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Li Ze knows all about the things like the Yang Night Ninja fighting in the east of Anshi City, the South Glory Fantasy Japanese samurai fighting in the west, and the homemade barbecue in the hot sun in the south of the city.

An City has a large area, and some of the sides will not know what happened in its direction at a distance, such as Yang Night, Nan Rong Magic and the scorching sun. Three people on the north avenue slaughtered more than 10,000 Japanese dog thieves, but the Japanese martial artists who guarded the Tang Min Promethean in the west square did not know anything.
This is also what Li Ze is worried about. He knows that the area of Ancheng is too large, and it will weaken the strength of each unit to spread out more than 200,000 people to find it. He doesn’t know if there are more hidden hostile forces in Ancheng, but there is no way to find it without spreading out. I’m afraid it won’t have much result before dark, and once it gets dark, it will increase the danger for searchers.
And this war is strange. What about those Prometheans? Could it be that someone in AnShi City can do witchcraft?
However, when Li Ze had just reorganized several teams belonging to 200,000 troops, a figure appeared on the avenue where they were in the same position.
A soldier came to report to Li Ze that "a man appeared not far from the general but did not move"
When Li Ze heard urging the horse to bypass the troops and came to the front, he looked at the distant avenue and people felt puzzled. There were more than 70,000 dogs and thieves stationed in Japan in Anshi City, and the residents of Anshi City were not slaughtered. So this …
Li Ze saw clearly that it was a woman.
About 200 meters away from these Tang Jun soldiers, a grass-green tight dress is full of gossiping patterns, and there is an "S"-shaped face with no expression on her waist. Her eyes have been looking at this side, and a long hair is swaying gently with the breeze. She is not a Japanese, and she is definitely not a resident of Anshi City. She is not excited and surprised. So who is she?
Looked at each other for a while, and the woman in the distance didn’t move at all, even the "S" shape didn’t change, and she still failed, held out her chest and pursed her ass.
Those Tang Jun soldiers are also talking about it.
"Ah, it’s a woman! The chest is big! "
"It’s too far to see the appearance!"
"That long hair has attracted me very much, and my dream girl must have such bright black hair."
"Whether Japanese dog thieves bring women? If we Datang people see our flag, why not come? "
"It must be a Japanese woman. Look at her coquettish appearance! A shape has been placed for so long! "
"Is! It must be the comfort women brought by the Japanese dog thief! "
Li Ze also felt strange and bowed his head to several soldiers next to him and said, "Go and have a look."
Two soldiers fuels brought life behind hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes holding waist sabre handle together toward the nearby woman walked past.
Li Zema watched intently and had some ominous premonitions in his heart. When the two soldiers walked more than 100 meters, they suddenly settled down and swayed violently, as if they were suffering from continuous blows. From a distance, there were thin clouds of blood and fog scattered around them, and then the two soldiers both shook a few times and fell to the ground.
All Tang Jun here are frightened to disgrace, and Li Ze has even widened his eyes to see the past.
The two soldiers were scarred from face to body, and they were all bleeding, and their armor was cut off to reveal their bloody bodies!
"Not good!" Li Ze shouted that the petals had drifted closer and closer in front of his word.
That more than two thousand north gate outside seen this appearance Yang night belongs to soldiers are frightened and cried out, shouting around to comrades draw out a sword to fight.
Li Ze didn’t hesitate to pull out his sword and urge his horse to rush forward. When the soldiers behind him saw that the general had attacked, they also raised their swords and followed Li Zechong out.
Petals float closer. Li Ze is already in the petal rain. To his surprise, those seemingly ordinary petals cut several small mouths when they floated over his cheek! If he hadn’t been quick to dodge, I’m afraid several petals would have cut his throat! And hip steeds have also been cut, and many places are screaming with blood.
All over the sky petals suddenly increased speed and rushed toward the avenue Tang Jun. At that time, 200,000 soldiers in Tang Jun were shrouded in a petal rain!
Li Ze desperately wielded a sword to cut down the petals, but in spite of his efforts to dodge his face, he has been cut in many places, and those soldiers and brothers behind him are screaming and screaming at the moment. People are constantly being cut by petals, and the sword department has lost its power and the body armor is gone.
Those petals are everywhere, and clouds of blood and fog are scattered among Tang Jun soldiers …
In just a few seconds, Tang Jun soldiers have poured down a large surplus of people and all the departments are terrified, waving their weapons and struggling to resist them.
Li Ze fought with the petals in front of him with a sword, but his hip horse was scarred and could not support his two front paws, and he finally screamed in pain.