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"It’s shameless to be very much in love in a place like this." Su Yuqi couldn’t help whispering when she saw two people.

"Rain girl Ma Liang exactly is what person seems to rain yao elder sister is really like him, her former boyfriend is much more than this Ma Liangshuai" Qin Ning fairy could not help but ask two people also find a bench to sit:
Chapter 357 Camping plan
"Ma Liang is stupid, bad and heartless. A pain in the ass." Su Yuqi complained that she had arranged the night by herself, and now she has been left alone.
Qin Ning gave her a white eye. "Since you are a pain in the ass, you are still looking forward to his calling you every day. If I had not accepted it, I would have been frightened by you for a few days and I would have liked the same person with my sister."
"I’m tired of asking you to take care of it." Su Yuqi stamped her feet.
"However, this gift is quite good." Qin Ningxian looked at it in the light of the roadside.
Su Yuqi said strangely, "Little cow, I remember that many people gave you things, and you never received anything. You received it today."
"Don’t call me Ma Liang, the little cow. I’m sure you told him that." Qin Ningxian was extremely dissatisfied and said, "Why do you accept gifts? He is your boyfriend. Can I not give you this face?"
"Know my good wife" Su Yuqi naturally called out two people’s jokes. Girls will call each other’s husbands and wives like this.
Qin Ningxian has indeed never received a gift from others, because her identity is very special. In addition to her beautiful appearance and excellent figure, there is another aura, that is, the daughter of the mayor, but she is usually very low-key and not many people know this identity.
The reason why she never accepts anything is simple, because her father told me that no matter who gives anything, she should not accept anything, which caused unnecessary trouble. Her father is a relatively upright person.
Su Yuqi certainly knew that Qin Ningxian was receiving gifts for herself, and it was hard for her to be more moved by this friend’s best friend, so she quietly said, "Little cow, I’ll tell you a little secret. Don’t tell anyone."
"What’s the secret?" Qin Ningxian was curious to see her so mysterious.
"You will be very happy to get along with my eldest baby," she said.
"Everything is so angry with him that you can still feel that you want me to live a few years less." Qin Ningxian otherwise.
"Hum, you should say that, then don’t beg me." Su Yuqi tilted her head and complained.
"What do I ask you for?" Qin Ningxian is not white.
"You swear never to beg me first, and I will tell you." Su Yuyao smiled slyly, and even his good friend Qin Ningxian felt something was wrong inside.
"If you don’t say it, I’ll push the bracelet to him and sayno." Qin Ningxian smiled sweetly, and the dimples looked particularly cute but didn’t fall in the wind.
"That something you go back" Su Yuqi don’t buy this one.
"Oh, I seem to know some people’s secrets. Do you want to talk to that pig?" Qin Ning Xianzhuang said to himself.
"You are malicious" Su Yuqi was finally defeated and said a sentence at losing.
"By the way, I promised Ma Liang I wouldn’t tell you, but you are my best friend." Su Yuqi’s novel said, "In fact, those dishes you like best, including the mushrooms, are all from horses."
"I don’t believe this when you are really my chest and brain," Qin Ningxian sneered.
"It’s my real sister’s birthday. When I went to his house, I didn’t know that we ate these and eggplant every day, but mushrooms came later." Su Yuqi didn’t expect that she was unwilling in this reaction.
"I still don’t believe it. You must know that I like to eat these things. It’s deliberately said to tease me." Qin Ningxian still doesn’t believe it.
"Don’t believe it," Su Yuqi airway
"Mouth can prove it," said Qin Ningxian leisurely.
"What’s the proof? You’ll know if you go directly once. It’s not good for me to lie to you." Su Yuqi said grumpily.
"That’s a good idea. I also want to go to the countryside to play. It feels very interesting to listen to you. It’s not even as good as the two of us." Qin Ningxian suddenly said.
Su Yuqi’s beautiful eyes turned round and round when she heard this. "This is really good, but what excuse can we have now? Our parents will definitely disapprove of the two of us going out together. They are always worried about too many bad people."
Su Yuqi thought that it would be really troublesome to meet a few people in the next bus without Ma Liang.
