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"Grandpa, you have to make decisions for me." When I saw Grandpa Downing, I immediately squeezed out a few lines of tears and tearfully complained to Master Tang.

Master Tang immediately glared at Shu Peiru and Ning Jie and shouted, "Ning Er is an adult. Her marriage is naturally up to her. Do you still want to influence the future of my baby granddaughter?"
Ning Jie and Shu Peiru were frightened by master Tang’s voice, and they all dared not say anything. They repeatedly explained that Downing was a good time.
"Hum" Downing gloated and leaned against Master Tang to throw a smug smile at Ningjie.
Ningjie dares to smile aside and face Master Tang. She still has no confidence to influence Downing.
"Sir, someone just asked me to give this to you." Ning Jie paid attention to Master Tang and gave him half a pebble.
Her idea is that this thing must have been deliberately messed around by the guy to tell the master that it could still be successful. She smiled and said, "That person didn’t know what he wanted to do, and even gave me such a thing and said that he must give it to you."
chapter three
Hand-written novels
Chapter three hundred and seventy-seven The prodigal bitch
Welcome you to come.
Seeing the half cobblestone, Master Tang’s face suddenly changed, and he stared at Ning Jie solemnly and asked, "Where is the person who gave you this?"
Ning Jie seems to be aware of something and says with trepidation, "My first novel is 1s** bubble! * I drove him away. "
A ghosting flash across Master Tang slapped Ning Jiexue hard, and the white face hit the latter in a whirl and flew out. His face was burning and painful, and he was swollen just like shouting a bag.
She swears that this is the loudest slap she has ever heard in her life, and it will crack Ningjie’s face like a slap cut by a knife.
"You’re such a prodigal bitch." Master Tang fumed and jumped up to Ningjie’s side and flew out directly to kick Ningjie out of the door.
Shu Peiru quickly stopped Master Tang from calling him again. It is estimated that Ning Jie will be killed directly and hurriedly said, "Dad, calm down."
"If you don’t give me the man, please come back, you won’t come back either." Master Tang glared angrily at Ningjie in short breath, hoping to slap this prodigal bitch to death.
"Yes, I will definitely get him back." This family is like a duck to water, but in front of Master Tang, she doesn’t even fart, so there is no room for gag.
Being beaten by Master Tang, even if she went to Tang Chuan to reason, there was no place for her. She wondered in her heart what was the position of just fooling around as a second-rate, and what a broken pebble could make Master Tang furious.
Seeing Ning Jie still in his original state, Master Tang flew into a rage and shouted, "Why don’t you get out?"
Old deathlessly, Tang Chuan, the loser, inherited the Tang clan position. I’ll be the first to take your knife. Ningjie’s heart is cruel and thinking about it, so he will endure the pain and leave quickly
Downing sees the darkness in her heart. This bad woman is trying to teach you a good lesson.
After practicing in the inn all night, at noon the next day, the wind blew and I ate and drank with Caier Inn.
To Feng Yang’s surprise, Tang Ning didn’t come to find himself. This doesn’t belong to Tang Ning Feng.
Lanlong walked into the inn and sat down directly at Caier and Fengyang’s table. Don’t treat yourself as an outsider.
He smiled and said, "I just went to Tang Tang, and a bitch kicked me out. I think she’s going to be in trouble. Hey, hey, give me a plate of pork belly. By the way, do you drink? No habit of drinking early? Then forget it. You are definitely not used to eating food. Don’t be polite to me. "
"You’re welcome. Your sister wants to eat something herself." Caier pie mouth said, it’s hard to have a chance to get along alone. What’s wrong with this child running over?
"If you say so, you are not destined to meet thousands of miles away …" Lanlong will take out his paradox and directly say, "I will meet your sister."
"No quality," Lan Long said while eating. "By the way, I saw that old frame was stopped by two women from going out."
"Hey, pay attention to what you say. Call him old frame. Don’t talk nonsense, or I’ll hit you." Caier said angrily.
"So that’s it." Feng Yang nodded his head after an epiphany.
Lan Long ate all the food as if he had been hungry for ten days and a half months, and then wiped his mouth and said, "Do you want to go and see an auction today?"
"Good." Feng Yang thought that he was just looking for some necessary things to enter those special places to find treasures of natural materials, which might make Fang Fang Awakening Auction House get permission to find something to prepare.
Those natural materials and treasures can be bought with money, but looking for those natural materials and treasures requires preparation of heaven and earth, and there is a chance to buy them
After the three men came to the auction house, the auction had already been held. At this time, some Wushu and beast Yuan Dan were auctioned.
I have no interest in these things, and I found a place with Caier and Lanlong and took wait-and-see measures.
"Next is a mysterious advanced martial arts spirit rubbing magic halo and a supporting weapon. The reserve price of 1 million can be bid at will."
In a short time, the auction seems to have entered the end, and this set of martial arts and weapons seems to be the finale, baby. After all, it is a daily ordinary auction, and there will be no things worth tens of millions.
"One million five hundred thousand" three operator technician Tong Cheng bid first. He came here just to add a fighting capacity to himself and avoid being embarrassed by a peer’s backhand like a few days ago.