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Bamboo feet snapped to the ground.

At this time, Xie Cunguan’s left hand has been pressed, and his two arms and hind legs have been pushed to abdomen, and a right fist has been punched out and rushed to each other’s heart as the body is like a bow and an arrow.
As soon as Takemori slammed, he couldn’t help but take a step back and feel the numbness in his left arm.
It turns out that Takesen is also a fighter, and he knows that his hands are inseparable in fighting. Therefore, Xie Cunguan’s punch to his heart hits the other side to protect his heart and his left elbow.
However, although Takemori’s hands are always on his back, Xie Cunguan is wearing a monkey’s post posture to accumulate strength and strength, and his body is as light as waves and waves, so Xie Cunguan’s punch is full of energy, but he is in a state of strength and he is retreated by this punch as soon as he is in full swing.
Xie Cunguan gained power, so that people would not go into the body if their feet were destroyed again.
Let’s make a concession! Bamboo sen is also a veteran. When he fell from power and influence, he saw Xie Cunguan get into the body and immediately drank a lot. He took advantage of the situation and kicked out with one leg.
He thanked the officer for his leg, and immediately got up, dropped the kid, put on his boots and sealed the door.
Because they are very close, Zhu Sen’s leg strength can’t be finished. If the leg strength is not enough, Xie Cunguan’s little devil will be forced to put on his boots.
What a bamboo sen! He immediately closed his legs and punched his body, and then he turned to a forehand and leaned forward to fight back.
This time, enough force was pulled out, and an iron fist hit Xie Cunguan’s face like a shell leaving the chamber.
Chapter 15 Get out of here
Takemori Akiyoshi punched Xie Cunguan alongside of.seem like a cannon.
At the moment, Xie Cunguan is using his hands to protect his knees, y and n, and the other party’s fist strikes him. He immediately twists his left hand to the right and lifts his elbow pads, so that his left arm will form a mobile guardrail to protect his face.
At the same time, the right hand forward to block in the chest.
In this way, the elbow of the arm is propped up with the left hand, and the right hand of the big arm and the small arm forms a forward triangular tip to protect the whole bust. Moreover, because the arm is formed as a triangular tip, it has an outward oblique angle, and when it encounters external force, it will naturally form a unloading surface to dissolve part of the opponent’s strength.
Moreover, in this way, the oblique force faces each other and generally dare not contribute.
I’m likely to break my wrist because of my efforts.
Sure enough, Takemori Qiuliang’s right fist immediately received some strength when he touched Xie Cunguan’s left arm and felt oblique force.
At this time, Xie Cunguan has fallen on his right leg, and as soon as he makes progress, he walks out of an oblique plane with Takemori Akiyoshi.
When Takemori Qiuliang left his right fist, Xie Cunguan’s right leg fell off and his left foot has moved forward. After measuring the tip of his left foot and his right foot, he stepped forward and directly inserted it into Takemori’s legs.
Some at the same time, the left elbow was sent to Takesen’s chest, right hand and five fingers together and covered his elbow like a knife and stabbed each other’s heart.
Zhusen looked at each other’s elbow and his left hand was busy. He pressed it horizontally on Xie Cunguan’s elbow before his chest.
But Xie Cunguan’s right hand is stuck on the elbow, and suddenly he points out and slams it in the other person’s heart.
When Takemori Yoshinori’s figure shakes, his hands suddenly fling at him, and he suddenly falls back like a wheel (chapter is like a flower hitting shoudaom} with his hand). Xie Cunguan’s right hand immediately steps into the body like a tiger, and his left arm is like an axe, which is exactly the boxing potential.
But this one punch was stripped by Takemori Harumi and missed each other.
Xie Cunguan made a mistake with one punch and stopped chasing.
Takemori’s face was as white as paper when he settled down. Obviously, Xie Cunguan’s heart hurt him a little.
The two men took a deep breath to relieve the stabbing pain in their hearts when they timed Takemori Liangqiu again. It took a long time to debut "Good Kung Fu!"
Xie Cunguan sneered, "Now you don’t pretend to be B?"
When you talk, your feet are destroyed, and the arrows are like tigers coming out! Suddenly, I jumped in front of Takemori’s good autumn, and this vertical direction directly crossed the distance of nearly five meters. I threw my hands and palms together and opened them forward, taking the other side’s jaw straight, and at the same time, my right leg closed my knees and stuck to my chest, pedaling like a horse.
