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However, with the death of Mundus Sect, the guardian clan was driven out of the breeding ground for generations and gradually lost its own culture, forming a wild race struggling in a difficult environment, and the harsh environment also made the population of this race very small. Unless a contemporary wisdom is extremely high, it seems that there are some special opportunities for the saint to unite the whole scattered guardian tribes into a whole, it is hard to say that the guardian clan will gradually sink and eventually disappear into history

Fortunately, after years of development, the population of the Guardian clan has reached 300,000, and all of them have spiritual roots. It is not because of the environment and resources that the Guardian clan has not become very powerful.
But even so, the guardian clan can also cause absolute lethality to Zhaozhou.
Now that Mundus Palace has been started, it is decided to move the whole guardian clan into the superior environment in Mundus Palace so that the guardian clan can thrive. At the same time, it will also make the children with spiritual roots among the collected human beings join Mundus Palace to expand their foundation. Once they meet the qualifications, they can focus on training and joining the Hidden Dragon Army.
Now, the strength of willy, the status of the saint in the guardian clan, has been carried out smoothly and easily, and the effect of the guardian clan has also become to help willy produce children with absolutely excellent qualifications. Those excellent children will be more easily trained by willy’s hidden dragon army. What willy needs is to leave something for Mundus to turnip or adapt to himself instead of copying it blindly.
After moving the guardian clan, willy went to the temple of hades, which needed to go through the nine-deep abyss, the valley bottom of Styx, and other empty places outside the territory. Those places were very dangerous for former willy, but now he is in a middle-level deity with Lei Hu, and the danger is almost gone, and the base is equivalent to an outing
It’s very rare that there will be a monster beast with a deified level in the virtual space outside the nine deep abyss, but it’s really not afraid to travel all the way to the outside of the temple of hades.
Willy linked a silver deified puppet in the temple of hades. When the deified puppet came out, he suddenly saw willy, who was already in the deified middle class, and immediately became very quiet. How long did he sleep? Willy has become a deified middle class.
The influence of the silver puppet on the spirit of the temple of hades was originally that throb was regarded as the heir of the temple of hades, but throb could not exercise its power before it was really inherited. All kinds of polite throb were invited into the temple of hades and asked about the purpose of throb, the "little temple master", through the silver puppet.
Of course, thunder came here not to find a puppet to catch up with the past, but to seek resources to support Pluto. He used to be a generation of super powers. He built the temple of Pluto, but there were many precious treasures such as congenital elixirs
Although willy has never explored the three realms, he also knows from the memory of fangs that even in the underworld, congenital elixirs are very precious. After all, refining congenital elixirs requires the introduction of congenital elixirs, and congenital elixirs are very rare.
This is true for the three realms at present, but the temple of hades is different. This temple of hades was originally where hades lived, and hades was very early, which was equivalent to the end of ancient times. At that time, the treasures of heaven and earth were far less scarce than they are now, and there would be no shortage of congenital elixirs, elixirs or congenital minerals.
These resources are what willy asks for, but he pays more attention to the puppet saying that willy now has the ability to repair the puppet of god, even if it is refined, the puppet of god will at best accumulate more experience
There are a lot of war-damaged, deified puppets in the temple of hades. If we can get those deified puppets, we can set up an army of deified puppets. If we search for and build deified puppet resources by willy, it will be too difficult. People have accumulated enough wealth resources for so long, but only three deified puppets have been accumulated after a collapse. Because we have to refine this level of puppets, we have to move a lot of innate minerals, and the innate materials are not only refined by puppets, but also all kinds of innate magic weapons armor.
Chaos is different, although chaos is full of aura, but that place has been mined by demons, even if you can occasionally find some innate materials, the number is very small
From this, it is wishful thinking for willy to build a puppet army of deification level by our own strength. Naturally, the idea is to hit the temple of hades
However, the stingy degree of Hades’ temple was once learned, and it was said that it was stingy to be the heir of Hades’ temple. So before this, it was ready. If you don’t just play hardball, anyway, this Hades’ temple only lies in four gods, two puppets, two initial stages and two intermediate stages.
When willy said what he wanted, the silver puppet brewed for some time, and it seemed that he was accepting the spirit of the temple of hades for a long time before he slowly shook his head. "Brother Lei was recognized as the successor of the temple of hades, but he was not qualified to adjust the resources of the temple of hades before he officially became the owner of the temple of hades. However, based on your identity and current strength, we will also give you some support for twenty broken puppets, which is the limit." The silver puppet also felt a little embarrassed when he spoke, and he always took some broken puppets to deal with this heir. There was some blushing.
Willy is also extremely angry and laughs coldly. "Do the twenty broken puppets still think that I am the heir to this temple of hades? I came all this way. Do you really think I’m sending flowers? " At the beginning, throb had no intention of turning against Yuan Ying’s middle class, but now he has become a deified middle class. He is stronger than of course, and he is stronger than the outside world.
….. To be continued.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-four Soft not hard
? "This ….." The silver puppet is also ashamed that there are so many war-damaged puppets in the warehouse, but only twenty of them are willing to be sent to control the spirit of hades. The other party is still recognized as the heir of hades, but the spirit of the spirit is where all the centers of hades are located. The silver puppet needs to be elbowed by her, which is also a pity that she can’t make decisions without authorization. "Brother Lei, this is our rule and we can’t change it.
"Well, I don’t blame you." Willy has long felt good about that self, but he is so stingy that he has been unhappy for a long time. He likes to hide in pulling strings and refuses to talk directly to himself. He is just a spirit, and he really takes himself as a character.
