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"Master, I think it’s time for us to say goodbye!" Wan Wan smiled a lovely smile.
"Let’s go!" Xiao Xun turned and left …
"Bang-"is over. ·N49 dazzles the rain. Some people are happy and some are sad.
"Bang-"is over …
"When the wind gets rid of the Dragon Gang, we’ll go to’ only love’ and celebrate it well!" Xiao Xun said
"I know, princess!" Feng Nai said quietly, and then left without taking a few steps and turned to ask, "Is the princess really going to kill the dragon gang?"
"Kill one as an example, don’t let others. Our’ charm’ is easy to mess with," Xiao Xun said coldly.
"I am white!" This time, I left without looking back.
"Let’s go! Let’s go to’ only love’. "Xiao Xun turned his head and saw a black face.
Xiao Xun-hui often patted his shoulder with loyalty and said, "Don’t worry, we won’t be poor, haha!" Then I took the mask and threw it away … (The waves despise you)
"Only Love" Bar …
"Sister Ning, I am coming!" As soon as Xiao Xun entered the bar, he said that because it was "only love" during the day, there was no one inside.
"Xiao Xun, what brings you here today?" Ling Ning smiled and said
"Today, let’s celebrate that Sister Ning has prepared the best box for us." This little Kaori glanced at it intentionally, and his expression was even more painful.
"What happened? Hey, a face of spring breeze! "
"I’ll tell you when I get to the box. Remember to bring wine!" As he spoke, he pulled Wan Wan and Xiao Yu to the box.
"Here comes the wine. Can you tell me what happened?" Ling Ning came in with wine.
"The thing is ….." Xiao Xun made a long story short.
"Let’s wish our’ Charm Ji’ is getting stronger and stronger. Cheers!" Xiao Xun raised his glass and said
"cheers!" "cheers!" "cheers!"
Four wine glasses collided and made a loud sound.
As soon as the wine glass was released, the wind pushed the door and came in and said, "Princess, I’m coming!"
"Oh, it’s the wind. Is it done?" Xiao Xun looked up and saw the wind ask
"Why is it so fast this time?" Yaowen
"Catch the thief first, Wang Wang is dead. Besides, the Dragon Gang people are not willing to follow Longyou (Dragon Gang Wang). They have something to do. His hands have to obey him." Feng explained one.
"What about the result?"
"There are 18 people in the Dragon Gang, except that the princesses have just killed those people, and a total of 769 people have been arranged."
"That’s all right. Let’s relax today!" Xiao Xun said with a smile
"The princess has one more thing to report!" I glanced at the light rain when the wind said it.
"It is the murderer who killed the Mu family who has already made a look."
"Go," Xiao Yu said.
"In those days, an unknown group hired the gang to do it. In other words, Princess Bing’s parents were killed by the gang."
"Is the’ Gang’ the second gang in China?"
"Then what is their strength?"
"Because’ Charm Ji’ has just been established in China …"
"So if we want to destroy the Gang by force now, we will come back." Xiaoyu caught the wind and wanted to talk.