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"Are you going to continue to be loyal to the seventh instructor Zun Wang after doing this to you?" Ghosts looked at Lengqin deeply.

"What do you mean?" Lengqin raises his eyebrows and stares at ghosts.
Ghosts came over and whispered, "wouldn’t it be better to take this opportunity to take the lead and call ourselves king?"
"Oh, big instructor, I’m not that stupid. There’s a king in the dark night. Even if you win, it’s you, not me. If the plan fails, you’ll take the fall for me. The king is not so easy to deal with. I want to live a few more years." Lengqin disdained to chuckle.
"What do you say is that the seven instructors Cong know to nip in the bud or we can record a proof that we all share the success or failure?" Ghosts’ eyes narrowed, and he saw the shake in Lengqin’s eyes
"Tell me about it." Lengqin raised her eyebrows and smiled. In her eyes, she longed for fame and fortune, but in her heart, she mocked ghosts. You underestimate me. In your heart, I am as jealous and resentful as ordinary women, but you never know how deep my feelings for Wang are.
Now everything is going according to Zun Wang’s plan step by step without deviation.
Ghost rebellion is bound to arouse the resentment of those who are loyal to the night attendants, and they will also brand themselves as traitors. He will become the first deviant traitor in the history of the night, and he will wait for the return of the real king in the near future to plunge him into the abyss.
In this world, no one can ever surpass the almighty king, and no one can beat him.
Even Interpol, Ghosts, and Xia Feng, at the same time, also stood aloof and sat idly by because everything was in his palm, and no one could escape.
Just as the dark night headquarters was surging, a suburb of Denmark had not appeared for a long time. At the moment, Xia Feng was dressed as a middle-aged man. He learned a set of Yi techniques from the Thai Yi master, and now he can transform himself into various characters at any time.
At the beginning, after the beginning of Thailand studies in Xia Feng, I planned to kill Master Yi because he couldn’t let people expose his whereabouts. I didn’t expect it to be destroyed by summer nights and posts. They found it and almost caught Xia Feng’s good ghost and appeared to save him.
Ghosts came out of Xia Feng to jointly deal with the statue of King Xia Feng. Of course, they readily promised to fit in with the original clothes. Unfortunately, the ghost was too vicious. After obtaining the evidence, he actually wanted to kill him. Good Xia Feng had been prepared to record the ghosts and the transaction process escaped.
Later, Xia Feng was deceived by Yi Shu and came to Denmark. Now he has transformed himself into a middle-aged Danish. Since he came, he has learned a lot and knows seven languages, and he is very familiar with Denmark.
In a short period of one month, a Dane looks like a Dane in Xia Feng, and a Danish identity has emerged here. Although the company can’t develop too fast because it wants to converge, the development momentum of this company is still unstoppable.
Since Xia Feng took that step, he is no longer the former Xia Feng. Now he is ruthless and mysterious, and no one knows his true identity.
Xia Feng believes that with his business acumen and professional skills, it is absolutely not difficult to create a renovation business.
He also saw the international news this evening, and saw that the screen was unmasked. Xia Mo’s lips couldn’t help but evoke victory. The ghost really didn’t bear the burden and hoped to plunge Xia Mo into the abyss of perdition.
From then on, I can finally relax and show my talents. A Min is waiting for me, and one day I will come back to Haicheng to find you.
(Please support the baby for another company. Blood is thicker than water.
China Haicheng Xia and Liang have also planned actions.
Xia and the two families saw the international news and immediately contacted Cui Zhong to confirm the truth of the matter. The arrested person was indeed the King.
Although Cui Zhong is a good friend and best friend of Xia Han, he is also the captain of Interpol and an internationally renowned detective. He is a policeman with a strong sense of justice and responsibility. Ten years ago, he even let himself just graduate from the police academy and enter the night department. He is still alive and dead.
When Cui Zhong and Xia Han fought side by side to annihilate the international criminal genius Yi Xuan, he later helped him find his son. When he went to Langshi, Cui Zhong also made a lot of efforts. Cui Zhong always knew Langshi’s true identity, but Langshi had left the night to turn over a new leaf. Cui Zhong didn’t care about him. He used to be friends.
However, it seems to Cui Zhong that the dark night organization is the biggest scourge of society. The dark night not only destroys the harmony of this law and society, but also makes them lose their meaning to Interpol. Even if Cui Zhong knows that the king of the dark night is Xia Haner Xia Mo, he will not bend the law for personal reasons.
However, Cui Zhong has tried his best to conceal the fact that Xia Jia, the king of the Night, was implicated in too many people and things once this incident was exposed.
This time, without Cui Zhong’s help, Xia Han and Lang have the ability to do it themselves. They plan to take simple action and two people will sneak into the number one prison of M country police to rescue Zunwang.
Although risky, Xia Han has made up his mind. Even helicopters and various high-end equipment are ready.
At six o’clock in the evening, Xia Han left Mo to meet him at home, and they planned to leave at night.
Two people came to the room to make final preparations. Both Lang and Xia Han were wearing black bullet-proof vests, ordinary flying waists, portable pistols and bomb tables, and two black backpacks were wearing a lot of high-end equipment and bombs.
"I owe you one more time for Alang’s bad luck," Xia Han said with emotion.
"Nonsense, he is still my son-in-law. If anything happens to him, my grandson will have no father." Gave Xia Han a white look.
"Well, let’s go. When Yan Yan’s sleeping pills pass, we have to make trouble again." Xia Han patted his shoulder.
"Good" Post and Xia Han picked up their backpacks and helmets, and were about to wear sunglasses. Suddenly, there was a slight doodle in the room, and they immediately shocked.
"Does it sound like a night communicator?" Xia Han startled looking at post.
Post immediately took out a beautifully packaged small black box from the room drawer and looked at the surface of the box with a secret red light flashing. He couldn’t help but get excited. "This is a birthday present from Mo Er. I tried it at that time. A watch inlaid with black gems is an ordinary luxury. I didn’t expect it to be a communicator. It turned out that he had long expected this day."
"Get through" Xia Han urgently urged.
"Well," he fumbled for a long time and tried every button once to get through.
"Show me." Xia Han grabbed the watch. As soon as his thumb touched the surface glass lens of the watch, the communicator was connected immediately.
Xia Han and Lang were dumbfounded. It turned out that this communicator was connected by Xia Han’s fingerprint induction. It turned out that the birthday gift sent by Zun Wang was aimed at Xia Han.
If Xia Han knew that something would happen to Zun Wang, he would definitely discuss it with the post office, and then they would find the com. If Zun Wang is safe in the summer chill, he would grab the com and connect it.
But the com is connected, and neither side talks.
Xia Han and Lang can clearly hear the low breath coming from the com, but they dare not speak out because they are afraid that the com will fall into the hands of Interpol or night traitors. If they speak, they will reveal their identity, which will make Zun Wang more dangerous.