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"Qi ‘er, you, your face …" Looking at the ground that has not yet come to clean up the mess, Geng Shi frowned. "This box of rouge is the treasure of Luohua Town. How did you spill it?"

Xie Qi’s face is twisted and his eyes are ugly. "I’m not here anyway. What do you want to do with it?"
"Even if you don’t give it to your mother, it’s all right." Geng Shi looked at the box of rouge and felt great pain in his heart. "This box is hundreds of taels of silver. It’s really Niang who didn’t remember teaching you such a wave."
Xie qi upset at the moment to hear Geng Shi words but also feel spirit not dozen 1 come "silver silver you know silver! When have you ever felt sorry for your daughter? I have ruined you. What can I do? "
"…" Xie Qi’s words made him speechless. Geng Shi looked at Xie Qi’s burned face seriously. "It’s a bad mother. Isn’t this coming to see you?"
Xie Qi listened to the in the mind that I felt better. I could raise my hand and gently caress my burning place, but she seemed to have lost the feeling of general tears running down the corner of my eye and washing the wound. The burned place was bloody and the surrounding skin was burnt. Geng Shi didn’t notice the seriousness of the matter. The face was heavy. "Didn’t you tell me that you must be careful? How did it happen? Your eldest brother was not injured, and you were too careless! "
"Don’t tell me about big brother!" Xie Qi smell speech looks ugly to the extreme, she will bite a tooth that looks like hate Xie Yu to be eaten alive. "If he hadn’t pushed me out, how could I have hit the hot hob on fire?"
Geng Shi was shocked when he heard this. "You mean your big brother pushed you like this?"
"Hum!" Xie Qi’s eyes burst into thick flames and pressed his teeth. "He’s really my big brother. I know I’m happy, but he ruined my face. I’ll argue with Gu Jinxi over what I’ll take!"
Unless a ruined woman is a man with the same defects, it is difficult to get married easily and marry well. For example, Xie Qishen, the only granddaughter of Xie Jia’s generation, naturally, there are many young men and young men vying to marry home. Of course, Xie Qi did not destroy the situation before; Now it’s ruined, maybe some people will ask for marriage, but it’s just a stepping stone to climb with Xie Jia as a decoration. It’s absolutely necessary to have a beautiful concubine and a room. After all, who wants to live with a woman who looks so ferocious and has a bad temper?
Geng Shi smell speech was already stunned. "Qi Er, when will you talk to King Rui …"
"I like him."
Speaking of Qin Rui Xie Qi’s gloomy face, it suddenly swept away, but it seemed like he had a strong hope and joy. "He is my god, so beautiful, so strong and overbearing; I will be very happy to marry him. "
"But he is a sick seedling!" Geng Shi gnashed her teeth savagely. "What little bitch Gu Jinxi didn’t marry and wanted grass widow? Do you still want to compete with her for grass widow?" Speaking of which, I thought that I had heard from Xie An about Gu Jinxi’s medical skill. If her medical skill is true, why not cure Rui Wang? Gongpa, they must have been cheated by Gu Jinxi. They must have been.
Thought of here, Geng Shi couldn’t help adding a few minutes of confidence to debunk Gu Jin Sunseeker’s disguise. She looked at what else she took to make her father-in-law and mother-in-law all have Xie Yi’s injuries over there. It must be because the imperial doctor who lives in Xie Jia has cured people’s imperial doctors and disdained that little bitch.
Xie Qi listened to it and stared at Geng Shi. "That’s why I don’t know who is so romantic and elegant, so elegant and elegant. How can it be sick?"
"You …" Geng Shi gnashed her teeth with anger.
"But even if I like it again, what? How could the royal family want a ruined daughter-in-law? "Speaking of this, Xie Qi hated it." It was the eldest brother who ruined my generation! "
What is your own flesh? Although Xie Yu is the most partial pain among the three brothers and sisters, Xie Yu is Xie Qi, but at this time, seeing Xie Qi crying like a pear flower with rain is still not very good in my heart. Gently pat Xie Qi on the back. "Okay, stop crying, stop crying, Liangdu imperial doctor, so many mothers will find someone to cure you. Isn’t it a good friendship with your grandfather? Let him make moves …" Speaking of which, Geng Shi’s eyes are going round and round.
"But what?"
Xie Qi was very excited when he heard that Geng Shi was going to invite Song Yuan to treat himself. Even if Li Cheng was born and grew up in Li Cheng, he also heard that Song Yuan’s name was Qin’s royal family. Every generation of imperial hospitals came from the Song family, so it can be seen that the Song family’s medical skills were recognized by the whole royal family. This little injury to his face must be a piece of cake.
Come on, you sit and listen to Niang tell you’ Geng Shi carefully smoothed her thoughts and saw Xie Qi’s ferocious, bloody face; If you are not your own daughter sitting opposite you, even Geng Shi can’t stand the nausea and vomiting. It’s not that Xie Qi looks like the wound that has just been burned without treatment. It’s ugly to a certain extent. Plus, Xie Qi is short of breath, angry and tearful, and her face doesn’t quarrel. Flushing makes the wound more ferocious than that.
Xie Qi bowed his head and his thin lips slightly sipped his eyes and quickly crossed with a look.
"Remember when you said it was your sister-in-law Gu Suyi?" Geng Shi took Xie Qi by the hand.
"Daughter’s brain is not injured" Xie Qi glared at Geng Shi with dissatisfaction.
Geng Shi is nothing but holding Xie Qi’s hand. "Now that you remember that, you can see that this Xie Fu from your great-grandmother to your grandfather and grandmother’s little uncle is not Su Yi. I didn’t just say two words: Do you want to divide the property first? You can see that your grandfather and grandmother are now treating those in Heng Wu Garden as a treasure in their hands."