In an instant, three limbs are full of strength, and from the side, they look like agile apes.
The pain in Takemori’s heart in Liangqiu was only slowed down by Xie Cunguan’s sentence "Now you don’t pretend to be B". When he was vomiting his heart, he was just about to retort. When the other party suddenly jumped in front of him and made three copies.
He was busy putting his hands on his chest and knees.
Just close your hands in Xie Cunguan’s arms. Xie Cunguan’s hands have held his jaw, but the lack of strength knocked his head back and didn’t hurt him.
But thank inch officer face a leg at this time has been issued in his knees haven’t finished lifting is playing in his belly city directly will he stumbled out.
Xie Cunguan stopped him before he quit his hands. He closed the door and pulled people to his front. At the same time, when his right leg fell into the left step, his hands crossed again and knocked out. It was Shanghai’s intention that he was a tiger.
Bamboo Sen Liangqiu’s abdomen hurts, his body is unstable and he eats again. When he pulls it, he has lost his condition and is directly hit by this palm.
Man’s physical center of gravity is in dantian, but his psychological center of gravity is in his head.
Takemori Harumi was beaten up as soon as he was beaten, and his body drew an arc and fell back.
Xie Cunguan steps closely with his hands to brush and press directly on his chest, and he will make room for half a person to collapse directly and bang on the floor.
Although it is a wooden floor, it also smashed the head of Takemori Liangqiu, and his body and bones were like scattered frames. At this time, Xie Cunguan squatted on the left and right palms and put his hands on the back of his palm and directly inserted them into the throat of the other party.
Just listen to the sound of the bamboo forest, and the autumn throat festival will be shattered.
As early as listening to the sentence "Help me kill this man" by Banyuan Hengkang, Xie Cunguan moved his heart.
After all, being in the enemy’s camp, the other side’s strongmen are more like the wounded soldier Chi Tiewei just now, and the skill of Zhu Sen Liangqiu is not much better than his own. There is also a guy who has killed his brother Qiu Tian Shengji and is eyeing up to leave his hand aside at this time, which is different from suicide!
Just now, although Xie Cunguan hit Zhu Sen’s heart with a palm, the other people in the room didn’t see it except Tian Shengji. Plus Xie Cunguan made a split fist, but the other party didn’t even feel the wind when he pulled the belt.
Who knows that takemori ryochiu can’t afford to be seriously injured when he meets another potential in an instant?
Xie Cunguan poked a palm and broke Takemori’s throat. He was just about to get up.
"grid!" At this time, Banyuan Hengkang suddenly cried and grabbed the middle-aged man beside him. He stretched out his hand and lifted the clothes. Suddenly, he pulled out a gun from the man and raised his hand to aim at Xie Cunguan directly.
Xie inch officer saw each other’s hands suddenly out of the gun immediately body quickly to avoid to one side.
Bantan Hengkang pulled the board and hit the floor with a bang. Just now, a cloud of smoke rose from the place where Xie Cunguan was.
Xie Cunguan avoided this gun and jumped directly at Banyuan Hengkang as soon as he jumped forward.
But as soon as he jumped to the front of the sofa, Tian Shengji cut in front of him and saw Xie Cunguan close to the direct face, a boxing face, a leg bouncing up and playing straight to Xie Cunguan’s lower abdomen Y and N crotch.
It’s a kind of kick-leg door.
Xie Cunguan got up and dropped the kid’s boots, and a door closed when the two men collided with each other’s fists and feet, and the right hand pulled Tian Shengji’s hand to the left hand, and a finger pointed to the other person’s throat. As soon as the gesture entered the body, he changed his shoulder and left arm and leaned in.
Tian Shengji ate Xie Cunguan with his right hand and immediately put his left hand out along the shoulder and twisted his body together.
Two people just bumped into each other and turned their wrists. As soon as they took it, they all went into the depend.
Listen to a bang Tian Shengji’s right shoulder depends on Xie Cunguan’s left shoulder.
This collision comes to a slight pause, the left hand turns over with the right hand, and the right hand closes with Tota’s hand, hitting Tian Shengji’s jaw directly, while Tian Shengji’s right hand goes to a "pick" and wipes his eyebrows over his head. When he twists his left elbow, he picks it out.
So Xie Cunguan Tota was holding a picture in his hand and hitting Tian Shengji’s elbow with strength, and the two elbows collided with each other with a bang.