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LiuMan looked at also rushed to without hesitation.

Downing is their little sister. At first, when Downing was in the wind, they could still watch and watch. Now Downing is in danger. How can they still stand by and watch?
Xi Yu and Liu Man intercepted the Yuan Soul Folding Fan and Yuan Soul Dagger respectively to use their own Wushu to resist.
However, Xi Yu and Liu Man are both wood elements and water elements, and both of them have insufficient attack power and physical strength. Moreover, they are a martial arts master, and it is quite difficult to resist two yuan soul attacks, and they have been rushed back by the shock and blood.
"It’s over. It’s better to hurry up and practice when these three girls are not worth it!" Another operator technician, Wang Chao, said otherwise that even the Yuan soul skill had been put to good use, so there was no suspense in dealing with these three girls, and he also lost his sight.
Wang Chao Yuan’s soul is a five-star German shepherd star, which is not bad. Yuan Yuan’s soul German shepherd suddenly flew to Liuman’s side. Liuman just raised his attack and wanted to resist, but this German shepherd’s limbs suddenly grabbed Liuman’s body and caught Liuman in the air.
Liuman struggled in the control of the five-star Yuan soul German shepherd, but it was doing work. Just as her attack was expected to hit Yuan soul German shepherd, the German shepherd’s paw was suddenly loosened, and Liuman was released. Suddenly she fell to the DPRK, and her attack naturally fell.
While Liu Man’s body has not yet fallen, Yuan Soul German shepherd * will catch Liu Man and fly, so he will play with her constantly.
It’s a martial arts master level. Liuman plays with Yuan Soul, German shepherd, but it’s a great way. Although he is humbled, he wants to tear each other to pieces, but he has the heart.
Their body technicians can control the Yuan Soul to attack Liumangen method at will in the distance. What attacks are there when they are close to them?
Xi Yu’s situation at this time is not much better than Liuman’s. The speed of soul dagger flashing is quite difficult for Liuman to resist.
But Fang Li doesn’t want to kill Xi Yu like that, and he wants to continue to play with it. Every time, he controls the Yuan soul dagger to expose a white skin and play with Xi Yu in applause, teasing her in this way.
Tang Ning’s body was hit hard by Yuan Soul Skill. Although his physical strength is not what it used to be and he has a defensive wall armor, he still suffered a lot. His fighting capacity was slightly discounted. Shenyang Yuan Soul Folding Fan was constantly launched and occasionally cooperated with Yuan Soul Skill to make Tang Ning resist quite a mess.
If Shenyang doesn’t display Yuan soul skill, Tang Ning is sure to defeat Shenyang, but the power of Yuan soul skill is too amazing, and there are many low-level martial arts technicians in Shenyang who can continuously display Yuan soul skill.
The present situation makes the three girls angry and naive, and they also intend to display the seven-star gathering array and lose-lose. However, at the moment, these operators and technicians are playing around with the root method, and they can’t get together well.
Watching his two sisters help themselves, but being played with backhand by the other side, Downing suddenly became deeply branded with strength and strength.
She realized how sad it was not to have enough strength, but she couldn’t do anything when she saw her sister being bullied.
She now understands the meaning of a sentence once said by Feng Yang on the cliff. She once asked Feng Yang why she was so hard to practice Feng Yang, and solemnly said that she would not be forced to endure.
Now Downing really understands what it means to be forced to resist the sudden attack of Yuan Soul Folding Fan, and Downing suddenly rushes towards Xiyu.
However, Shenyang will make her wish. A turning point in the folding fan has already scratched Downing’s back like an arc sawtooth.
Fortunately, Tang Ning has the defense of condensed wall armor, but this time, the soul folding fan attack made the condensed wall armor show a clearly visible crack impact again, which shocked Tang Ning’s body to fly out and kill God.
Tang Ning fell to the ground, and a subject’s body flew up conveniently, but this body was a beat slower. The Shenyang Yuan Soul Folding Fan had already flown in front of her to block her way to Xiyu’s rescue.
