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The intense light source formed by "blazing thunder knife" made the whole water column red. For a while, the water mist on the lake was full of flames, and it was like a large-scale water curtain. The snake’s body was also twisted by a violent hose and lurked in the water column. At this time, the blades of the condensed light exploded one by one, and the thunder cut the huge body of the demon snake properly.

"Green kite! Split-beam sword! Disease! "
Finally, Xu Keer caught a glimpse of the opportunity of the serpent’s counterattack. The left index finger and middle finger were pinched into a sword, and the sword light was pointed at the same time, and the original qi was exhaled.
In an instant, Xu Keer’s blue sword light soared several times to encircle the serpent’s seven-inch position, and suddenly it was hit hard. It was already hard to dodge the Millennium demon snake and screamed. As the serpent’s body fell, a wisp of weak white light rose from the snakehead position Ran Ran. This is the demon snake’s Millennium repair into a yuan god.
Seeing was the serpent Yuan Shen was about to fly away. Xu Keer waved and threw a white gauze scarf with experience.
It seems that strange silk scarves turn into a huge net in the wind, covering the white light of Yuan God. With the serpent Yuan God struggling hard, he also managed to get away and was received by Xu Keer.
The snake’s body fell into a small lake with a loud noise. It was originally blue in the moonlight, and a lake was dyed enchanting pink by blood.
"shout! Whoo! Call "
Wei Ya’s body slowly faded away from the pale gold, bent over and gasped violently on the beach by the lake. At present, he must push the blazing thunder knife several times in a short period of time, which is obviously a heavy burden. If he wants to control this masculinity freely, he must first hurt himself before hurting the enemy. It is extremely tyrannical martial arts. Wei Ya still has a long way to go.
Dan Yuan, the demon snake, was entangled in a golden flame and lost Wei Ya’s spirit after a long time. At this time, she also showed fatigue and broke out a few sparks, struggling for a "poof" and going out.
Xu Chloe in the face of the demon snake yuan god banned slowly came to Wei Ya side earnestly asked.
"Is it all right to feed you?"
Wipe the forehead sweat Wei Ya looked up and said with a wry smile.
"well! Fortunately, it seems that today will not die. "
Lose control of the serpent Dan yuan floating in the half with the night breeze ups and downs after a short rest Wei Ya think of Dan yuan things got up and came to Dan yuan near his hands and printed a mass of black fog to put Dan yuan away and took a look at Dan yuan Xu Keer laughed.
"The demon snake’s yin cultivates Dan Yuan, but it is a sacrifice made by Yue Hua’s condensation. Congratulations on getting twice the result with half the effort through auxiliary cultivation!"
Wei ya is not willing to Xu Kerr bought it and sighed
"alas! There’s nothing to congratulate on. I’ll have to work hard by myself if I lose Jin Yan’s assistance in practicing in the future. "
Xu keer don’t understand what that vanishing golden flame means to Wei ya, and say something encouraging.
"People in my generation regard life and death as normal, and don’t be too attached to foreign things."
A listen to this old-fashioned tone Wei Ya knew that Xu Chloe was copying the teacher he had never met again and rolled her eyes and said
"Hey, why do you suddenly become so literary? Honestly, I’m not used to it."
Very not easy gentle heard Wei Ya evaluation Xu Kerr immediately jumped up from embarrassment and knocked on someone’s head and said
"Go to hell! People are kind enough to comfort you, but if you dare to tease the girl, you will come out and fight! "
Wei ya raised his hand and said in agony
"Can’t you just admit defeat if you don’t single out me as the wounded?"
Speaking of which, Xu Chloe suddenly thought about something and turned to look at the huge snake body soaked in the lake. Wei Ya suddenly felt a chill in her back and realized that things were not good. The horse turned around and ran towards the camping place and said
"I don’t trust Qian Hui to go back and have a look first."
Anyway, after killing the snake in the road, the door to the buried place of the treasure was finally opened to Wei Ya and his party.
The third volume Section 10 Treasure is true
Wei Ya and his party stayed near the small lake for two days to rest and seek to get back to the best state to face the final test, following the ancient training of sharpening knives and chopping wood.
Yin Qianhui’s body gradually adapted to the cruel natural environment in the secret recipe of "Yuanzhimen", and Wei Ya was driven by Xu Keer to bring the unlucky serpent to a big dump with cramps and skinning sets, and harvested a lot of materials such as thousand-year snake skin, thousand-year snake gall and thousand-year snake meat. In Xu Keer’s words, even if Xu Keer could not find the treasure of Western Liao, he would not return home.
The coverage of this congenital maze is not too big. Wei Ya and Xu Keer have been tossing for a few days in this vertical and horizontal area of more than 100 square kilometers, covering up the entrance of the hidden treasure site in an Yadan landform.
"You stay here and I’ll go and have a look."
Take a look at the entrance of the cave that extends obliquely to the ground and accept the previous lesson. Wei Ya does not doubt that there is another article in the head, and simply take over the pre-construction work.
Seen Wei Ya skill Xu Keer is very assured that he is a pioneer, but still charged and said.
"Be more careful"
Wei Ya, a strong light player, jumped into the hole unexpectedly, and there was no ambush. It was the intricate caves that were somewhat confusing.