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At this time, two milu deer and three small milu deer appeared in the public eye. The hound had experience and didn’t bark, which would scare away the prey. This is also the result of training.

And Zhang Tao and others are very excited. Elk is not an ordinary hare, but it is a big piece of food, enough for several families to eat.
At this time, Zhang Wanli, Lin Hua, and Li Dongcheng are like three people in the center of everyone directing the hunters to carefully find their own places and then pull the bow and arrow.
Howling and counting bows and arrows swarmed, but Zhang Tao was sensitive to find that all the bows and arrows were male and female elk, and they panicked and left with their calves, but these hunters didn’t mean to chase them. The hounds rushed to guard their prey at this moment.
Perhaps I saw Zhang Tao wondering that Zhang Wanli touched Zhang Taotou and said, "Taoer, the food we eat comes from this mountain forest. We can’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, or the food in the mountain will eventually be eaten all day. We must stay and now the horse is going to spend the winter. If the mother elk dies, how can these elk survive the winter?"
"I see" Zhang Tao nodded, but Lin moved thoughtfully. Li Qianggen was not interested in Zhang Wanli’s words, but he was running around.
At noon, everyone was ready to go further after eating a small amount of dry food, but Zhang Tao knew that the hunting operation would be over today, because it was absolutely fatal to leave enough time to go back to the village at night.
Even experienced hunters dare not stay here late at night. Some nocturnal beasts will regard this place as paradise, and human beings happen to be one of their favorite prey.
At this time, the original quiet hound suddenly became nervous and barked in one direction. A dozen hunters immediately got up and surrounded Zhang Tao and other three children.
Can make the trained hounds so abnormal? Without his explanation, it means that something dangerous is approaching. "Protect the children before leaving Li Dongcheng Linhua and the three of us."
You must be calm at the key moment, and Zhang Tao’s father immediately gave orders to say the most correct way. If a group of people have too big a goal and encounter the enemy of the beast, they will only run for their lives. The beast’s goal must be to run slowly, and the child is the future of the village.
At this time, small shrubs suddenly appeared around, stirring up everyone’s heart. Although Zhang Tao was very scared, he didn’t want to leave his father, Zhang Wanli. He didn’t have the heart to take care of Zhang Tao, so that his hunter could forcibly take Zhang Tao away. At this time, the grass actually vibrated continuously.
"Not good! It’s a silver wolf pack! " Zhang Wanli’s face changed greatly. I didn’t expect to encounter such a thing. Although the silver wolf has arrived at the migration time, how can it come to this forest area with small animals? Is it something that happened in the mountains that caused these beasts to be abnormal?
If it’s a big beast, you can still be lucky. Now it’s a group of beasts and a powerful silver wolf. More than a dozen hunters feel a little desperate. "When we light the torch, we will go back to the village and be safe." This is a code for successful hunters. If we are in a hurry now, it is tantamount to suicide.
Fire is something that ordinary wild animals are afraid of. The casualties of jungle fires will continue this memory for generations, but the silver wolf is a bloodthirsty animal. When the torch can be delayed,
A dozen hunters are still orderly in the face of despair, and the silver wolves seem to have wisdom to surround everyone. Although they dare not attack directly, they are approaching.
"Whoo!" At this time, there was a sharp noise in the forest, and Zhang Wanli and others’ faces changed at the same time "Silver Wolf King! ?”
After the appearance of Xiao, the silver wolves seemed to be greatly encouraged to face the torch and launched an attack without fear. Zhang Wanli knew that the silver wolves had stopped them from living on their own, but he was too far away from Zhang Tao to take care of himself. "What should I do?" At this time, what experience and hunter courage have all lost their effect, such as saving one’s own son is the most important thing, even if it is to pay one’s own life.
More than a dozen hunters fought and retreated, and the hounds and the silver wolf roots were not on the same level, but the casualties of hunters would be even greater if the loyal hounds gave their lives for each other.
Zhang Tao frightened me and ran blindly, and soon disappeared. In Zhang Wanli’s eyes, Zhang Wanli screamed in the jungle, "Tao Er!"
In a short time, there was damage among the hunters. The attack power of the silver wolves was really too great, but they were all experienced hunters. If the hunters could lead the silver wolves to the place where they usually set traps, they would have a chance.
Hunters are usually willing to plant traps in places they know well, so they can wait for them and get some surprises. These traps become everyone’s hope of saving their lives.