Willy estimated that Mei Xiang, the spirit of the chaotic tower, was also brought down by the spirit of the temple of hades, or a spirit dared to be arrogant with himself for so many years before he completely fell on her.
Immediately, tiger willy-nilly came to shoulder his hands proudly and said, "The spirit of Hades’ temple directly gives its shape to pay respects to your little master, otherwise the little master will clean the door for Hades’ adults and completely erase you from the control center of Hades."
A change in the momentum of the silver puppet seemed to be shocked by the rampant words of throb, and some people looked at throb inexplicably with horror.
On the contrary, a woman was angry and resentful. "How dare you threaten a young lady if you are bold and thunderous?"
"hum? Miss, you’re just an instrument spirit. Don’t be afraid of your body. How dare you call yourself miss if you don’t even have your soul? " Willy left the pie mouth disdain the baggage and take the journey "when it’s a horse doesn’t know its face"
"I’m so angry with you. I’m so angry with Miss Yinshi. Kill him and kill him!" Being stingy with materials, of course, a woman can’t be too generous to be sarcastic with willy. Of course, it broke out as soon as she started, and she even ordered a silver puppet to attack willy
However, the silver puppet is a ghost family’s fascination with the puppet. It’s not a clever puppet. When he heard this order, he hesitated and said, "Miss Lei, brother, he is the successor of our temple of hades. How can I start work on him?"
"I don’t care, I don’t care. I order you to kill him or I’ll seal you up completely." The temple of hades is like a spoiled lady screaming sharply.
The silver puppet is also hesitant. First, willy’s identity is there. Second, willy destroyed the deification level with great power when he was a baby. Now his strength has reached the deification level. Who knows how powerful it can be?
"Brother Yin, please be calm. I communicate with her." Willy smiled faintly and turned to the air, disdaining the cold way. "You are also a * sailing and flying elegant * keeper who personally sacrifices and refines the spirit and barks like a bitch. Besides, the young master is the heir to the temple of hades. Isn’t your status as a mere spirit? It’s all right to be overbearing, but you don’t look at the form. Now that the temple of hades has completely declined, do you still think you are a person? Since you are so awesome, Lei Mou is too lazy to accompany you to this Rush Hall of Hades. If the heir is improper, please find another idiot to be the Lord of Hades. "
"Brother Lei!" The silver puppet has pinned the hope of restoring the splendor of Hades’ Temple on Ray, and now he suddenly quits his job. We all want to encourage him before. "How can we wait for Brother Lei to carry forward the vast sublime three realms of Hades?" Brother Silver didn’t break his promise. "Willy sneered, pointing to the airway." How stingy is this giant Buddha at your side of the house not only riding to me? Does she really think she’s good? Really, Leimou is here to beg, but now Leimou has the strength to turn over 100 yuan and tens of thousands of babies, and even several virtual levels are refined. Is it really rare for you to have resources in the temple of hades? Keep it on your side until the day when the old universe is reborn forever. "
Silver ten haven’t words when the spirit called to get up again "what are you bragging about? With your strength, you still want to turn your mind into a hundred yuan baby? Silver ten * set sail and flew to Ya * He didn’t do it himself. Now he is not our guest. Silver ten is still wondering what to do and kill him quickly. "
It’s as if I’ve never received such a stimulus. The vixen spirit has fallen into madness, and it’s really shocking.
"Brother Lei, if you make Miss angry, let’s get out of here first." Silver Chennai sighed. "I’ll persuade her again after a while."
"Brother Yin, if I don’t leave, will you do it?" Willy laughed.
"This?" Silver ten hesitated, but nodded. "Brother Lei, I am now a guardian puppet in the temple of hades. When the temple of hades is not at home, I have to obey the orders of the young lady. Please forgive me for my rudeness."
"In that case, Leimou will come and learn the strength of Brother Yiner." Willy stands stand hand lightly. "Let that idiot female spirit wake up."
At throb, Silver Ten took a deep look at the fuels and said, "Now that Brother Lei intends to show his strength, he will play with Brother Lei, but now he won’t be careful."
"Brother Yin is not enough alone." Willy laughed. "Call your brothers out."
Silver ten somehow is also a puppet in the middle order of deification, and was once a ghost family with deification level. Naturally, I feel a little angry and annoyed at this statement. "Brother Lei will wait for you to beat me."
Immediately, Silver Ten took shape and descended with a silver light, raising my hand against willy, which was a punch on the avenue of Jane Silver Ten. The punch was not fancy at all, but it was full of rhyme and heaven, strong and overbearing.
"Good" throb eyes is also a bare hand is a ghost claw and blocked his punch.
"Pa" a roar.
In Silver Ten, a punch is very powerful, and if the essence is condensed, the ghost claw is shattered, and the ghost is vaporized into a shock wave to escape everywhere, but at the same time, throb is also firmly blocking the Silver Ten offensive.
Although throb’s body has been refined several times, it is already the middle-level strength and physique of God. At the same time, throb is not the kind of person who is good at melee. It is naturally impossible to compete with Silver Ten for strength.
Of course, willy is also interested in trying to fight without relying on summoning things. Anyway, there is no danger in watching Silver Ten, and the figure is flickering like a ghost.
The advantage of being small in size is also revealed. It is less in the accuracy and sensitivity of being attacked. Far from being huge, it can be compared with Silver Ten. Although it is fierce, no matter whether he sprints to kill or not, it is difficult to hurt the thunder. Some scattered fists and powerful winds fall on the thunder shield and dissipate cleanly.
Although the silver ten is also clever and abnormal, the throbbing evasion method is born out of ghost evasion and throbbing, and the law is deeply understood. Nowadays, ghost evasion is really not to be underestimated. In the battle, the strong roots can’t see him clearly.