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Sun Zhiping was in a trance for a while before he saw Zhuo Qiang, a foreign beauty. When he saw Zhuo Qiang, a beautiful woman who seemed to be very close, he felt as if he had eaten a fly.

Isn’t this Zhuo Qiang who once had a problem with himself?
He has heard a little about Zhuo Qiang’s recent events and knows that his family seems to have made a small fortune a few months ago and even the company has risen.
But even so, Sun Zhiping is still far from being able to compare with his family, which has already set up an office in Beijing. Is it the same as this overnight rich Zhuoqiang family?
However, this young man just got rich and found such a beautiful and exotic girl. This ability to pick up girls is really not to be underestimated.
Bi Jian didn’t expect Sun Zhiping, a flower hunter, to pay most attention to Christie’s body. He was also briefly silent because of Sun Zhiping’s two classmates who were not very harmonious.
"Chi Ping, my old classmates haven’t seen each other for a long time. Let’s talk. I’ll go out and wait for another classmate." Bi Jian didn’t want to interfere with other people’s affairs. He hurried out to meet his important guests again.
After Bi Jian went out, everyone seemed to wake up suddenly, and Sun Zhiping greeted them one after another.
Zhuojiang although zhi-ping sun don’t deal with, but this occasion he still mixed with students in the voice asked vaguely.
Sure enough, as soon as Sun Zhiping sat down, he first swept a table of several classmates and asked, "Why didn’t anyone introduce me to this beautiful woman?"
One of my classmates said quickly, "This is Christy from Chile, and Wan Li, a classmate of Zhuo Qiang, was abducted from South America."
Sun Zhiping got up and held out his hand and said, "Please take more photos of my deputy general manager Sun Zhiping Global Food Co., Ltd."
Christie saw that something was wrong with Zhuo Qiang’s look since the appearance of Sun Zhiping, and there was nothing good about this Sun Zhiping. Seeing each other reach out and put on a puzzled expression did not show the slightest sign.
Where can Sun Zhiping let his face fall to the ground? He still held out his hand firmly and said, "Miss Christie? Don’t you understand Daxia Mandarin? "
Christie looked at Zhuo Jiang and said, "Are you going to shake my hand? I’m sorry, we have a rule that a woman can only have skin contact with her closest relatives. "
Sun Zhiping startled way "South American folk customs is not very bold? How can there be such a rule? "
A classmate is busy coming out to make a circle field. "Chi Ping, don’t force this beautiful woman any more. Every place has different customs, just like Xia Guo, every province and county has different customs. What Christie said may not be false."
Zhi-ping sun this just passively retracted his hand and sat down again.
"Strong, I heard that there is a shipping company in your family?" Zhi-ping sun like casually ask
Zhuojiang nodded his head and wondered how Sun Zhiping could befriend Sun Zhiping first and let him know what was going on with another word.
"Shipping is not a very easy business. I think it is better for food companies to make money." Sun Zhiping said and looked to the left and right.
Where does a classmate still don’t know what happened? Busy and then asked, "Is the food company good at making money? The competition of instant food companies is also very fierce. "
"You’re right." Sun Zhiping nodded slightly and said, "But our global food company is different. Our main product is drinks. Do you know that selling drinks is tantamount to selling water? Half a liter of tap water can be sold for several dollars by adding some materials into a bottle. How many cents do you think it will make money? "
"Wow, that’s amazing." Several students expressed their surprise in succession.
"This can be false? I’m the vice president of the company, and I’m sure I need to know about the situation in this respect. I heard that the profit of shipping in this respect is so low that many ships can’t earn a penny a year and lose a lot of money. The prospect is worrying. "Sun Zhiping sighed slightly.
Zhuo Qiang smiled and nodded noncommittally to his words.
Although he has been in society for several years, Sun Zhiping is still showing off himself and doing nothing.
However, Zhuo Qiang doesn’t care much about this. This kind of person just doesn’t need to be angry with him.
"Miss Christie, when will you have the honor of visiting our company?" Sun Zhiping finally showed his fox tail.
Christie leaned her head against Zhuo Qiang’s shoulder and said, "I listen to my husband."
Sun Zhiping saw this situation and the horse realized that he had completely lost hope and lost his spirit like a frost.
A classmate saw that Sun Zhiping was a little lost and quickly picked a topic that Sun Zhiping was interested in. "Chi Ping, I think you are the best among the students now, and you have become the vice president of the company. You will definitely inherit the family business in the future. The future is limitless."
Sun Zhiping had the spirit again and said, "It’s just a piece of cake. If I master the university in the future, I will definitely carry forward the company, but if I want to say that I am the best among my classmates, I am still a little behind."
"No classmates and stronger than you? Who is it? Why don’t I know? "
Sun Zhiping lowered his voice and said, "Does everyone know about Zhang Junjie?"
"Zhang Junjie knows, but I heard that he is now in the underworld. Is the underworld also very rich?" A classmate expressed doubt.
"Do you know what a dance hall in our city earns a night? And how many dance halls are there in our city? And foot washing city, where all the money is fast. Of course, this is a small head and a big head, and these add up to more casinos. "Sun Zhiping is very clear.
Another student was even more confused. "What’s this Junjie?"
Zhi-ping sun refers to this classmate. "I said you are so closed. You still don’t know who Zhang Junjie is? Today, I will give you a violent curtain. Zhang Junjie is now the boss of our Nanxi gang. "
A thin classmate ha ha laugh "who believe you this words? A few months ago, he lent me 500 yuan, but he hasn’t paid it back yet. He is just a peripheral member of the gang, not even a real underworld. When did he become the boss of the gang again? "
Zhi-ping sun hurriedly stopped him from continuing to talk, and the sound pressure was even lower. He said, "Don’t talk nonsense. I just knew that Zhang Junjie would come here tonight, so I gave Bi Jian this face to go to this classmate’s party."
Speaking of which, Sun Zhiping knew that his gaffes had offended all the students.