However, Zhang Tao fled in the opposite direction, and the silver wolves seemed to be attracted by most people and did not pursue Zhang Tao, so Zhang Tao saved his life.
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Chapter 3 Young Master is nine days and one less.
Mercedes-Benz jungle training seems to have some effect in the past year. At this time, Zhang Tao seems to have forgotten everything. Even if he turns back, this movement has become forgotten. Now he knows that he keeps running and running. As time goes by, he seems to forget what he is and run.
I don’t know how long it took Zhang Tao to run, but he felt that his lungs were on fire. Even in the village training on weekdays, there was no such feeling. This feeling of physical exhaustion reached the limit
It wasn’t the brain that controlled Zhang Tao’s own stop. Because of extreme exhaustion, Zhang Tao’s brain issued the wrong command, and the sweat kept falling. Zhang Tao noticed that everything seemed to be wobbling in front of him. A six-year-old child ran wildly in the jungle. This complex terrain, Zhang Tao’s face was obviously scratched and he had been stabbed by thorns at the same time.
But at this time, Zhang Tao didn’t feel much pain, and everything around him seemed to be spinning, and everything around him was blurred.
Suddenly, a shady scene came to my eyes. Suddenly, it seemed that the world had lost its color. Only a piece of pure black Zhang Tao fell unconscious.
Warm, this is the only feeling that Zhang Tao has now. It seems that she has returned to her mother and enjoyed her mother’s care. This feeling is long-lost for Zhang Tao and she can’t help but groan.
"Are you awake?" At this time, a frivolous sound Zhang Tao ear rings.
"Who is it?" The sound of growing up in a mountain village is novel to Zhang Tao. Zhang Tao swears that it is definitely the first time to hear curiosity drive Zhang Tao to open his eyes. Although everything in front of him is a little vague, you can vaguely see the smoke rising slowly.
I looked around carefully. Here is a natural cave, and Zhang Taoren is lying in a hot spring. His body scratches seem to have disappeared. Although I don’t know how long I have been asleep, my stomach is constantly rebelling. Obviously, I am very hungry.
"Do you know how lucky you are? Actually such a coincidence fell into the master cave. "At this time, the frivolous sound rang again and attracted Zhang Tao’s attention.
Although the fog can’t be seen clearly, the general outline is still in sight. Seeing that this man is about twenty years old, a white suit is better than snow, and his slender black hair naturally adds a fairy aura behind his back. His export voice has destroyed his overall temperament, but this will not be abrupt, but it will make Zhang Tao feel that this is the character of this person.
"What young master lives in the world is the most admired adventure, what he meets in the mountains, what he helps others, what he falls off a cliff and discovers martial arts secrets, and thus he flies to the sky. the legendary swordsman, the young master of these adventures, has long been able to listen to calluses. Moreover, he has the honor to experience what it means to cross this kind of feeling once. It’s really inhuman." This voice is always so frivolous as if there is nothing to worry about in this world.
Although a little arrogant, it will not make people feel disgusted. On the contrary, there will be a strange feeling that he should take it for granted and online boy Kanshu ‘m. It seems that this person’s personality is naturally believable.
However, Zhang Tao, the man who spoke, didn’t understand anything. Zhang Tao was about to say something when he suddenly exclaimed and suddenly felt a huge power to wrap himself up. Before Zhang Tao could react, the whole body took off.
From the hot spring, a chill suddenly invaded Zhang Tao, and I couldn’t help shivering. But at this time, I also saw the white man touch a hint of evil intention, smile and hang his face, which made him perfect and handsome. Qionglou’s face was more dynamic, and the knife-shaped eyebrows were staring straight across the face, and if the jade fell from the sky like a fairy, if it weren’t for this hint of evil intention, Zhang Tao would inevitably feel that he had met a master in the world, but at this moment, Zhang Taoxin felt that he had met any dude.
It is to see him lift his right hand lightly and seize himself. It must be a stunt. Strong curiosity makes Zhang Tao forget his fear. It is like the first time I saw the stars in the sky, I couldn’t wait to stretch out my finger and want to know the number of stars in my chest.
For a moment, Zhang Taoyuan’s rags were returned to their owners, and Zhang Tao felt a soft force to gently put himself on the ground.
Surprised, I saw this mysterious male elder brother cheerfully looking at myself. Zhang Tao was at a loss and didn’t see the world. Zhang Tao didn’t know what to say or what he had encountered at this time.