Yuan Soul Folding Fan took up a light arc and scratched the armor of the condensed wall. The armor on the body surface of Downing suddenly came "boom", and the cracks spread rapidly. At this time, the armor of the condensed wall had reached the edge of collapse, and Downing’s body was once again shaken backwards and went out to kill God.
It seems that Whitestorm, a young swimmer on Downing’s shoulders, has entered a deep sleep state. He has been sleeping since he flew to the top of the cliff, but it is amazing that no matter how violent Downing’s body is, it is still as if it is stabilizing Downing’s shoulders.
At this time, Tang Ning’s three people were tricked into playing backhand, and there were more and more wounds, especially Xi Yu’s clothes were in tatters at this time, and pieces of white skin were exposed outside, thigh position, chest position, lower abdomen position and so on, all of which had already revealed white defective skin.
Xi Yu’s subtle snow-white skin temptation is a surge of emotion surge, constantly controlling the Yuan soul dagger, trying to cut Xi Yu’s raincoat department, which will make Xi Yu naked and perfect in front of everyone.
Follow Chen Xiaopang together. Although he was horrified in his heart, he finally got up the courage to rush after a fierce psychological struggle.
Although he knows that his strength can’t change anything in the face of these high-tech technicians, if he does nothing, he can’t bear to watch their three sisters being humiliated.
After all, Downing and others also helped him out with Feng Yang.
Chen Xiaopang’s fat body ran past, and the wind blade in his hand chopped at the Yuan soul dagger.
"Fat you die" Fang Li face a folded yuan soul dagger suddenly turned toward the fat attack.
The element of fat life is the wind. Although the body is too fat, it looks quite strange when it moves like a ball, but the speed and agility of the body are still good. The fat body is strange and twisted to avoid the attack of the Yuan soul dagger, and the wind blade is chopped at the Yuan soul dagger again.
Yuan soul dagger, however, is more sensitive than his body, and he misses the wind blade blaster in the fat hand like a turning flash.
Scold! !
Being hit by Yuan Soul Dagger, the obese body suddenly shot a bright blood flower.
Fat face and fat face shake like waves and quickly stabilize himself. He knows that the other party’s Yuan soul dagger is too sensitive to attack a small dagger, so it is not easy to target the Yuan soul dagger. Fang Lifang, the owner of the Yuan soul dagger, decided to give up the Yuan soul dagger and rushed towards Fang Lifang.
"Really dead" looking at unexpectedly turned and rushed towards his fat square face with a sarcastic smile suddenly control yuan soul dagger yuan soul dagger to draw a cold light flash blaster fat back.
Fat fat body once again shot a blood arrow, and it was blown into a blood fog. The impact of fat body Yuan soul dagger suddenly flew forward and saved to kill God, and it shook the ground with a heavy swoop.
Fang Li stepped heavily on his fat face and grinned, "Why do you want a hero to save the United States?"
Said the squat body toward the fat spit saliva accurate spit fat face.
Fat is not the first time someone has spat on his face, but at this moment, the sense of humiliation and nai is clear. My heart is constantly twitching and aching, and I am shaking all over, not physically, but heartbroken.
At the same time, Fang Li didn’t give up the control of the Yuan soul dagger. Once the Yuan soul dagger was turned, it flew to the front of Xi Yu again and brought out two cold mountains. Xi Yu’s clothes appeared again at two crossings, and the whole chest clothes seemed to fall off, revealing the pink small Chinese-style chest covering. If the small Chinese-style chest covering sling was scratched, those lovely white jade rabbits would jump out.
"Fang Li, work harder and you will succeed." Yuan Soul German shepherd keeps playing Liuman Wang Chao. Seeing Xi Yu, this scene is also a burst of blood boiling.
Xi Yu is also a beautiful woman with beautiful appearance and graceful figure, and her snow-white skin has brought people limited imagination and can’t resist the temptation.
"Shame" LiuMan nu way