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The plan was to let Dai Ruoxi and Heng Yu guard Kyushu Island, but Dai Ruoxi did refuse to go with Xie Cunguan, who failed to get over it. She finally had to make adjustments to let Ma Paoer and Heng Yu guard Kyushu Island.

Now, although they haven’t broken the deadlock, they have different feelings in each other’s hearts, especially Xie Cunguan, who feels more and more difficult to refuse the request of Xi Xi, and I don’t know if I have noticed anything before, but now he is sticking to his own ideas more and more.
The Yamaguchi group, Inagawa Club and the Association in Kyrgyzstan quickly launched retaliation against the Black Dragon Club, so many entertainment places in Tokyo were in constant conflict. After all, most of the entertainment places were involved in the operation, which had affected the after-work recreation and entertainment of Tokyo people. Naturally, the police also felt that a large number of police forces controlled and monitored places.
Tian Shengji deployed the Kyushu Black Dragon Association in places where Yamaguchi, Inagawa and the Association stationed in Kyrgyzstan were relatively powerful, and no Tokyo Black Dragon Association personnel were deployed around. From the deployment point of view, there was a feeling that Kyushu Black Dragon Association was surrounded by Yamaguchi, Inagawa and the Association stationed in Kyrgyzstan alone, and Tian Shengji also made the same arrangement for Toushan bear forces, Maori Saburo and Maori Kangxiong.
Tian Jia-ma arranged to isolate the two.
This is Tian Shengji’s intention. He had the deployment information leaked to the Yamaguchi group.
In his plan, the Black Dragon will suddenly take the initiative to attack the Yamaguchi group, the Inagawa Association and the Kyrgyzstan Association to form the first wave of fierce blows. This is to show the strength to the other side and make the other side feel pain.
At this time, he deliberately arranged Toushan Xiongma and Kyushu Sagittarius in unfavorable positions on both sides to give vent to Yamaguchi Group, Inagawa Club and Kyrgyzstan Club. On the one hand, he let the other party find their faces, on the other hand, he weakened the power of Toushan Xiongma and Kyushu Black Dragon Joint Club.
In Tianjing, it is calculated that the Yamaguchi group, the Inagawa society and the resident society in Kyrgyzstan will find each other in retaliation after being hurt by themselves, so the possibility of sitting down to negotiate is greatly increased.
Of course, it doesn’t rule out the possibility that the other side will continue the conflict. But at this time, Tian Shengji believes that it has been difficult for everyone to sit down and negotiate this road after the loss of Maori Kangxiong and Tuyuejia soldiers and guards.
It’s really good to say that the calculation of Katsuma in Tian Province is really good, because in the retaliation actions of Yamaguchi group, Inagawa Association and the meeting in Kyrgyzstan, Toushan Xionglai has not many forces. Once he was beaten to pieces, even Maoli Kangxiong was injured in one leg, and many people who supported Toushan Xionglai voted for Katsuma in this situation.
However, Tian Shengji was not polite to these people who took refuge in a n experienced person, and arranged directly to the outermost periphery of the family forces to act as the first line of defense for the family warriors.
However, there is a big problem in Kyushu Black Dragon Union Club.
Because the Kyushu Federation has dispatched 10 teams and nearly 200 people to enter the Yamaguchi group in Tokyo, the Inagawa Association and the high-level officials in Kyrgyzstan attach great importance to their decision to send a devastating blow to the Kyushu Black Dragon Federation.
Because Kyushu Black Dragon Club is the largest branch of the Black Dragon Club, and the Black Dragon Club has many branches in Japan, they want to deter the branches of the Black Dragon Club from sending people to support Tokyo by attacking the Kyushu Club, so the leader of the Yamaguchi samurai club, Ghost Wild, dispatched more than 100 elite warriors from Yamaguchi Group, and the Inagawa Club and the Kyrgyzstan Club each dispatched 100 warriors to form an absolutely dominant team of 300 people to kill the area where Kyushu Black Dragon Club is stationed. When Ghost Wild and others rushed into the regional Black Dragon Club industry, they did not meet a resister.
