had been shot down by the other side, but the black dress person suddenly put away the sword, then suddenly waved a palm and suddenly flew out of a yellow light, but his master could watch the other side not dodge.
Seeing this situation, Ye Han was immediately surprised and jumped out without much thought. Although it was not enough to fly, it was still possible to jump. So he took out his own speed and threw himself at his master and vowed to push him to a difficult position!
As soon as he turned his body, he jumped directly in front of his master, and at the same time, he stretched out his hand and pushed his master fiercely, regardless of whether he would fall or not, so he worried about many things. Because he pushed his master, he felt that all his vitality surged and disappeared in an instant.
This feeling is like putting yourself in a fierce and inflammatory fire. Not only is the vitality burned out, but even the flesh and blood seem to be lucky. In an instant, he was stimulated by a strong pain and fainted.
Without the impact force, he couldn’t see whether he was injured or not, but at this time, his master reacted and saw his disciple standing in front of him, and his face suddenly turned pale.
"Cold son!" Finally, Ye Han fell into a coma and could no longer live in his master’s room. When he saw this, he threw himself into his arms, but then he saw that the black man had once again made a head for himself.
In order not to let Ang’s disciples get hurt again, he rolled over to protect Ye Han’s arms and let the black man hit himself with his palm. Then he felt a surge of qi and blood, and it seemed to be accompanied by the cracking sound of meridians.
Feeling this, he finally could not help but spit out one mouthful blood, as if he knew that the black dress person would not let himself go, and that Ye Han would not fall into the hands of the black dress person. He could bite his teeth and suddenly hit himself with a seal.
In an instant, a red mask lit up all over him, and then he suddenly turned around, holding Ye Han in one hand and suddenly patting the palm of his hand with the other, and suddenly a red light came out as the black dress person! Ps: For the latest chapter of the book, please read [984] [Peak of Yuan Shen]
The man in black looked at him and seemed very surprised. He couldn’t help but take a step back, but soon he put his hands together, one palm toward the red light and the other palm directly toward Yan Yunshen.
Inflammation cloud was badly injured and resisted. Now it is almost impossible to hold Ye Han even if he wanted to dodge. He simply didn’t dodge, but turned and swept away toward the distant sky.
As soon as he turned around, he felt a strong force behind him, and even though he felt a sharp pain in his heart and spit out one mouthful blood, he didn’t mean that these posture kept going towards the distance.
In a flash, Ye Han felt that the surrounding scene was changing again, and all the darkness had disappeared. Instead, it was a sunny day. It seemed a little lonely around. At first glance, it turned out that this was a swinging mountain and the surrounding scene was owned by the top of the mountain.
In front of Ye Han, there was a stone tablet, but what words seemed to be written on it was vague. When he wanted to look carefully, he found that the stone tablet was gradually blurred and eventually disappeared, and the surrounding scene was gradually blurred.
When the scene flashed, he found himself in a familiar place, which was a familiar cave. It was hotter around the cave, and there was another cave hidden in the depths of the cave, from which strong magic gas floated out.
Ye Han looked at him and couldn’t help one leng. His footsteps seemed to be uncontrolled, so he walked slowly towards the cave. Although the magic gas and hot gas around him mixed together, he felt a little uncomfortable, but it was still tolerable.
In a short time, he had come to the cave mouth and hesitated. Then he slowly walked into the cave, and the more he entered the cave, the more intense the magic gas around him became, and finally he felt a strong sense of oppression.
It’s the kind of depression that doesn’t stop him from moving forward, because he saw the situation in the cave, the familiar cave, the familiar cage, the familiar bed, the familiar figure and the familiar shadow …
Everything is so familiar that he can’t help but feel a headache and reach out and hold his head, and at this time he has come to the cage, and the scene inside the cage has become very clear.
I looked at the bed and fell asleep. Although I had seen this situation, I couldn’t help but feel surprised. At this time, there were nine women lying on the bed, which was obviously the scene he had seen in his dream before, and it was still the moment when he suddenly woke up.
Because he saw the black shadow, he was lying cold at this time, but it seemed that he had just been lying cold and nothing had happened, and then a black shadow flew in from the other side and just fell into the hands of the bed, and a long sword appeared, and he did not hesitate to stab at the black shadow.
Seeing this, the black shadow was busy floating away and hiding from the other side. Pointing at the sword, the black shadow was slightly surprised and said, "How did you escape?"
"You need to take care of this. Today, you want to hurt Xiaoli. I won’t sit idly by. Come on, let me end your evil life!" That’s a sword shadow that bedside coldly replied.
"Kyubi no Youko tian hu?" Ye Han saw this man immediately in the heart a surprised how did this guy run here? Is it true that what happened after I woke up from my dream was that Kyubi no Youko and tian hu fought against the Sun, Moon and Yuan demons?
So the nine women may not have been spoiled by the moon, moon and yuan demons, right?
Thought of here, Ye Han couldn’t help but feel glad that the daughters were not spoiled by the moon, the moon and the yuan magic. That’s good, although they will die in the end, nine women can die and regret it.
But if the Sun, Moon, and Yuan Demon doesn’t have many female bodies to practice double cultivation, is his Sun, Moon, and Qi integrated into the vitality of the stars? Will the Xingyuan sword in the hands of nine women pierce their own cold bodies?
Is it true that after the defeat of Kyubi no Youko and tian hu, Sun Moon Yuan Magic still took the opportunity to bully the daughters? That’s what makes them energetic and energetic?
No, you can’t. You can’t let this happen!
Think of amazing Ye Han suddenly a burst of impatience will take out the phlogistic cold jade flute rush in and Kyubi no Youko tian hu Qi Xin work together to fight the sun, the moon and the yuan magic, but then he suddenly felt a familiar sound.
"Brother Ye Han, come back quickly, and you must fall into the magic road. Otherwise, your woman will become the devil’s plaything!" I don’t know who is so wicked. Ye Han thought of this guy actually to stimulate himself. Isn’t this to directly grieve himself? Who is going to be a plaything?
Is a dazzling Ye Han felt that his body disappeared from the cave, and suddenly he was integrated into a body, and suddenly he felt that a powerful force was filled with his body and there was a faint feeling that his body would burst.
Ye Han smiled metamorphoses, open your eyes but didn’t pay attention to the sound because he knew that this must be the only thing around Chineydy that guy could say that except him.
Although he was grateful to Chineydy for waking himself up so that he wouldn’t struggle in the cave, he saved himself a lot of time, but he just didn’t want to thank him. This guy actually said that his woman would become a moon, moon and yuan magic toy, which was really hateful.
Ye Han woke up but someone was in a coma. At this time, four white-haired figures were lying around him. If you don’t look closely, you will know that it was Lin Zong and others who saw that they were all unconscious. Ye Han was immediately surprised.