"Isn’t there another camping activity this semester? Hey, hey, when the time comes, we’ll find a way to decide our own place. This is no good," said Qin Ningxian.
Of course, aristocratic schools are different from ordinary kindergarten education, and the education methods are not the same. To put it bluntly, it is another set of education methods, and everything is more in line with some foreign methods.
"It’s a good idea, and then we’ll go to see it in the name of camping." Su Yuqi also agreed with this idea
"When the time comes, if I find you lying, I will tell you that I will punish you." Qin Ningxian warned first.
And just then her words rang and they stopped discussing.
Ma Liang hugged Su Yu Yao and kissed him selflessly for more than ten minutes.
While Su Yuyao leans on Ma Liang’s shoulder, she feels as hard to separate as being branded by Ma Liang, even if she has occasional temper contradictions, it is because she likes it.
"When you come to my house quietly, you will rest in my room." Su Yuyao said that the whole person was kissed so soft that some places were emotional.
"I can finally see it in your room." Ma Liang couldn’t help saying that this is every man’s dream.
"My room smells much more beautiful than yours," Su Yuyao said with his eyes closed.
A woman’s sweet boudoir is fascinating because of her sweet words.
"But no man has been to my room except relatives." Her tone is a little charming.
"What’s the name of that man?" Ma Liang asked.
"Wei Tianyun doesn’t want him," Su Yuyao complained. "Almost all my first time happened to you fool. What are you dissatisfied with?"
"That’s not what I mean," Ma Liang said awkwardly, smelling the delicate fragrance on the tip of his nose. "I was thinking that since he has this abacus, he will definitely not let it go."
"That depends on your disappointing." Su Yuyao sighed. "He came to my family’s property. I know that my mother naturally knows that she did it because she is sure that the company needs to close with his family now, just like a transaction."
"I will work hard and I will definitely marry you." Ma Liang immediately said that men must be strong.
"I know you are working hard, but it can’t be solved overnight. I will drag it on until the day when you can marry me." Su Yuyao smiled and Ma Liang looked at her and felt that she was the most beautiful woman in the world.
At this time, Qin Ningxian also finished speaking at the moment. It was her mother calling, probably to ask her to go to bed early and told her to hang up after she finished. Then she stared at the screen and suddenly her face turned red:
Chapter 35 The wicked tell on first
"We should go back. I’ll give my mother a message first." Su Yuyao took out her mobile phone and dialed the number. After a short conversation, she confirmed that her mother was already at home, so Ma Liang had to cooperate with several people to get in.
"Yuqi went home," Su Yuyao said, only to get up lazy and stretch his body. Ma Liang also got up, and there was still residual heat from Su Yuyao.
"My car is over there in the parking lot. You wait for me at this intersection to get the car." Su Yuyao said that and went over there. Su Yuqi came over and took Ma Liang and looked at her sister’s departure. She threw herself around Ma Liang’s neck and then gave a kiss to her lips before she was soft.
"This is a welfare for you. You have to come to my room tonight." Su Yuqi gasped with a commanding tone.
Hug her sweet soft waist Ma Liang also worry "but the rain yao has let me go to her room"
"I don’t care if I come here today, but I told you to stay with me and she occupied me again. It’s so hateful. If you don’t come tonight, I will never let you catch up with me." She still remembers saying that to let Ma Liang pursue her again.
"Let’s talk about it then." Ma Liang is a bit big. "Go to the intersection and wait for your sister first."
"Knowing so many good things is cheap, you big bad wolf." She held Ma Liang’s arm.
"Come on, little cow, what are you dawdling about?" Su Yuqi turned around and shouted, while Qin Ningxian came all the way with his head down and said nothing, even if he was called a little cow.
But neither of them noticed that her abnormal state had reached the intersection.
It’s a one-way street, and there are some luxury cars every once in a while. Ma Liang knows a lot.
Su Yuqi has been holding her arms and not letting go of her chest. Although it is not big, it is soft and holding up her small nose. What can I do if I see it?
After a while, a beautiful white convertible BMW came over and stopped here with a turn signal.
Su Yuyao is driving a car in the seat, full of beauty.
"The leng wear what car" Su Yuyao said also see Su Yuqi that appearance did not say anything.