What’s going on Ghost wild growled angrily.
The word "Yamaguchi furniture" flashes in the night, although it is not as dazzling as the surrounding lights, but it shows a kind of precipitation. The glass door building is full of lights, reflecting the brilliant decoration of the department to the outside, showing a kind of luxury, even if the beautiful reception at the front desk at night shows a superhuman value.
It is because this building is not high that it shows its extraordinary in Tokyo, which is an inch of land.
There are the best natural hot springs in Tokyo, and there are also the best personnel in it, but the membership system is never for ordinary people.
When a group of young people suddenly pushed the glass door of the building, the security guards composed of the most elite members of the Yamaguchi samurai did not respond for a while. For many years, no one dared to make trouble in the Yamaguchi furniture building, because this is the first industry of the Yamaguchi group in Tokyo, and it is an important face of the Yamaguchi group to come here.
Moreover, because the Yamaguchi group is fighting against the Black Dragon, today, Vice President Suzuki and Minister Taniguchi are entertaining several important people in the government, hoping to get their support and shelter in the subsequent events.
"What are you doing? Is this where you can come? " The wrong novel network is on duty. The security team leader finally reacted and immediately took two hands to stop it.
The leader was a young man, who seemed not to have heard him and went straight to the stairs.
Behind the young man, there were two tall and strong men. When the security team leader brought people close, they suddenly accelerated their footwork and rushed out from the young man.
On the left, an older and mature strong man greeted the security team leader. When they were close to the attack distance, they suddenly stepped forward and grabbed the face of the security team leader with their left hand. The security team leader shouted "Bold!" Ying further parries his right hand to prepare to punch down the opponent.
But as soon as the opponent’s hand got his arm, he immediately slammed it forward and his right hand split out from his left hand.
As soon as the bell rang, the security guard blocked his face and was chopped red-handed with a palm. At that time, the blood spattered on his back and hit the ground, making a loud noise on the floor.
On the other side, slightly childish and fat, I have rushed forward to meet two security guards.
Two security guards are also yakuza, who can rush and hit young people. As soon as the two sides get close, they can divide the soldiers into two roads, one left and one right, and attack the fat Li Daojiao. When the body creaks, the body suddenly accelerates the left hand to turn over the back, one calls the hand and the right hand punches, and a Hei Hu rink hijinks hits the left front security guard.
The security guard stepped forward, holding his hands in tandem, blocking the boxing frame, and the security guard on the right side of Li Dao’s fist also accelerated to meet his companion, but before Li Dao’s fist was halfway out, suddenly his legs slipped to his right side with his left foot propped up, and his right foot slipped into his right front, and his right hand slammed out and hit the security guard on the right side with one hand.
The security guard is rushing forward and suddenly turns to the other side. He has dodged and can’t hold his hands forward desperately.
The two men knocked together to be continued.
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Chapter two hundred and ten Ling shook the enemy with a stick.
Although the security guard had raised his arm to block Li Dao, he hastily started his hand. Besides, Li Dao was tall and strong, and it was not because he could resist one arm at that time that Li Dao broke up the boxing ring with a sweeping force.
Li Dao takes the lead and tide wait for no man! The right arm pressed into the left hand and got up early, slapping an eyebrow straight out of the arms, sweeping the edge of the palm of the leaf like the wind, sweeping the other person’s forehead, thumb and four fingers across the other person’s eyes, and the other person immediately shed tears. When he was flustered, Li Dao’s palm was already hooked on his back neck and his right elbow was lifted into his arms, holding a moon in his arms early.
At the same time, the right elbow bumps into the opponent’s crotch.
About one meter in shape, not losing to Li Dao’s security guard, he curled up in Li Daojiao with a full face of flowers and shrimps, and his blood-stained pie face became purple, which obviously hurt hard.