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"Aunt Empress, if we don’t marry others, we should marry our cousin so that we can accompany our aunt."

"Yes, aunt, don’t kick us out. We are willing to accompany you."
It’s really painful for Liu Min to be a spoiled brat.
Besides, Liu Minyue looks a little like the queen mother’s brother, and she likes it when she looks at it, as if she saw her young brother.
But the queen mother thought of Xiao Huang’s character but was too slow to answer.
Scott has inquired about the situation in Beijing before he went to Beijing, so it is so difficult to know the Queen Mother.
Scott couldn’t say how angry he was. "Empress Dowager, I know why you are so difficult. You must be afraid that the Empress Dowager won’t agree. But Empress Dowager, you are the emperor’s mother and the empress’s mother-in-law. Why does she disagree?"
"Don’t mention the palace. Even in our family, we dare not disobey our mother-in-law. It’s unfilial of her."
"Our place is filial piety. If the queen dares to confront the queen mother, she will be treated as a great sin. See if she dares."
"The queen mother but the queen mother is still afraid of her being a little queen?"
One developed seven elder sister-in-law came. Haha, even in modern times. Chapter 189 Lost my mind.
The queen mother of Yangde Palace Hall was said to be on fire, and at the same time she remembered that Su Wan’s daughter had been treated unfairly because of her.
Before he married this woman, Xiao Huang also loved Xiao Zhen very much, but since he had this woman, he has stopped loving his sister, not only not hurting her, but also suppressing her everywhere.
Although I know that my daughter did something wrong, it was always her own daughter. She turned a blind eye to Xiao Huang’s punishment of her sister because of some fear of Xiao Huang.
In fact, how can a mother really turn a blind eye to her daughter’s punishment?
What’s more, being a mother naturally wants her daughter to love each other, which is separated from her daughter-in-law by a layer of belly.
But because of Xiao Huang’s care, she didn’t dare to say anything.
Where is Kuang Su-wan’s identity? The princess of the East China Sea, Princess Qingxiao, did not dare to be too hard on her.
The queen mother thinks that her mother-in-law is really timid. She has never asked her daughter-in-law to make rules, and sometimes she has to act according to her face.
The queen mother gets angrier and angrier.
In front of Scott and Zhang, they naturally looked out and spoke more eloquently.
"Empress Dowager, from now on, you are the place where everyone is. What is the empress? She is just the emperor’s daughter-in-law. How many women does the emperor want? But his mother has one. Even if the emperor protects the empress Dowager, will he really protect his daughter-in-law from the old lady when he meets you and the empress? Then he is afraid of being scolded by heaven and man. Don’t worry too much."
"Yes, Empress Dowager, it is reasonable to say that if the Empress is unfilial, it is beneficial to abolish the Empress, that the style of the Empress’s eyes is unfilial, and that she is pregnant and won’t let the emperor accept the princess. This is jealousy, and this alone can abolish her. Is it difficult for her to be an emperor? Is she abstinence?"
Scott and Zhang said that in the end, they were jealous and jealous that Su Wan was so lucky and hated that this woman was overbearing and pregnant, and she didn’t want to let her own man Nafei be the most jealous woman among the girls.
Don’t say that the emperor is an ordinary rich family. Which master didn’t marry three wives and four concubines to live? It’s good to come to her. The queen didn’t let the emperor Nafei hate him.
The words of Scott and Zhang made the Queen Mother’s eyes light up.
Yes, the queen is pregnant recently, but the emperor has been celibate for a long time. Which man can really resist it? Maybe the emperor is burning with desire at the moment. If he is provoked by a girl as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, it is difficult to get emotional. If the emperor really moved and slept with her niece, how could he not accept the princess?
The queen mother’s eyes lit up and she looked at Scott and Zhang and said, "It’s not good for the emperor Nafei to intervene in things that are not allergic and sensitive. If they enter the emperor’s eyes, they can make decisions."
The implicit meaning of this statement is that they can seduce the emperor. If they fall into the emperor’s eyes or are slept by the emperor, she can naturally make decisions with two maids.
Scott and Zhang immediately brightened up and looked at their daughters.
Ning Fu, their daughter from Lujia, is a famous beauty. Because of their excellent birth, they are reluctant to give them to ordinary people, and they have not discussed their relatives until now.
Now it’s just right to let them enter the palace princess. If they enter the palace princess, are you afraid that the emperor won’t wipe their Lujia?
Since ancient times, the pillow wind has been very strong
The two ladies nodded with smiles on their faces. "Please take care of this kindness. We have in mind that the empress dowager accompanied us for such a while. Are you tired and go to have a rest first?"