"Hum!" Xie Qi naturally knows what happened in Heng Wu Garden, especially when he thought of it. He was so angry that he shrank his sleeve. His left hand was already tightly clenched into a fist and gnashed his teeth. "Of course I know, but what can I do to get Su Yi back after being missing for 30 years? Didn’t you also say that if Su Yi’s father hadn’t been missing, how could he get married with you?" Words have no respect for Geng Shi.
Geng Shi was a little angry at first, but when he saw Xie Qi’s injured face and thought of Xie Yu’s evil deeds, his anger suddenly subsided. "Mom knows that your heart is bitter," he said, bowing his head and smiling. "Your grandfather and grandmother didn’t know what it was that you loved Gu Jinxi Su Yi so much. It was just their own daughter, but the niece was still separated by a generation. Guess what I heard when your ancestral temple was set on fire?"
"What?" Xie qi looked at Geng Shi that mysterious appearance with a frown.
"Hum that Gu Jinxi is a big lie!" Geng Shi smiled happily in his heart. "It turns out that your grandfather and grandmother loved Gu Jin Sunseeker so much better than your granddaughter because they saved Xie Yi from Gu Jin Sunseeker, which is your little uncle; You should have heard the news that your little uncle and his bodyguard were seriously injured by bandits and almost died before we returned to Liangdu. "
Xie Qi cringed. "What about that?"
"You’re stupid!" Geng Shi stared at Xie Qi. "If we expose Gu Jinxi, your grandfather and grandmother will know that Gu Jinxi is a big liar, and the impression of her mother will definitely be greatly reduced. Then this Xie Gu is not all our mother, so we can find you a Mr Right and let you get married with a red makeup."
Xie Qi couldn’t help but glow at the bottom of his eyes, but his face suddenly sank again. "I know Rui Wang!" "
"What’s good about King Rui?" Geng Shi was puzzled and hated that iron did not produce.
"I want Rui Wang" Xie Qi held Geng Shi’s hand tightly. "Mom, I want Rui Wang not to marry in this life!"
"You …" Geng Shi was so angry that she seemed to think of what kind of eyes were rolling fast and took Xie Qi’s hand. "Well, well, before that, we have to rip out Gu Jin’s true face first. Do you want to? Now the empress dowager empress is dissatisfied with Gu Jin’s sunseeker. King Rui is already weak, but Gu Jin’s little girl is only twelve years old. She is already twenty-five years old. Others have already been children. Let’s pull out Gu Jinxi’s true face. When the time comes, your grandfather and grandmother don’t like her, but she is a business woman. Even if her brothers are in court, how can they compete with you? "
Xie Qi nodded, which is the same reason. "But how can we expose her? Chapter 16 How do you want to hit me again?"!
"The original mother is puzzled …" Geng Shi took Xie Qi’s hand tightly and studied Xie Qi’s face and eyebrows that were burned by fire. "Although your face was burned by your eldest brother, it seems to be a good thing now."
"What do you mean?"
Xie Qi smell speech heart suddenly heavy heavy face ugly fierce looked up and stared at Geng Shi ruthlessly Geng Shi hand jilt "good thing? Whether you are my own mother or not is a good thing to say that I was ruined by my brother! "
"Qier!" Geng Shi looked at hurriedly took Xie Qi, who wanted to go on the rampage, and said, "You’d better listen to Niang."
"Hum!" Xie Qi sullen eyes filled with YinZhi; Those eyes are slightly narrowed, and the face is distorted. Rao Geng Shi feels a little afraid to take her hand and quickly tunnel "Do you want to? Since Gu Jin Sunseeker claims to be an imperial doctor, even your little uncle’s life can be pulled back, which is even worse. This is nothing to hurt your face …"
Geng Shi’s words haven’t finished looking at Xie Qi’s eyes wide open and burning with thick anger, he quickly calmed down. "Niang didn’t say that your face wound is not serious, but you think we can let Gu Jinxi heal you through this end-to-end. If she really has that, your face wound will be a good thing; If she doesn’t have that thing; However, she was born to swindle and cheat. When the time comes, your grandfather’s impression of her will fall to the bottom. Hum, the Empress Dowager will surely spare her. Don’t you like King Rui? If you want to expose her true colors, the royal family will definitely not want such a daughter-in-law. Don’t you have a chance? "
"What you said is true?" Xie Qi’s eyes slightly narrowed and twisted, but she never recovered to stare at Geng Shi’s cold eyes. Rao is Geng Shi couldn’t help shivering and nodded quickly. "Mother said that nature is true. Now the whole Xie Gu grandchildren can have you as a girl. Can your grandfather really be an outsider and not help one of their own?"
Xie Qi nutty nutty "who knows he is not a Su Yi unexpectedly she will be my brother and I ancestral temple for so long now the ancestral temple was burned deserved it! If I had known this, I should have put the fire harder … "
"Uh-huh …" Before the words were finished, Geng Shi quickly put a hand over Xie Qi’s mouth and turned to look around warily to make sure that no one was there. This is a heavy heart. "How can you say this about my sister-in-law’s grandmother? Do you know?"
Burning down the ancestral hall is a heinous thing. If it really goes out, it will not only be Xie Qi but also Geng Shi. Xie Gu is not satisfied with her coming. If we know that she instigated this matter again, the result will be self-evident.
Xie Qi heard it was silent. It was to raise my hand and push Geng Shi’s arm hard. The tone was bold and tunnel "I know."
Geng Shi took Xie Qi’s hand. Do you think this matter is really beneficial to you and harmful to you? Let your grandfather come forward and ask Song Yuan to come and hear that the empress in the harem was injured, but Song Yuan is healing and won’t even leave a little scar. What are you worried about?